Thursday, October 4, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Looks like ‘the fix’ is in. The same guy that gave half of the voters in this country the middle finger last week is now being said to have ‘won’ last night’s debate…

We can just forget that Willard already ‘dissed’ half of the voting public and somehow, nothing is going to be made of that.

Um, disturbingly, in a shocking case of cognitive dissonance, I read an editorial tonight in the local rag that practically made my head spin completely off.

But then again I don’t call ‘em ‘conservo-whackos’ for nothing.

And, not for nothing, but this particular dizzy Republican is in the editorials all of the time, whining about liberals and warning about Obama being a foreigner…she’s only a half a step away from claiming to have been abducted by aliens…

Which WOULD explain a lot.

Um, what did she say?

SHE said that Obama tried and failed to fix the economy…but Mitt was a ‘businessman’ and he and Paul Ryan knew what to do.

Um, does this woman KNOW what Willard DID for a living?

Oh, and she also claimed that Mitt was a ‘normal middle class family man’…

Like she’d know (because she’s a fucking billionaire WANNABE!)

Earth to crazy lady, we know your full of crap…but apparently the editor of the local paper is also clueless.

And yes, they do ‘filter out’ editorials they don’t agree with.

But they chose to print that tripe!

But I digress…as usual.

So, let’s begin with full disclosure: I DID NOT watch the debate Well, not all of it anyway. I stepped in about midway through, where they were once again rehashing the ‘necessity of mandating’ health insurance.

As I predicted, Romney didn’t ask Obama why nobody on Wall Street was prosecuted for fraud (although supposedly no laws were…er, ‘broken’.)

And Obama didn’t ask Romney how many of the homeless he was personally responsible for?

You’d think it was at least a couple of hundred thousand of ‘em…and the other twenty million were ‘dispossessed’ by fellow Republicans who were seeking to improve ‘shareowner value’ (any fucking way they could! Even if it meant neutron bombing their own communities.)

But no, we couldn’t possibly be so, er, ‘blunt’ on national TV?

Worse, wouldn’t something like that be construed as putting the >One Percent on trial by proxy?

They continue to insist that NONE OF THIS is ‘their fault’. (Despite they’re being the ones who profited the most from these reckless practices.)

Those who secretly ‘monopolized’ the media so their takeover of the government would remain a secret also spread the disquieting meme that ‘globalization was inevitable’…

Just like the fucker holding a gun to your head is inevitably going to walk off with your wallet…

As we inch closer to the, er, ‘inevitable’ Romney victory in a few weeks I find myself getting more and more pissed off.

I don’t mind so much MY future being ‘stolen’ but if they think they’re going to pull the same bullshit on MY KIDS they’ve got another thing coming!

A little something you’d best be thinking about too.

Ask yourself, good citizen just WHO ‘represents’ YOU in this disconnected whitewash they’re calling an election?

Doesn’t it bother you even a little bit that Obama is following the exact same ‘roadmap to prosperity’ he said he would follow last time (but didn’t lift a finger on?)

And you can understand that given the Republican agenda…which meshes perfectly with the agenda of the >One Percent.

So, if the answer to the question of who represents you is NOBODY, then it’s time to stand up and be counted!

Because the country is in ashes right now due to our inability to resist Republican policies that laid our economy bare for the rapacious to loot…and enrich themselves at our expense they have!

Now NOBODY wants a Republican victory come November (except the > One Percent!) BUT you aren’t being given a choice

Worse, no matter who (even a third party candidate) the One Percent wins…because the >One Percent owns the electors!

Not that there will even be a pretense of a choice.

I’m telling you right now, Romney is the winner…and I’m NOT psychic!

I am not predicting the future but belaboring the obvious.

The >One Percent is going to put Romney/Ryan in the White House so they can finish the coup!

Which means finish dismantling the social safety net and sparking a revolution that will allow them to ‘cull’ millions from the available ‘herd’.

Don’t feel like fighting?

Tough, you’re gonna fight whether you want to or not.

Which is to say that those who don’t fight will be slaughtered…by the forces controlled by the ‘government’…before the old government (complete with it’s Republican leadership) is declared ‘rogue’ and abolished…and a new government replaces it…filled with the same old assholes.

Who will (allegedly) all be killed when the ‘coalition forces’ wrest control of the White House from the, er, criminals.

But this revolution stuff is just speculation.

What you need to worry about for now is the ‘inevitable’.

Thanks for letting me inside our head,


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