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Greetings good citizen,

So, tonight’s the night where we get to hear the conservatives debate one another. Which is to point out that I won’t have a reaction ready for you until tomorrow night.

I don’t usually watch these debates (because they are so divorced from reality as to be a frivolous waste of time.)

Which is to say that for the past thirty years the whole presidential campaign schtick has been so far removed from the actual issues facing our society as to be surreal.

You watch the whole time wondering…who are these people and what the fuck are they prattling about?

Like tonight’s debate will (supposedly) center on the economy and jobs.

And they’ll both ‘tilt at windmills’ and fabricate ‘pie in the sky’ plans that don’t have a chance in hell of succeeding because of the tapped out, unemployed consumer.

I mean how many fast food restaurant jobs can you have (considering the people who work in those places don’t eat the food.)

So we have tens of millions of burger and fry people standing around in empty restaurants, cleaning shit.

While the unemployed drive their Hondas and Toyotas to the mall, wondering why they can’t find a job…(because they’re over 40.)

Well, it’s one thing for me to sit here and criticize the non-existent economy and something else entirely to have someone who knows what he’s talking about show us EXACTLY why our collective asses are sucking pond water:

Without further ado, I give you Mr. Williams of SGS fame.
No. 472: GDP Revision, August Durable Goods, Household Income, New Home Sales
Subscription required September 27th, 2012

• Unusually Large 2nd-Quarter Revisions: Headline GDP Growth Dropped to 1.3% from 1.7%, Theoretically Equivalent GDI Dropped to 0.2% from 0.6%
• Plunging Automobile and Commercial Aircraft Sales Savaged Durable Goods Orders
• August Household Income Took a Hit

No. 471: August Housing Starts, Existing Home Sales
Subscription required September 19th, 2012

• Official Recovery Remains an Illusion
• Stagnant U.S. Economy Starts to Contract Anew
• Housing Starts and Existing Home Sales Still Are Bottom-Bouncing

No. 470: August CPI, PPI, Retail Sales, Industrial Production
Subscription required September 14th, 2012

• Fed Easing Aimed at Propping Banking System, Not Boosting Economy
• CPI and PPI Headline Inflation Highest Since June 2009
• Headline CPI Held at 0.6%, Instead of 1.0%, Due to Intervention Analysis?
• August Year-to-Year Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.7% (CPI-W), 9.3% (SGS)
• Retail Sales Showing Consistent Pattern of Overstated Headline Activity Being Revised Lower in Following Month
• Monthly Production and Real Earnings Turn Down

No. 469: 2011 Income and Poverty Report, July Trade Balance
Subscription required September 12th, 2012

• Real Median Household Income Collapses to 16-Year Low;
• 2011 Income Below Levels of Late-1960s, Early-1970s
• Income Variance Hits Record High, Suggestive of Greater Financial and Economic Crises Ahead
• Trade Deficit Contained by Short-Lived Decline in Oil Prices

No. 468: August Employment and Unemployment, M3
Subscription required September 7th, 2012

• A Move to Open-Ended Monetization of Treasuries?
• Payroll Jobs Down by 261,000, Household-Survey Employment Down by 86,000, Since President Obama’s January 2009 Inauguration
• BLS Did Not Publish Actual July-to-August Unemployment Rate Change
• August Unemployment: 8.1% (U.3), 14.7% (U.6), 22.8% (
• M3 Annual Growth Notches Higher
• Jump in Reported Inflation Likely in Week Ahead

No. 467: GDP Revision, Gold Standard
Subscription required August 29th, 2012
• GDI at 0.6%, GDP at 1.7%, GNP at 2.2%, All Plus-or-Minus Three Percentage Points
• GDP Recovery Remains An Illusion, Based on Understated Inflation
• Fiscal Conditions Have to Be in Balance for Gold Standard to Work

How many of the above factors will be discussed tonight?

How about none of them.

This is the ‘disconnect’ we keep feeling between the real world and the one politicians choose to talk about.

It may not be apparent to the occasional reader but what hit me in the eye is the unemployment rate. While the government figures keep dropping, the SGS (which is calculated the ‘old’ way) remains UNCHANGED!

You don’t suppose THAT will come up during tonight’s discussion, do you?

Seriously good citizen, what do you do when NEITHER candidate is the man for the job, punt?

Because that’s part of how we came to be here, every election it’s the SAME BULLSHIT, the right man of the job is NOT PRESENT!

Because every candidate (Since Kennedy) has to pass a ‘sniff test’ conducted by the One Percent…they aren’t going to let another Roosevelt into the Oval Office.

Where is Robisphere when you need him?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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