Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Second Thing to Go...

Greetings good citizen,

I haven’t even looked at the stock markets this morning (and you know neither one of us is any worse the wear for it.) In fact, this is another one of those ‘once you find the right subject, the search stops…cold’ situations.

Er, the article itself only points to the topic I wish to discuss and most of the time ‘close enough’ is as good as it gets.

From fellow Doomsday author (yes good citizen, I have two [fiction] novels to my credit, both are themed on the collapse but I don’t use this site to promote them.) Mr. Panzer, we have this series of snippets:

"U.S. Economic Growth Seen Brighter into 2012" (Reuters)
The economy has probably picked up speed in the last few months and will grow moderately in 2012, staving off the need for additional stimulus from the Federal Reserve, a Reuters poll showed on Wednesday.

The euro zone's sovereign debt crisis is one of the biggest threats to growth next year as economists fear credit lines may freeze up. But the odds of the United States sliding into another recession were seen unchanged from last month.
Er, maybe not.

"UN Issues Dire Warning About World Economy" (Voice of America)
The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development says the outlook for the world economy is very bleak. UNCTAD warns Europe is facing a full-fledged recession next year, and the best the United States and Japan can look forward to is a period of stagnation.

"OECD Detects World Economy Slowing Down" (Agence France-Presse)
PARIS — Leading indicators all point to a slowdown in the world's major developed economies, the OECD said on Monday.

The composite index of leading indicators, designed to highlight turning points in performance, "point to a slowdown in economic activity in all major economies but with some variation" in individual countries, it said in a regular monthly report for December.

(Follow the link to read the rest…)

What we have here are a series of indicators that tell us the now 4 year old ‘economic downturn’ is getting worse instead of better.

Naturally, you already know this and you even have a good idea as to why…because nobody has done anything to correct the imbalances that brought the downturn upon us.
A few of you have even given the ‘why is this’ end of the puzzle a deal of consideration…but you didn’t like where it was going/taking you.

Worse, the ’justifications’ for this insane jihad against humanity is as simple as ‘maintaining power’.

No irony should be lost on the fact that the responsible party doesn’t need to personally ‘soil their hands’ with the defacto murder of millions, all they need to do is give their minions the nod and the ‘wannabes’ will take care of the rest.

But I digress.

What is the topic I’d like to bring to your attention today?

The ever popular LCD good citizen, the reason we do what we do (despite most of us taking it for granted…which isn’t necessarily ‘a bad thing’.)


Some of you realize that the big guy down the street has ‘taken over’ the local watering hole and he’s started to put ‘the squeeze’ on some of the poorer, weaker users.

In some cases he just ‘turned his back’ (closed down the local plant) and walked away.

(No irony should be lost on the fact that this little act of treason was sanctioned by the US Supreme Court.)

It is situations like this that we are hit in the head with just how ‘delicate’ our link to survival really is.

You can’t just pick up your spear and head down to the local watering hole to wait for dinner to show up…because SOME IDIOT ‘owns’ the watering hole! (And he’ll have the cops throw your ass out!

Sadly, ‘the cops’ will likely grab you before you get there and grill you about being licensed (for the spear and to hunt…anything!)

Worse, heading for the ‘wilderness’ to take care of business won’t solve your problem either. As soon as some reports hearing shots fired, the cops in the boondocks will come sniffing around, asking the very same questions.

Ironically, the only ones who get a (semi) ‘free pass’ on the hunting thing are Native Americans. BUT they can only hunt ‘on the Reservation’ and wildlife isn’t stupid.

Which is to point out that it was only a brief period of time before there was NO game on the reservation.

Wildlife was ‘smart enough’ not to go there.

Well, you get the point. Besides, if it weren’t for the, er, ‘ranching’ of desirable species there wouldn’t be enough to go around.

Which should worry you all by itself.

Because the ‘end game’ will center on famine.

The first, er second thing to collapse will be the supply lines, the first thing to collapse will be the ‘value’ of money. (Which is to say the ‘value of money’ will fall into ‘doubt’, it is this ‘uncertainty’ that will cause supply lines to collapse.)

Understand good citizen, once the supply lines collapse the ONLY thing you will have to eat is whatever you can chase down and kill with a stick…as grim as that might seem.

To the ‘plus side’, this will more or less ‘instantly’ solve the problems our politicians are unable to address as Mr./Ms. ’Fuck you, pay me’ are told what they’ve been long overdue to hear…and that would be ‘go pound!’

Unfortunately, that will come as a small consolation when the worthless bastards are getting what they actually want, a vast reduction in the threat to their power.

When the biggest threat is due to their own mismanagement of the planet’s resources.

Ironically, you won’t be too keen to address this critical problem when your chasing down your next meal with a stick as you’ll be more than a little ‘pre-occupied’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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