Sunday, October 21, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Okay, break time’s over. Everybody back your heads!

Taking a day off can be liberating, gives you time to put things into perspective…and a wandering mind like mine is always tilting at windmills…when it isn’t considering some mighty outrageous ‘whys’.

Like how our, er, ‘cleverly designed’ political system doesn’t permit us to alter anything about our life…and this is used to brew contempt, strong and hot, against the opposing political ideology.

When in fact it has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the oligarchy, our supposedly long deposed Kings and Queens!

"What are our leaders doing?" Isn’t an unfair question. We are living in a world being devastated by climate change while our civilization’s ‘founding premise’ (cheap and abundant energy) races towards exhaustion.

And our politicians are locked in mortal ideological battle, will the Democrats and their wishful half-measures restore prosperity or will (more) Republican tax cuts (for those who need them least) do the job?

Because we all know the answer is neither.

The ONLY thing that will restore ‘viability’ to our civilization is a radical shift away from the predatory mis-management of what remains.

You had best believe good citizen that the clock is ticking
George Orwell argued that pessimism is reactionary because it makes the very idea of improving the world impossible. I found that whether or not we believe we can change the world, even in a small way, acting as if we can is the healthiest emotional stance to take in the face of injustice and destruction.


"He who fights the future has a dangerous enemy," said Søren Kierkegaard. Life is stressful. We think something is wrong with us, but the problems are endemic and systemic. As a people, we've lost our grounding in deep time and in our place. At root, our problems are relationship problems. We have a disordered relationship with the web of life.

Right now, the more we connect the dots between events, the more frightened we become. This reminds me of a night I slept in a tent with three of my grandchildren. Kate was 6, Aidan was 4, and Claire was 2. Claire and Aidan were blissfully happy. They snuggled and listened to the sounds of the cicadas and night birds. Meanwhile, Kate kept telling me she was scared and that she wanted to sleep in the house. Stupidly, I chided her for her fears. I asked, "Kate, you are the big sister and the oldest. Why can't you be as brave as your sister and brother?" She wailed, "Nonna, they're little. They don't know enough to be scared!"

These days, I often feel like Kate did that night. I know too much about deforestation, nuclear power plants, our tainted food supply, and our collapsing fisheries. Sometimes I wish I didn't know all these things. But if we adults don't face and come to grips with our current reality, who will?
Personally, this now ancient theme of ‘Grandma has a wake up call’ is getting more than a little thin.

But it does highlight an interesting point. Why do we ignore the obvious and not object when we are misdirected with the trivial?

Who gives a crap about gays marrying one another? Let ‘em, it’s not the sort of thing our legislators should be wasting their time on.

Except…the pinheaded ‘job creators’ don’t want to give these people the same ‘benefits’ that they increasingly aren’t giving their, er, ‘straight’ employees.

Remember good citizen, at the end of the day ALL MONEY IS FUNNY!

This screaming about ‘the cost’ is BULLSHIT! Just as it is proving out that austerity measures actually do more harm than good.

It is also becoming obvious that income inequality is caustic to civilization as well…as we watch whole segments of our society crumble.

Keep the, er, ‘uncertain’ value of money in mind good citizen as we take a moment to explore why the US has the LARGEST CRIMINAL POPULATION ON THE PLANET!

This is the sort of bullshit that happens when an entire civilization is ‘managed’ for the benefit of a few…

Most of you are aware that it cost a solid, er, ‘middle class income’ (twice as much as the average working class person earns per year) to incarcerate anyone, per year.

One percent of this nation’s population is behind bars and more than half of them are there on ‘drug related’ charges.

Wouldn’t it be ‘more intelligent’ to ‘manage’ this problem rather than foolishly pretending that prohibition works?

I am fully aware that the ‘for profit’ prison industry is a premier ‘conservo-whacko job creation program’ writ large…

And I have already pointed to the ‘correlation’ between conservatism and dope (which oddly, explains much!)

Don’t even get me started on the population explosion that the oligarchs like to pretend isn’t happening…because the more of us there are, the more likely it is that we will kill one another off.

That’s the ‘truth’ behind the push to reverse Roe v. Wade. ‘Let ‘em drown in their own cesspool’.

How retarded is it to think their mercenaries can/will protect them when that cesspool bursts…

It won’t be just OUR money that goes bad when the bottom drops out.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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