Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dog ; Barking (post 1111)

Greetings good citizen,

Um, haven’t heard the final analysis yet but it looks like last night’s debate might be called a ‘draw’.

Check out the top story in today’s NY Times:
Rivals Bring Bare Fists to Rematch


In a charged and clenched debate, President Obama portrayed Mitt Romney as a former corporate raider, while Mr. Romney kept bringing the discussion back to Mr. Obama's record.
For all of my complaints about the corporate owned media, you can’t come closer to the raw truth than the paragraph we see above.

This single statement perfectly illustrates our plight as voters.

Neither man is ‘fit’ to become the next president (and it’s a fairly popular sentiment that the incumbent gained office under false pretenses.)

If he had a ‘mandate’ at all, it was to prosecute the Bush Administration for War Crimes.

What did he do with that mandate?

We got a Republican designed ‘mandatory’ healthcare bill.

And despite all of their squirming and promises to ‘repeal’ the new law…the lying fucks passed it in the first place…and their Insurance company Masters aren’t going to let them repeal it.

(And, naturally, it will be made to appear that the Democrats ‘stonewalled’ the repeal process.)

Like there are still Democrats in public administration! Ha!

The rich squeezed them out long ago…weirdly around the same time their bought and paid for boys were showering them with tax cuts. (Totally shattering the dynamics of politics.)

So if we back track to the beginning of today’s post the point would be the observation that neither candidate is, er, ‘equipped’ to straighten out our warped and twisted economy, nor would you want either one of them presiding over the pushing of the ‘reset button’.

Which is what it will take to get the global economy rolling again.

How do we fix our current mess given that we have no control over what our politicians do after we elect them?

How do you ‘fix’ that?

The >One Percent have a rather effective method of ‘controlling’ their bought and paid for politicians. If they don’t do EXACTLY as they are told, they get assassinated, simple as that.

Sometimes this actually involves killing but most times they use leverage to assassinate the character of the, er, ‘rebel’…like Elliot Spitzer.

He ain’t dead…but he may as well be.

The Emperor’s club incident thoroughly trashed his reputation.

How do we combat that?

You can bet your bottom dollar that most campaign funding today is tied to providing the contributor with ‘usable dirt’ he can hold over the candidates head.

Just a business deal, right? Nothing wrong with that, a simple ‘understanding’ between the purchaser and the provider of a service, that’s all.

Except this asshole just bought YOUR right to protest your mistreatment!

And now forty percent of the workforce doesn’t have work and the scum-bucket >One Percent says it’s not their problem!

How do you overcome that?

Short answer, you don’t.

NOW ‘what are YOU going to do about it’ (besides starve?)


If you don’t ‘see the need’ to address these shortcoming in the design of our political system, you probably won’t live to see them either.

And just to reiterate, even the founders agreed that the original set up was ‘deeply flawed’.

Worse, most thought it was a ‘temporary’ set-up, that it would be fixed later…before corruption got ‘too bad’.

Did you know that A Simple Plan is bullet proof right out of the box?

It doesn’t need ‘fixing’, it meshes with itself perfectly…and the ONLY people who don’t like it are CRIMINALS!

Although I must confess, the world is righteously full of ‘suspicious’ people who believe A Simple Plan is ‘too utopian’ for their tastes.

They condemn it on the ‘too good to be true’ basis.

And there is some potential for social harm through ‘mal-administration’ (criminals pushing for exemptions to the human anti-exploitation law. Which outlaws the buying and selling of ANYTHING ‘for personal gain’.

And there are the facts good citizen, the only way for the global economy to ‘recover’ is by pushing the ‘reset button’.

However, if the current crew presides over this ‘reset’ then we will need to do it again in about five years while NOTHING improves (for the average individual.)

And only a few will know that the whole process is merely a smokescreen they are using to avoid prosecution (for crimes against humanity.)

Ironically yet another ‘illusion of doing something’ where nothing gets done and nothing changes.

If we are to stop them, we need to stop them cold with a clearly defined plan of action.

A Simple Plan is that plan of action.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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