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Greetings good citizen,

Since the number of ‘admitted conservatives’ (20%) closely matches the number of opportunists you’d find in the general population you have to wonder, is this because ALL rich people are Republicans, thus do people who ‘want to be rich’, er, ‘embrace’ conservative values?

I’m speculating it’s a lot closer to the mark than most of them are willing to admit.

Because once we start exiling registered conservatives you won’t be able to find ANY of them!

Anyway, certain themes keep repeating within our society and one of them is the undue influence of, er, ‘legal tender’.

Better known to the wise as ‘funny money’.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I still play the lottery when the jackpot is up there…and I’d spend that bad boy as fast as I can because it won’t be long before you won’t find anybody willing to touch the ‘funny paper’, even with a ten foot pole.

As I have posited repeatedly, if a pig is a pig and a duck is a duck, why isn’t a buck a buck?

Or, more succinctly, HOW does THIS BULLSHIT Happen?
Iran’s President Ties Recent Drop in Currency to U.S.-Led Sanctions

In a dramatic address to the nation after a 40 percent fall in the value of Iran’s currency over the past week, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country was facing a “psychological war” waged by the United States.

I can wrap it up in one word good citizen, do you know what that word is?


Only a criminal can arbitrarily revalue somebody else’s currency on a ‘whim’.

Naturally, that says a lot about the fuckers who go along with the criminals…

It also says a lot about the people who are lead by the fuckers who let this sort of criminal bullshit happen, uncontested.

But why would our politicians protest, they laid down and played dead when the criminals used the exact same tactic to artificially create the ‘cheaper there’!

Then the fuckers rubber stamped Free Trade deals with all of ‘em in the name of ‘lowering prices’ for consumers…

(When they were really just lowering wages for the employers…)

Um, sometimes you read articles that appear on the surface to be genuine but once you get into them they are really just satire…

And actually, considering this is Alternet, it’s really just another book review!

But that wasn’t what attracted my attention, it was the ‘set up’ that roped me in.

It starts off by claiming that you don’t need to be a financial guru to understand the meltdown…which is true!

But it’s not what they’re talking about. They’re talking about South Park.

You can read the article if you want to know what the article is about but I’ve given you the real, ‘in a nutshell’ answer to the global train-wreck already.

Our economy was destroyed by the global race to the bottom, totally and utterly.

That and the, er, ‘pretense’ that the global economy actually existed.

There is no such animal. Sure there is global trade but there is no such thing as a global economy, never was and never will be.

SOME people recognize that our current predicament is nothing more than the latest attempt to rule the planet via ‘economic monopoly’.

Again, don’t get me wrong, these criminals are fully prepared to use their control of the world’s legal systems to bend the populace to their will.

But make no mistake good citizen, our current paralysis is the end result of years of careful planning.

They even ‘planned’ on letting it all collapse in on itself…because the easiest way to eliminate the greatest amount of the surplus population is to let them kill each other!

We can only wonder WTF the corporate owned media is playing at in this carefully orchestrated story?
Senate Leaders at Work on Plan to Avoid 'Fiscal Cliff'

A bipartisan group of senators is coalescing around an ambitious three-step process to avert automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts facing the country in January.

Um ironically, a fiscal cliff built by the same people working feverishly to dismantle it, the fucking conservo-whackos!

Which is to point out that if you pay attention to these clowns then you’re being set up by a bunch of second rate hacks.

Until you pull your head from their anus and start fighting back, it’s only going to get shittier.

Not that you have much more time to ride the fence, you’ll be forced to commit, one way or the other sooner than you’d imagine.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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