Friday, October 5, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

The unemployment numbers are out and it looks like both sides are claiming victory.

Now the same photo Alternet used to crow about the drop was used by USA Today to advertise that the drop is mainly due to people dropping out of the workforce (combined with exhausting their UE benefits.)

Um, personally speaking it’s been a year and a half now and I’m still unemployed…but I chalk that up to ‘over fifty disease’.

Sadly I cannot pass for forty anything anymore (despite having a full head of hair!)

That said, it could be worse

I’m not exactly punching the panic button and we all know that thanks to strict environmental laws, Californians pay a premium for their gasoline.

But if you follow that sort of thing the price per barrel has been falling but the price at the pump has remained stubbornly high…a bit unusual for and election year, wouldn’t you think?

Which brings us to today’s top story, the unemployment rate
Since Obama took office, Republicans have sought to game the unemployment numbers at the state and local levels by forcing layoffs of public employees through anti-union austerity measures. According to an analysis by Moody's Analytics (reported by the New York Times in June), unemployment figures would be a percentage point lower were it not for all the public-sector layoffs.

Understand good citizen, the unemployment rate fell two tenths of a percent. As most experts would point out, the data is within the ‘margin of error’ where there might not be ANY drop when the figures are revised next month.

But still we have this ‘over-reaction’ when the rest of our civilization is crumbling all around us.

Let’s take a closer look at how our civilization is collapsing.

And this is something you’ll NEVER see in a ‘presidential debate’.
Now, the cost of living keeps increasing while the average worker’s purchasing power keeps decreasing…meaning kids are getting started on building their lives later than they used to.

To the point of do you know ANYBODY who IS NOT in a ‘fertility program?’

Short answer, no. because they’re all waiting until their forty to have their first kid…which has produced a bumper crop of kids with food allergies!

But you don’t hear about these ‘tragedies’ in the corporate owned media because people are ‘choosing’ to start families later.

And then we come to the sky-high cost of healthcare…and them fucking fertility treatments ain’t cheap!

But wait, aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves here? Why are people choosing to wait to start their families?

Well, partially because they are staying in college until they’re thirty getting an advanced degree so they can get a ‘good job’ that will keep them ‘financially secure’.

Something that a lot of kids today are discovering has become an exercise in futility.

These days you can stay in school until you’re fifty and still not have enough ‘qualifications’ to land a secure job!

Because those jobs are going to the ‘cheaper there’, especially if they can be done ‘over a wire’.

So, good citizen and future refugee from the economic desert…what are you going to do knowing that the deck is stacked against you?

Start your own country out in the middle of the ocean?

Let’s flip back a second to those fertility treatments and the, er, ‘stress’ it puts on a woman’s reproductive system.

Again you don’t see it discussed but the facts are that many woman who undergo fertility treatments also happen to contract cancer at a much higher rate.

But your insurance company turns a blind eye to that, hell, there’s good money in the for profit treatment of cancer.

Which is another reason why medical professionals doubt there will EVER be a cure for cancer…and it’s the same you WON’T see a cure for the common cold, there’s more money to be made treating the symptoms!

Did I mention that capitalism was PREDATORY?

The bastards would rather get paid a hundred thousand dollars treating you than collect ten thousand for curing you!

Um, I’d like to think you see where I’m going with this.

If we keep on pricing decent people out of the gene pool the only ones left will be the defective ‘hot house plants’ born to the thieves and criminals!

Yessir, those who get theirs by sealing yours.

I will once again put in my usual pitch for the human anti-exploitation law and all that it entails…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Disclosure: Both of Gegner’s children were conceived naturally but more than half of his nieces and nephews got their start in a test tube…just saying.

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