Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday mystery

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The Dow tacked on more than 400 points this week as the collapse of the Euro-zone disappeared from public notice (thanks to the corporate owned media.)

(Advertising is supposed to HELP sales! So warnings of eminent financial collapse are somewhat counter-productive to that goal…)

How sad is it that the public consciousness resembles that of an infant in situations like this? To a baby, you literally ‘disappear’ whenever you leave their line of sight. You’d think we would outgrow this physics problem as we age but no. If a given topic drops out of the news cycle we have a disturbing tendency to ‘automatically assume’ the problem has, er, ‘disappeared’/gone away.

How, er, ‘shocked’ will people be when the Euro-crisis returns, still in full blossom after the beginning of the New Year?

More, er, ‘mystifying’ is the sudden reappearance of ‘Happy Talk’ as we close out the year just past.

We were headed for a face-plant just a month ago…now (and for no discernable reason) we are being bombarded with reports of ‘green shits shoots’ popping up economy wide.

Admittedly, many of these reports actually forewarn of ‘bad news’ but they are being reported in the best possible light!

Yes, the ship is still sinking…but the angle the ship is listing as it sinks provides for near perfect sun tanning!

Or the reports go to the other extreme as Mr. Williams so effectively debunks:

No. 409: Revised GDP, November Durable Goods, New Home Sales December 23rd, 2011

GDI Indicates No U.S. Economic Growth in Either Second- or Third-Quarter

2011 Durable Goods Orders and New Home Sales Show Stagnation

Treasury Releases 2011 GAAP-Based Financial Report on U.S. Government  More ...

No. 408: November Housing Starts and Existing Home Sales December 21st, 2011

3.5 Million Home Sales Just Disappeared
Housing Starts Still Bottom Bouncing More ...

No. 407: November CPI, PPI, Real Retail Sales Industrial Production December 16th, 2011

Consumer Financial Distress Hampered Retail Sales and Production

Nonsensical Hype Over Regularly Mis-Adjusted Jobless Claims

High Oil Prices Still Inflating Broad Economy November’s Annual Inflation: 3.4% (CPI-U), 3.8% (CPI-W), 11.0% (SGS)

Gold Remains the Ultimate Hedge

Um, considering how we are all prone to react to the last item we have read I will once again ’opine’ that gold isn’t worth the powder to blow it to kingdom come!

You can neither eat it, wear it (to keep you warm) nor fashion weapons from it. Besides being corrosion resistant (and relatively scarce) it is otherwise useless.

Guess what? Once the ‘paper currencies’ gold is valued in collapse, the value of gold itself essentially drops to zero!

What are you going to trade it for and more importantly, with whom?

Anybody (stupid enough) to actually want heavy yellow metal that needs 24/7 protection is likely just as inclined to kill you for it than to trade something of value for it…which is, sadly, how most gold changes hands.

One owner cheats/murders the other…over essentially useless yellow ore!

But I digress…save but to caution you that should you happen upon a cache of gold in your travels, you’re better off ignoring it…life is too precious!

Unless your hoard of followers wants to spend hours of their otherwise uneventful lives fighting off assorted pirates and sneaks, keeping the cache ‘safe’ until an overwhelming force arrives to relieve you of the responsibility…

Just saying, ya know?

It is amazing sometimes how deeply engrained certain myths become in a society.

Especially those surrounding wealth and power.

What a bonanza for a religion to brainwash the people into thinking it was ‘their’ god that chose/ ‘sent’ the people’s leader!

We can only wonder how many civilizations regretted accumulating large caches of gold that in turn , er, ‘lured’ large armies to lay waste to their cities?

The Roman Legions traveled (and conquered) the known world for ‘plunder’.

It is utterly ironic this was done over an essentially useless mineral.

‘Shiny’ isn’t something you want to die for but countless million have!

As we can see, the ‘statistics’ without the spin are pretty bleak.

Just because ‘new claims’ for unemployment are falling doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination mean that the job market is improving!

They are, in fact, two separate factors, totally unrelated to one another!

(And yes, I know you knew that but it makes me feel better belaboring the obvious, which I do constantly.)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Er, Happy Holidays, folks!

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