Friday, December 16, 2011

War Declared!

Greetings good citizen,

Every once in a while you end up doing a ‘me too’ story but, naturally, nobody will write this article from my ‘point of view’.

So buckle up good citizen We’re going in!

Indefinite detention will now be law, not some emergency measure that history will judge to have been a mistake made in a crisis. It is a well thought out codification of certain views that have become commonplace in American society --- that "terrorists" (to be defined by whomever sits in the White House) are not to be allowed the due process allowed to other human beings because our government just *knows* they are so dangerous we cannot even take the chance that they won't be found guilty. That turns the rule of law on its head.

Digby provides us with a rather poignant snapshot of the nearly ten years Jose Padilla has been, er, ‘entombed’ by an unaccountable military/government.

Left to our imagination is the question of ‘what if they decided to, er, exterminate you, would they need anyone’s approval?’

Hell, would they even be required to TELL anyone?

Understand good citizen, your so-called ‘representatives’ are going to vote on this ’bipartisan’ piece of garbage without ever consulting you…and the abomination currently occupying the White House has already refused to veto this vile legislation that will allow bureaucrats the power to instantly create ‘non-persons’.

Not only is this a clear ‘declaration of war’ against the citizens of the US, these idiots just declared war on the bulk of mankind!

We can only take comfort in the fact that the punishment will fit the crime…

But not until millions suffer ‘indeterminate detention’ without even know what they’ve been accused of or by whom.

No irony should be lost on the fact that this is how ‘ancient royalty’ conducted business.

Does this mean we will we soon be ‘treated’ to the return of ‘courtly behavior’ (at the behest of a few barely closeted ‘royal wannabes’?)

Narcissism IS a psychiatric condition good citizen, largely due to the destructive tendencies it fosters within its victims.

If only we were so lucky as to have that tendency confined to the victim pining away with a mirror in hand…but no! Often the opposite is true, it is the narcissist that wreaks revenge on those ‘not as beautiful’ as they are.

And how can we tell there’s a narcissist behind this plot? A Narcissist KNOWS they’re sick and that their ideas are not ‘socially acceptable’…thus do they cling to the ‘cloak of anonymity.’

So our last president was a ‘cheerleader’ and this one used to moonlight as a model…what does that say about either of them, psychologically speaking?

But that’s just the icing on the cake…the impetus behind this ‘imprison at will’ legislation is being driven by something even murkier, something that wants to break down the very foundations of society itself…

Mostly so they won’t be hunted down and exterminated themselves.

Which brings us full circle to the downside of playing with ‘Overton Windows’.

Are the criminals really trying to provoke an ‘overreaction’ in the public psyche with this kind of overreaching legislation?

More disturbingly, what ‘middle ground’ are they really shooting at?

Will it end up being a considerable lowering of the bar as far as who is or isn’t a ‘terrorist’ or are we more likely to end up with stiffer sentencing requirements for ‘terrorist linked’ activities?

Flipping this entire terrorist rock over good citizen we arrive face to face with the fact that our patriot forefathers were, in fact, ‘terrorists’ as far as the British monarchy was concerned.

Yez good citizen, one man’s ‘freedom fighter’ is another man’s terrorist!

Which rolls the clock back ten years when ‘the cheerleader’ started the ‘global war on terra’!

Which isn’t nearly as fucked up as our legislature voting (in our names) to go along with it!

More, er, ‘distressing’ is how, even with these facts in evidence, the so-called Democrats have not A.) withdrawn their endorsement from the incumbent or B.) chosen a challenger to run against him!

I mean WTF good citizen!

What the hell does it take?

They’ve already assaulted the citizens protesting government, er, ‘inaction’ against Wall Street across the nation.

How much you want to bet everybody ‘arrested’ in one of those protests will turn up on a list of terrorists once this evil legislation passes?

Our prisons are already overflowing….so much so that ‘real’ criminals are being released because the state (s) can’t ‘safely’ incarcerate them.

So where will they, er, ‘house’ these newly discovered ‘terrorists’?

Why in those brand, spankin’ new, ‘for profit’ Haliburton detention centers, of course!

Is it just me good citizen or is the Crazy Train starting to look downright ‘demented’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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