Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rumor has it...

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Seems as though Mr. Market was unable to justify the gains claimed by Wal Street over the past couple of weeks so it handed them all back today.

The Dow dropped 240 points (still leaving the market above the magical 13,000 point range) and we can only wonder what it was doing up there in the first place?

The economy is sucking pond water (from the bottom of the damn barrel) so why are the, er, ‘financial markets’ doing so well?

You don’t suppose its ‘insider trading’, do you? (How about outright fraud then?)

Unsurprisingly, this is the ‘official story’:
U.S. Stocks Fall Sharply

Weak earnings from several large companies and a credit rating downgrade of several regions in Spain raised concerns about a slowing global economy.
Left to your imagination is the credibility of the recent rash of upbeat economic news stories run by the same ‘far from independent’ corporate owned media.

Everything from consumer spending reported as picking up while the housing market is building more new units (because the unsold ones have had birthdays…largely due to the builders unwillingness to sell them at a loss.

Now we must ask ourselves where does this variety of mis-guided ‘wishful thinking’ come from?

How about we Check this shit out
But that's not the point! The point is: They're the most oppressed people in the history of the world! What's happening to them in America today is reminiscent of Nazi Germany under Hitler!

Believe it or not, that's the message coming from a veritable parade of self-portrayed victims at the pinnacle of the 1 per cent of the 1 per cent, who are very angry at President Obama supposedly saying mean things about them. These men are so spectacularly wealthy that it's literally impossible to understand them in the context of other people's economic lives, to make sense of what they're saying. They're like elephants in the midst of a leper colony, complaining about a gnat bite in a dream they just remembered.

They've also been treated so well by Obama that it's likewise impossible to grasp. He could have gone after them immediately after taking office, breaking up the big banks and pursuing criminal charges against those responsible for destroying the economy based on multiple interlocking forms of fraud. Obama did none of that. There's simply no understanding their hatred of him in purely objective terms.

But their self-pitying portrayal as victims is another thing altogether. It's not just commonplace, it's virtually mandatory among the ranks of American conservatives today - particularly when there's little or no basis in fact. Indeed, it's sometimes even quantifiable, as I explained in a column occasioned by Herman Cain's slow, self-pitying exit from the presidential race.
Contrary to popular belief good citizen, the perilous shortage of hubris turns out to be greatly exaggerated.

These people aren’t conceited; they’re convinced!

Yet they moan bout being ‘mistreated’ by their very own bought and paid for media…

Yeah, HOW does THAT work?

Is this ‘fig leaf of credibility’ the only thing saving the worthless, fawning media sockpuppets from being burned along with the people who cut their paychecks?

Um, the short answer is no…we just haven’t crossed that bridge yet.

It’s going to be sort of an interesting sight to see when their masters are forced to choose between their mouthpieces and themselves.

Naturally, you already know who is holding the short straw and we haven’t even gone there yet!

Do you think the media darlings will be able to wriggle off the hook by throwing their former masters under the bus?

I don’t think any of them are talented enough to pull it off.

More interesting is whether or not their masters will ‘bunch up’ and provide them bunker space when their world catches fire?

The fortunate few don’t have enough room in their hearts to pity anyone but their own sorry selves…as evidenced by the faux ‘pity party’ they’re throwing themselves at the moment.

How about that Mittster, eh? Now they’re saying he LOST last night’s debate…how's that as a ‘face saver’ for a guy who flipped off over half the nation last month?

I mean he said 47 % but are we supposed to believe that the other 53% loves him?

Not what I’m hearing.

My grapevine (which has more than a few conservatives in it) says even the conservo-loonies aren’t too wild about Mitt and they are downright worried about the havoc Ryan might start with his undiluted Randian philosophy.

As is increasingly becoming a ‘meme’, it staggers the mind to consider just how much richer the one percent is when compared to the average worker, just as how bizarre the mind of a disciple of Ayn Rand is from that of a ‘normal person’.

It’s 'camel through the eye of a needle' time again, good citizen, that’s where we are by way of comparison. So much richer is the typical One Percenter than the average stiff that works for them.

Now we ask ourselves is this alone enough to forment the conditions necessary for a return of ‘The Terror’?

We’ll see…

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