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Stock markets are once again bleeding from the eyesockets…BUT, in case you haven’t noticed, the ‘needy-greedy’ grab inexplicable one to two hundred point jumps in share value while giving back a paltry ten or twenty points over the following days…a net win…for them.

Um, as is my custom I latch onto the first thing that grabs my eye, like this story about the alarming surge in homelessness in NYC. and how the whiny ‘One Percenters’ are reacting…
New York's Boom in Homelessness

The crisis stems from a lack of affordable housing and the city's ever-growing gap between the rich and the poor, one of the widest in the U.S. and comparable to that found in sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike in other cities, New York is required by law to provide shelter to every person who seeks it. As the crisis escalates, the city has used its power of emergency authority to create shelters as quickly as possible, bypassing the typical community approval process. And that has created turmoil in neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, where a shelter opened in August among apartments occupied by the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the shelter is right across the street from P.S. 75, an elementary school which also has a playground. "There definitely seem to be more people hanging around the street corners, at the subway stops, panhandling," said Jen Zunt, a mother of a fifth-grader at P.S. 75. "There's not enough supervision. And these are going to be people who have mental health issues, possibly."

Anxious parents say they've seen homeless men urinating in doorways and loitering near the school. (Does anyone wonder why, considering the general scarcity of public restrooms in metropolitan areas across the nation?) Many mothers have stopped letting their children walk home alone. The parent-teacher association is working with local police to increase security on the street, which is a pedestrian corridor to Riverside Park's soccer fields and playgrounds.

You can click through to read the whole article but I can save you the time good citizen, you won’t find a single sentence questioning the origins/source of this flood of homelessness.

How does it make YOU feel that the >One Percent who destroyed our economy now expect to be ‘protected’ from the consequences of their actions?

Is this just another symptom of ‘failing to think things through’?

While it seems as though I’ve been on a ‘homeless kick’ lately I’m going to ask you to switch mental gears with me as we confront the daunting if not insurmountable issue of how we fix this whole ‘corrupt to the core’ situation.

Let us first take a moment to assess the collapse of classical ‘liberalism’

Um, you’re going to have to watch the video that accompanies this link to the end to get to the part where we are once again advised to ‘protest and not cooperate’ in our own enslavement…which is bullshit.

This is a failure I have witnessed repeatedly in liberal circles. These people don’t want to threaten their comfortable lives so they encourage a ‘peaceful’ negotiation that will ‘gradually’ improve conditions for all.

Now, Mr. Hedges is being granted an international stage (albeit one that is in the back room of a dark and poorly lit studio that nobody pays attention to. If not for Jesse I would not have seen this.) Which might explain his ‘non-violent’ stance…and we could also chalk it up to his being a ‘man of God’.

Which totally ignores the true situation. We are not having a ‘dialog’ with the oligarchs, they are in fact, as Chris points out, ‘dictating’ ‘how it’s going to be.’ With no opposition or opposing alternatives intruding on that narrative.

Yes, loss of lives will be senseless and the resulting carnage wasteful…but only an IDIOT believes the same results could be achieved through ‘negotiation’.

The people who stole our civilization DON’T NEGOTIATE. And will only give lip service to anything resembling compromise UNDER THE THREAT OF DEATH, PERSONAL!

And that threat has to be more ‘real’ than mumbling the words ‘or we’ll kill you!’ Which is how our failed liberal ‘protectors’ would put it.

All our uncompromising greed-heads would hear is the ‘or’ and it would be ‘game on’!

The line we need to enforce, good citizen if we want to regain control of our civilization and our children’s future is “You and anybody who aids you WILL BE EXILED!”

And if you haven’t read the section of A Simple Plan that covers Exile, now would be a good time to look it up.

But since most of you won’t, I’ll spare you the work of finding the appropriate section by providing a thumbnail sketch here:

Exile is a one way trip where the ‘rights’ of civil society are stripped from the individual convicted by a jury of the people.

Once stripped, the convict will be released, naked and alone to live out the rest of their natural days as best they can.

Hell, it’s hard to imagine that some of these boot-strapping boot-strappers wouldn’t have electricity and running water by sundown of the first day, such gifted and talented individuals…oh wait…there is the ‘alone’ part in there.

How are these greed-heads going to get by without anybody to do their heavy lifting for them?

Short answer, they won’t.

Now we come to the second, more diabolical part of exile. These boot-strapping bootstrappers WON’T be alone! They will have tens of thousands of likeminded (albeit naked) individuals…many of them in the early stages of starvation and dehydration.

Forgot to mention that they won’t be exiled to a tropical paradise…they will be exiled to the badlands, which is what our bootstrappers were best at creating, fucking deserts!

Take what you know about the ‘charitable tendencies’ of the >One Percent and imagine a few acres of ‘likeminded individuals’ left to share what the land has to offer?

How cruel of us to teach these ingrates what socialism (the sharing of resources) is the hard way?

We shall not see how much more ‘noble’ the savages among us will be towards one another because their depravity will be unbearable to witness.

But it must be done…not to ‘cleanse’ the species but surely to preserve it.

How ironic to see social Darwinism turned upon those who would exterminate the weak? (Without a second thought or the slightest twinge of regret.)

There’s a certain justice in letting the exterminators exterminate each other.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS. If this makes ME a monster, what does what they are doing make them?

More pointedly, what does it make YOU if you refuse to act?

At least the last question is easy; it will make you and your children ‘extinct’.

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