Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soaked Rhubarb

Greetings good citizen,

While it’s too soon to tell yet the media has certainly turned the latest weather event into a three-ring circus…and it seems like everybody is getting in on the act!
N.Y.S.E. Plans to Close Its Trading Floor

The New York Stock Exchange plans to close its trading floor on Monday as Hurricane Sandy approaches, in the first weather-related closure in 27 years.
Um, how much longer will it be before we start reading claims that this is ‘The Wrath of God’ personified?

But let’s not get started on our long absent omnipotent and omnipresent supreme being…remember our minds are too feeble to grasp his motivations. Which bizarrely serves as justification for the evil men commit, also ‘in his name’…he ‘lets it happen’ for his own reasons…

Speaking for myself good citizen I have zero use for a God who sits on his hands while we murder one another, or while the innocent starve for that matter. No use at all.

But I digress…where were we?

Oh yes, my kids don’t have school tomorrow thanks to ‘Superstorm’. The kids are plenty happy about it (especially considering my kids had a half-day on Friday, making the weekend that much longer!

With that said, we should be looking backwards at the last, er, ‘Super Storm’ to lay the US low, Hurricane Katrina.

What do we do if this (much less intense) Hurricane busts up a bunch of already fragile infrastructure and leaves large swaths of the East without power or communications?

Don’t look now but thanks to our anti-government ‘Republicants’ there are parts of Louisiana that STILL haven’t been rebuilt, seven long years later.

What are we going to do if they pull that shit on us?

Probably the same thing the folks down in New Orleans are doing about their neglected needs…nothin’.

Are you gonna sit there and accept the ‘we don’t have the money’ excuse? Because you KNOW whose fault that is, it’s the One Percent’s fault!

THEY exported our jobs (after their bought and paid for congressmen tore down all of the trade protections our workers USED TO enjoy!)

Sort of ironic to see the energy situation turning that whole equation on its head.

But that’s the real reason why we no longer have the tax base to rebuild after disaster strikes. Because the One Percent exported our jobs!

It’s also the reason Unions became a non-factor in the electoral process…because the one thing above all else that was exported were Union jobs.

Why do you suppose that was, good citizen?

Worse, why do you suppose the only remaining unions, the unions that represent civil servants, are being ‘demonized’ by the anti-government right?

It’s interesting to watch the politicians selling the people who work for them down the river, the same way the union bosses sold their people down the river for a ‘pocket full of mumbles’ that are ‘promises’…

Oh, verily good citizen do we need to put the brakes on corruption, especially the promise of ‘easy street’ dangled before the likes of simple men who don’t fully understand the true nature of money!

But how do we accomplish this lofty goal?

Well, we sure ain’t gonna get her done as long as we have ‘tangible’ currency.

Anything you can hold in your hand can be faked.

And guess where all of those ‘trillions’ came from?

You guessed it, they’re ALL ‘funny’!

Now how do we ‘arrest’ the fraud we know as ‘payola’?

Under A Simple Plan YOU (and EVERYBODY ELSE, NO EXCEPTIONS) only have ONE source of income, your job! It’s a pretty simple calculation to determine who much you should have vs. how much is in your account.

Oh, but wait, aren’t YOU the clever one…you’ll have another ID so you’ll have TWO paychecks and maybe that ‘alter ego’ is a high level executive!

Well, nice for you but you still have to show up for your real job or they’re be an investigation. And if you get caught with more than one ID on you, you will be summarily exiled. No trial, just a quick trip to the badlands for the rest of your natural days which we can guarantee will be brutal and few.

Now, if the bio-metrics on your Id match the bio-metrics on your REAL ID, you’re caught!

You’re gonna have to be super smart about this and demand to be paid in gold or some other precious metal…which will be totally worthless to you because there is no way for you to convert gold into money!

The ONLY way to get money is to work for it…period!

And the only way to spend money is via your biometric ID card. And you’ve already been told what happens after you ‘spend’ your money…it’s erased.

If you try to ‘hacky-hacky’ the system, you’ll get whacky-whackied by the enforcement division!

And yeah, in this context to ‘get whacked’ has the same meaning as if a mobster used it.

So, you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?

Not if it’s in cans!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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