Friday, December 9, 2011

Pushing the limit...

Greetings good citizen,

If we start off with garden variety ‘Happy Talk’ we would observe that (as usual) The NYSE is up 120 points on the latest` ‘plan’ to save the Euro-zone.

The thing that is confusing about all of this is investors repeated ‘failure to understand’ that NOBODY has (and only the ‘cheaper there’ has any hope of EVER coughing up enough dough) to ‘save’ the Euro-zone…so WTF is the stock market rising for?

Maybe they think they can ‘wish’ the money into existence…and, ultimately, that’s how it will go down (once our so-called leaders accept that they have no alternative but to follow Zimbabwe.)

Economics 101 good citizen; if you produce no wealth you will soon not possess any!

The Western World has ‘off-shored’ (effectively) All of its ‘productive capacity’, which is its ‘ability’ to generate wealth.

It is important to keep in mind that ‘money’ (commonly referred to as the ‘yardstick’ used to ‘measure’ wealth) SHOULD NEVER BE CONFUSED with actual useful goods!

Mother Nature HAS NO CASH REGISTER so ‘wealth’ (useful items crafted from ‘free’ inputs) rely SOLELY on the ability to produce them…money is a total ‘non-factor’.

IF you do NOT possess the ability/equipment to produce a thing for yourself then you are obliged to EITHER surrender something of value for it OR learn to live without that item.

This is pretty basic stuff so I find it incredible that our politicians continue to pretend it’s not happening.

Worse, nothing is getting ‘better’ BECAUSE these nitwits have been ignoring the true problem for more than four years now! (Actually closer to four DECADES…)

Ironically, the pretty much ‘defunct’ OWS movement means they can no longer ‘safely’ continue to do so

Apparently, what I took for a ‘non-starter’ turned out to be something our criminal legislators eagerly embraced:

Last night Jon Stewart took on the recent passage of a bill that would allow the U.S. government to lock up American citizens indefinitely, without a trial. Troubling much? Even worse, Congress openly debated the subject for only an hour, and a mere 7 Congress people voted against it.

It seems to me our ‘representatives’ are more interested in saving their own ass (from being dragged to the gallows) than in protecting the basic rights of those they supposedly ‘represent’.

Conversely, if we simply ask the question of ‘why are they doing this?’ (without debating the political implications,) we could speculate that this is the ‘obvious next step’ in a non-violent ’usurpation’ of our former government.

I would ’opine’ that this legislation targets the ’troublemakers’ (like my humble self.) If I were to be honest then I’d say there’s enough ’evidence’ in these pages for them to (attempt) to scoop me up and lock me away…permanently.

Which is to say that I hope to evade capture; whether I will succeed remains to be seen. (It is just chilling to me to see an unexplained provision of the Patriot Act revealed to be exactly what it looked like! Haliburton contracts to build ‘detention centers’ within the continental US.)

But I ‘predicted’ when that ‘mysterious’ and as yet unexplained provision of the Patriot Act appeared that we should keep our eyes open for the ‘sudden disappearance’ of those ‘critical’ of the present political situation.

And I would be one of those, er, ‘troublemakers’.

Um, so now it looks like I’m going to get to see if I was right.

Not that I’m gonna hold my breath (or my tongue/keyboard hand) waiting for it.

Perhaps that recent spike in web activity was something other than what I took it to be…

Again, no point in fretting about it, Que sera-sera.

Just a reminder that you might not have the opportunity to download your personal copy of A Simple Plan in the not too distant future.

Just weird how this paranoia thing feeds on itself…but then again there really isn’t any such thing as being ‘too careful’.

I’m ‘guessing’ this legislation hasn’t passed the House yet nor has it gone for a presidential signature…and MAYBE it won’t make it.

BUT, they CAN NOT ‘drag their feet’ much longer.

If they intend to ‘take over’ their ‘window of opportunity’ is closing rapidly.

Although I am still of the opinion that they are favoring a ‘post collapse’ rescue strategy.

Theoretically, the populace will be more ‘open to new ideas’ after spending a few months swimming in their own cesspool.

There’s nothing like a few months of absolute horror to make monarchy sound like a ‘good idea’.

Hell, the new boss can call himself The Messiah if he wants to (so long as he can deliver the goods!)

How pathetic is it that the only one who will consistently ‘get the goods’ is the one offering to ‘rescue’ you (in exchange for everything you hold dear.)

Definitely a case of ‘more than you bargained’ for with ‘more for me’ monarchy.

Oddly, some adore monarchy for the ‘pomp and circumstance’ alone regardless of the cost…

But it takes all types…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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