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Greetings good citizen,

Happy Monday/Tuesday to you! (For many of you it’s Tuesday/Tuesday because your capitalist bosses have become stingy about giving you, er, ‘unnecessary’ paid days off.

Columbus Day USED TO BE a holiday (back when the tax rate on people who earned more than a million a year was over 90%…now that the pricks pay lower taxes than you do they suddenly can’t afford to pay YOU for holidays anymore! (Hint, they no longer need the ‘write off’ your holiday pay used to represent!)

I mean understand the logic behind high marginal taxes. Either treat your employees better OR we’ll take it from you and pay it out in welfare!

And understand, poverty has always been a problem but it was NEVER as bad as it is now.

Which isn’t absolutely accurate. Back before the New Deal kids went without shoes because their parents didn’t earn enough money, but those kids had a warm house and food in their stomachs!

But after the New Deal that variety of grinding poverty ‘almost’ disappeared…because the capitalist had his feet held to the fire. Either pay your employees or Uncle Sam will do it for you!

And it worked…at first.

Business owners learned they could get the unions to cheat their own people if they cozied up to the mobsters who ran them.

This turned into a two-edged sword because it gave the union a bad name and it let the capitalist play ‘hardball’ with the help.

But nowadays the boss doesn’t have to worry about the unions anymore…because once the bosses bought the justice system, they didn’t need to play footsie with the mob anymore.

They had (have) the judges in their pockets.

Now they can let their stooges in the financial sector pull stunts like this one:
I.M.F. Forecast Discourages Investors
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 34 minutes ago

The International Monetary Fund lowered its world economic growth outlooks for 2013 and 2014.
why do you suppose the IMF is lowering it’s already abysmal projections for the foreseeable future?

Could it be because we are ALL JAPANESE now?

Which is to ask if Japan isn’t the latest economy to join the ranks of the World’s Banana Republics?

But what’s up with this?
Japanese Car Sales Plummet in China

Japanese automakers have cut manufacturing by up to half in China after violent anti-Japanese protests over disputed islands in which Japanese-brand cars and even their owners were targeted.
More curious is what the US car buying public is making of this phenomenon? Don’t the Chinese KNOW that the Japanese produce the highest quality cars in the world?

(Not that the typical American would recognize quality if it bit him on the noggin!)

Ask your typical US Japanese car buyer what quality is and they’re likely to respond ‘shiny!’

Some might respond ‘reliable’ not that the typical US Japanese car buyer understands this concept because they have NOTHING to compare it to!

All he knows is what the Japanese tell him…and he believes it! (He also thinks his own experiences are ‘outliers’ and therefore not typical.)

But we digress because the Chinese aren’t attacking ‘Japanese quality’ there are attacking Japanese aggression!

But let us move on:
Draghi Sees a Ray of Hope for Euro Zone

Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, along with a growing number of economists, argue that there are tentative signs that adjustments are beginning to pay off.
Why is it the high priests of money are the only ones capable of detecting the ‘fruits of their labors?’ (Especially troubling because the average person believes the central bankers are full of shit…and the average person isn’t wrong!)

Yet this idiot (like Bernanke) sees the ‘green shoots’ of recovery everywhere while the facts at hand tell us all that the economy is still locked in a ‘death spiral’.

Yes, Mario sees ‘blue skies’ while the average citizen is being torn apart in a tempest of epic proportions:
Greek Leader Greets Merkel as Protests Rage in Streets

Greek authorities sought to shield Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany from protesters angered by painful austerity measures during a visit to Athens aimed at showing solidarity with the country.
And yet what is the ‘first inclination’ of the typical US observer? He thinks the Greeks haven’t given the austerity measures enough of a chance.

Because the typical Fox News viewer doesn’t remember that this ‘bailout’ of the Greek economy is entering its forth year.

But fear not…soon the typical Fox News viewer will get their own opportunity to try out ‘austerity’ first hand as the cities they live in collide with the balanced budget features of their city and town charters.

How does your town ‘live within its means’ when the owners of commerce have off-shored the reason the town existed in the first place?

Short answer is they don’t.

And you learn a lesson in civics 101, that your safety and your children’s welfare are directly proportional to your community’s ability to support itself.

Now ask yourself if a capitalist ‘has the right’ to export a community’s foundation to make themselves ‘richer’?

Let’s take a look at someone who got wildly wealthy by taking hundreds of community’s ‘engines’ and sending them to China:
Jack Welch Will Stop Writing for Fortune
By CHRISTINE HAUGHNEY 10 minutes ago

Mr. Welch made his decision after the magazine ran articles critical of his suggestion that the Obama administration had manipulated the monthly jobs numbers from the Labor Department.
Apparently the retired head of the world’s (former) largest manufacturer and also the former largest corporation…because GE is neither now, didn’t learn anything from his twenty years at the helm of the company Thomas Edison founded.

Except how to throw hissy fits when people point out the truth!

If only he has decided to keep his mouth shut thirty years ago when he dismantled the most successful company ever established for his own personal greed.

But no, instead we have this conundrum to ponder:
Wall Street Pay Remains High Even as Jobs Shrink

Total compensation rose 4 percent last year to more than $60 billion — an amount surpassed only by total pay in 2007 and 2008, according to a report.
What? There are fewer brokers but the ones that remain are making MORE MONEY?


Can you say thievery?

Because that’s the only rational explanation…and where is our justice department?

Killing innocent civilians!

And you think we’re going to ‘bounce back’ from this?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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