Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teaching Opportunity

Greetings good citizen,

If we were to stay focused on the destruction of our civilization, the current ‘blow-back’ of globalization is, er, ‘insignificant.’

There’s a great ‘read between the lines’ story here as well as huge ‘red flag’ that signifies the ‘beginning of the end’.

Through ‘currency manipulation’ (something only bankers can do, our politicians are TOO STUPID to handle this stuff themselves.) The ‘off-shoring’ of production lines to the newly created ‘cheaper there’ (which solved the political problem of predatory capitalism by providing jobs that wouldn’t have ordinarily existed.) ’lifted’ the local economy of the target nation while eviscerating the local economy of the (former) host nation.

Understand, the ‘trick’ here was supposed to be the slow ‘elevation’ of the workforce so they would ‘replace’ their former customer base.

Economics 101 good citizen, your employees ARE your ‘customers’.

But, if you don’t pay them enough to afford your products, you end up with no (too few) customers

Before we launch into the commentary of the accompanying link I’m taking advantage of a ‘teaching opportunity’.

We are provided with a rare ‘profile’ of your believe it, ‘typical’ entrepreneur.

During the 1970s, when he and his family spent four years in Washington, a question kept nagging him: “Americans weren’t really smarter than us, but why were they richer than us?”

It was a timely question because India’s economy then was turning increasingly socialist and state-directed. Policy makers nationalized large banks, raised the highest tax rate to 97.5 percent and required factories with 300 or more workers to get government permission before layoffs, a threshold later reduced.

Mr. Sabharwal’s family of civil servants and teachers believed in India’s socialist policies. His father, who worked for a time at the Indian Embassy in Washington, was a solid member of the establishment.

Never mind the socialist claptrap provided totally without ‘context’. Focus on the fact that here was a kid raised with at least a 'Silver-plated' spoon in his mouth.

And what is the first thing we are informed of about him?

The very thing that makes most of us loathe foreigners!

But, sadly, there is more than a grain of truth in this annoying observation.

Americans AREN’T particularly ‘smart’ (but neither are the foreigners!)

Worse, the foreigners USE this (personal) prejudice to get ahead!

Now, take a good look around you and ask yourself is THIS the work of a ‘smart person’?

It’s part of the ‘human condition’ to think you are smarter than the average individual, so BELIEVING you’re smarter than everybody else usually proves precisely the opposite.

It’s unsurprising that the ‘children of privilege’ are more susceptible to this, er, ‘misconception’.

But hearing their parents constantly remind them that they are ‘lucky’ to be getting the finest of everything only adds to this variety of ‘Exceptionalism.’

But I (once again) digress!

What does this article tell us?

The ‘original intent’ was to ‘replace’ the smaller Western customer base with the much larger Eastern one…that has failed…because of IDIOTS like Mr. Sabharwal!

His degree from Wharton will never translate into prosperity for the average Indian, he is trained in globalization!

This is why he wants to pauperize a nation already struggling to survive on less than a dollar a day (so Western capitalists can ‘pocket the difference’ themselves.)

I repeat myself when I point out that globalization was not done FOR you, it has been done TO you!

Um, circling back to the post of the other day where we took a quick peek at twisted Libertarian philosophy…

Libertarians honestly BELIEVE everybody is just as greedy, grasping and as selfish as they are!

I don’t know how far back in the history books we have to dig to attribute the observation that you can fill a man’s head with a good deal of nonsense and he is still capable of functioning adequately…I suspect it (by a considerable margin) predates Hitler.

Although (and this says something deeply disturbing about our, er, origins’) before the Christian ’reformation’ thinking outside of a very narrowly defined box was considered ’heresy’, which was punishable by death.

We’ve come a long way baby…so why are there still those among us who want to kill those who don’t think…the, er, ‘right’ way?

I based a screenplay on precisely this premise but, as you can tell, it didn’t ‘sell’.

As one might imagine, the world isn’t quite ready for my variety of ‘outside the box’ thinking.

I, for one, am thankful I can express these thoughts without being (legally) executed for simply thinking them! (yet)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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