Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rinse & Repeat

Greetings good citizen,

For most of us life is centered on doing what we need to do to keep the wolves from the door. We slave away at unrewarding jobs (even good jobs don’t ‘reward’ YOU…) never giving much thought to the NITWITS in charge!

Which is somewhat off base…we think about the MORONS all of the time…but there’s nothing we can do about the incompetents at the top.

We don’t ‘vote’ for them and, push come to shove, we don’t have the luxury of choosing not to work for them, the job market has been tight (and getting tighter) for years.

It’s generally accepted we ALL work for idiots and that we’re also led by incompetents. While we may get to ‘vote’ for who leads us we are powerless to ‘fire’ them…(although these same imbeciles can have us killed for no reason whatsoever!)

But let us not get distracted by the subtleties involved.

Again, I am pointing to something YOU aren’t supposed to be thinking about…

Leadership that is responsive to YOUR needs…(so why would your government need the power to KILL you without reason? Could we be back at the original issue of ‘whose government is it anyway?’)

(Not that it’s going to be an issue much longer.)

Well, here’s something for you to ponder while your figuring out whether you want pork or chicken in the ‘barf bag’ tonight.

This whole ‘investor charade’ only works in the ‘one size fits all’ mode!
Thus, starting last year, Goldman began to offer an N-11 Equity fund to complement its BRIC fund. Ms. Koch said both funds could have roles in retail investors’ portfolios, either as someone’s full emerging-markets allocation or as an add-on, particularly for a person invested only in an emerging-markets index fund. That’s because the leading emerging-markets index, by MSCI, excludes Nigeria, Vietnam and Bangladesh — three countries that Goldman counts as promising.

“We’re saying that the default is suboptimal,” she said. “You have to ask which countries are really going to drive growth.”

BUT William S. Rocco, an analyst for Morningstar, advised caution when considering a BRIC fund or any narrowly targeted emerging-market offering. Investors who haven’t invested in emerging markets before should consider a broader offering, he said. “Generally, at Morningstar, we don’t like the idea of artificially limiting a manager’s choices,” he said.

And if they already own foreign or emerging-markets funds, they probably have exposure to the BRICs and several other emerging and frontier countries, he said. “Why would you want so much Brazil and China?” he asked. “You’re really doubling down.”

DO you understand what you’re seeing here good citizen?

This is taking the ‘Western Lifestyle and ‘making it fit’ around the globe.

And guess what good citizen, in order to pull this off the idiot capitalists’ need one and a half more Earth’s to exploit!

But that doesn’t stop them or even slow them down.

A lack of resources only means higher prices for those who can afford such things.

Remember money’s ‘one useful purpose’, that of ‘regulator’.

You don’t think about it that way but believe you me, those who can help themselves to as much as they want think about it precisely like that…because NOTHING is beyond THEIR reach!

Um, just to verify something that has been troubling you, the impression that you’re trapped on a ‘runaway train’…it’s true…and there is NO SAFE EXIT!

Why are YOU being ‘priced out’ of the market for goods your parents could easily afford? Because they are being sold to hundred of millions more customers than they were back in your parents day…because ALL ECONOMIES ARE LOCAL!

And a sidebar to the priced out argument is we no longer make those things here…which has a huge bearing on their ‘affordability’.

But as I pointed out in yesterday’s post, we will soon be unable to afford the ‘Western Lifestyle’ at ANY price!

Energy scarcity is a real ‘game changer’.

How frightening is it that if we don’t carefully manage the transition to energy scarcity that we could quickly find ourselves in a ‘kill on sight’ situation?

Which is to point out that those of you playing the ‘don’t rock the boat card’ are in for a real ‘hard landing’ when they pop the ‘energy surprise’ out of the box…(likely this winter.)

Which brings us to another issue.

We are far from ‘out’…BUT there isn’t enough to keep things rolling at ‘the current rate of consumption.’…the ONLY way to stretch what remains is to KILL OFF the ‘surplus population.’

Not that is matters to the rest of us but the only way to do this AND maintain the ‘status quo’ is to follow the above recipe…

We can quite easily convert to an energy scarce economy…but we’d need to ‘re-shuffle the deck’ considerably. (Starting with the Human Anti-Exploitation law! When viewed in this context, it’s importance becomes apparent.)

Um, don’t look now but the fucking >One Percent has drawn a bulls-eye on the back of ALL Western (industrialized) nations.

Our masters think we have been ‘too free’ and aren’t ‘sufficiently disciplined’ to meet the challenges of an energy scarce world. Spoiled as we all are by unions and coddled by frivolous civil protections.

So if you’ve been wondering why the West is in decline…it isn’t the regular people who have gone ‘decadent’…it’s the >One Percent who believes we will be ‘unmanageable’.

So your desire to ‘hold on to what you’ve got’ will prove futile…change is coming whether you fight or you lay down and die.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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