Friday, October 26, 2012

Dueling Realities

Greetings good citizen,

Really should have had this done earlier but other matters pressed. In case you didn’t notice we had another ‘sideways’ day in the markets today, after they headed for the basement first thing.

Equally as disturbing is how Europe was having an absolutely horrible session…until (you guessed it) the NYSE opened!

Speaking of contradictions and other nonsensical happenings, the headlines say the Mittster is on the attack after the latest economic news broke…

Could numbnuts be talking about this headline?
U.S. Economy Grew at 2% Rate in 3rd Quarter

More positive consumer activity and a healthier housing sector outweighed the effects of the drought, caution on the part of businesses and weaker exports.
Maybe Mitt is championing those downtrodden exporters, you know the guys who send work overseas? (because besides raw materials and food, the same products third world countries export, we don’t export Jack…unless you count our fucking jobs, which are exported wholesale to the lowest bidder thanks to assholes like Romney!

But that’s not what the corporate owned media reports. No, instead we get stories like this:
Olympics and Asset Sales Help Lift Comcast Profits

An increase in the average payment for a video subscription — to more than $150 month — helped the cable company offset a decline in the number of subscribers.
People cutting back on expenses because their bosses can’t find it in their hearts to give out raises will commonly cancel their cable service.

And nearly doubling their fee is how the cable company keeps their shareowners smiling!

Don’t you wish YOU could do that to your employer?

But if you tried it you probably end up like these guys:
Spain’s Economic Misery Hits New Threshold

Unemployment passed 25 percent, a picture so dark that it could help Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in his case against more austerity.
Naturally good citizen, the problem isn’t high unemployment in Spain; it’s intolerably high unemployment across all of Western civilization!

But that isn’t a problem the further East you go:
Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader

It is unclear how much Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, who has staked a position as a populist and a reformer, knows about the $2.7 billion in assets his family has amassed.
If that same story were unfolding here in the US the politician in question would remain adamant that they knew NOTHING about any, er, ‘self-enrichment’ and power brokering that is performed by relatives of the powerful around the world…because we don’t have laws that prevent it.

That is why the global economy is fucked too! The corruption is ‘universal’ and because of that the collapse will be total because the whole system needs to be replaced.

And of course we have the issue of what do we replace it with?

Should we try communism, maybe hoping to get it right this time?

Um, no…I’m pretty sure communism won’t work…because it fails to address the weakness inherent in money.

So, should we try capitalism again, honestly this time?

Fat fucking chance. Honest capitalist is the very definition of the term ‘oxymoron’.

Why don’t we try that anarcho-syndicalyism thingy?

Because they don’t do anything about the printing press either!

I know, let’s return to the ‘gold standard’!

Which way do you want to ‘dial it in’? Do we make gold worth a billion dollars an ounce or do we go back to $20 an ounce and start going in the other direction with fractional cents to make what we’ve got stretch far enough?

Naturally, this too will, er, ‘finance’ crime in all of its myriad forms. There is but ONE viable answer and that, good citizen is A Simple Plan which has NO ‘tangible’ currency.

It also makes it illegal to place anyone in debt…which is the primary basis for coercion. If somebody breaks your favorite toy, go get a new one…and maybe pick up a back up while you’re at it!

Shit happens and you can’t live life holding others responsible for every tiny thing that goes wrong!

Just like the idiot practice of awarding somebody money when they suffer a loss. Money doesn’t bring the lost item back and, if it can be replaced with money then it wasn’t ‘lost’ in the first place.

No cash is a small price to pay for a world free of crime and corruption, not that the chiselers among us won’t try to make you ‘pay’.

And that’s why YOU will be granted an avenue of recourse that has long been outlawed.

If you want to know what that avenue is you’ll have to look it up.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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