Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Place to Hide...

Greetings good citizen (& comrades,)

One of the ‘contradictions’ of targeting the proverbial ‘one percent’ is the well known fact that they ARE NOT a ‘cohesive group’.

If not for their ‘common enemy’ (the rest of us, ergo the 99%) they would dedicate (more of) their attention toward wiping each other out.

There is much to be gleaned from this morning’s offering set as it is in the former Soviet Union.

It is a mystery on the same level as the kings stepping off of their thrones in succession after the US revolution that the world’s two (nominally communist) nations both abandoned their failed economic systems and embraced (failing) capitalism (one of whom did this WITHOUT disavowing communism!)

Well, this small ‘retrospective’ of how it went down in Russia offers some clues to what happens when revolutions are, er, ‘privatized’…

Post-Soviet privatizations shifted state-owned factories into the hands of a coterie of well-connected businessmen — the oligarchs. Partly as a result, Russia has 101 billionaires, behind only China, with 115, and the United States, with 412, according to Forbes.

Only now, capital flight, a problem in the 1990s, has re-emerged. Money is flowing out of Russia faster than it is flowing in. The net outflow is expected to reach $70 billion by year-end, and the figures suggest that the bulk of that will be from large investors.

Yaroslav Lissovolik, chief economist for Deutsche Bank here, notes that “the scale of capital flight has more than compensated for the rise of oil prices.”

Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ ignores the undeniable fact that when some one ‘wins’, there are inevitably losers.

Which is to point out that ‘greed’, even greed passed off as serving the greater good, is still a game of winners and LOSERS.

And after almost 400 years, the ‘losers’ are starting to pile up out there!

Which is, not too bizarrely, viewed as King Louis’s big mistake.

He didn’t ‘exterminate’ the rabble often enough, thus he lost his head (and the throne too!)

Um, I mention this because it forms the basis of my ‘kill off’ theory. The powerful feel compelled to kill off large segments of the ‘preferably’ surplus population (although it is all the same to them. As far as they’re concerned we could all be replaced with trained baboons (and they wouldn’t notice the difference!)

Greed is NOT GOOD. It INEVITABLY results in the SQUANDERING of resources!

And this is NOT an argument you want to get into with the ‘self-centered’, who, by default, view any effort expended not advancing their own agenda as ‘wasted’.

Why do you think the poor number in the billions? It is because the selfish/greedy don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves!

If we flip back a few paragraphs we would see the downright ‘shameful’ number of global billionaires…

Which opens another, er, ‘window’ good citizen.

How the hell did we leap from Millionaire to Billionaire in a single generation?

Ironically, the answer lies in ‘peak oil!’

A phenomenon that is being driven by a global population that is out of control…

Um, just because the corporate owned media, er, ‘chooses to ignore’ certain topics doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, mean they are ‘non-issues’.

Let us take our unemployment ‘crisis’ in the context of an ‘out of control’ population.

There aren’t enough jobs for the people we already have…yet we continue to ‘breed’ more ‘workers’. (Making babies is the main reason why (the children of) workers don’t suicide on their 15th birthday…despite some believing that they should!)

Funny how that ‘biological imperative’ turns into a two-edged sword…isn’t it?

And you can’t, er, discourage someone that has little else to live for from breeding or they won’t squander their lives making YOU rich!

Neat trap, eh?

Ironic that the, er, only effective/humane way to get our population back under control is to ‘level the playing field’ so the battle for survival doesn’t turn the planet into ‘scorched earth’, fit for no one.

In case you didn’t detect it, that was indeed another shot at our ‘useless’ media…not that I expect it to change anything.

Nope, I’m putting my faith in YOU gentle reader! There are more of you than you may think.

Eventually, you will start hearing people talking about the ideas presented to them here and you will find that it wasn’t a ‘waste of time’ to click through that blogger firewall after all.

But the key here is ‘eventually’.

Although I do invite you to share this with your, er, ‘friends’ (possibly revealing them as not being quite the ‘friend’ you thought they were…)

Which is to acknowledge that the self-centered don’t like ‘sunshine’.

It’s like the ‘factually challenged’ Republicans that are unable to defend their assertions with logic.

Like I said, this isn’t about ‘me’ it’s about ‘us’…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS. You know I seldom 'add' to a post afterwards BUT I was just visiting The Automatic Earth and read Ilargi's opening comments...which is mighty sound advice, considering what will happen if there's a 'panic' in Europe (It will cause one here as well.)

If you don't have some 'ready cash' on hand, it would be advisable to 'get some'...before you can't!

Although I suspect this will do you little good if you aren't prepared to spend it all quickly...because that's the 'other shoe'.

Prices will likely go haywire!

Just saying, ya know?

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