Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Sad State of Modern Politics

Greetings good citizen,

As one might expect, the state of politics is no better than the state of the economy.

Yet some believe that with the ‘right’ (and I do mean RIGHT and not ‘synonymous with correct’) leadership this whole disaster can be, er, averted.

No irony should be lost on the fact that these people don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation. (They vote Republican solely because ‘that’s who they are’…)

Sadly, this is what happens when you apply a ‘Damn the torpedoes’ psychology to EVERYTHING, thereby eradicating the fine line between brave and STUPID!)

Yes, while there are those who naively believe the ‘right candidate’ is capable of ‘fixing’ everything, there exists an even, er, ‘dimmer’ subset of the electorate that has no idea anything is even amiss.

So much the better for the politicians/criminals…

Which brings us to today’s offering , an exercise in seeking an ‘elect-able’ candidate after the failure of both political parties.

The basic pitch of Americans Elect goes like this: We’ll go through the expensive and time-consuming process of getting ballot access in all 50 states. Then we’ll hold an online convention in June in which any registered voter can participate. Participants will nominate a presidential ticket including one Democrat and one Republican who will then enter the general election fray.

Here’s what the group is not so upfront about: It’s fueled by millions of dollars of secret money, there is a group of wealthy, well-connected board members who have control over Americans Elect’s nominating process, and the group has myriad links to Wall Street.

Americans Elect has been getting periodic bursts of support from prominent commentators.

We are ‘led to believe’ that this new variant on the now Libertarian dominated ‘sniff test’ is NOT led/funded by, er, ‘progressives’.

In fact the ‘strange’ part of the whole exercise is the, er, ‘focus’ on keeping the two party ‘charade’ intact! (If we’re all in this ‘together’ good citizen then WHO is ‘the opposition’?)

So WHO is behind this, er, ‘search for a suitable puppet?’

You don’t suppose it is the same people who hijacked the electoral process in the first place, do you?

I mean, who else could it be?

Then there’s the flipside of this coin, one that I have raised a few times before, the quandary of electing an honest player into an already corrupt game.

Without the, er, ‘support’ of the courts there is no way our ‘honest man’ can clean up, much less prosecute the corrupt.

This is similar to the bizarre Republican victory in the House, just in time to block legislation that would, er, punish the financial sector.

I mean Bubba, they’ve already ‘tipped their hand’, do they have to beat you over the head with it too?

So, what should the ‘winner’ of this popularity contest do?

If they had any ‘integrity’ at all, he/she would tell them to go fuck themselves!

Anyone with half a brain would!

Political puppets have extremely short life spans…it’s a ‘credibility thing’.

They run on promising to take this or that currently popular action, knowing their campaign contributors are paying him/her to DO precisely the opposite!

While those who ‘control’ electoral politics also control the media (which is how they ‘insure’ that the ‘right’ candidate, er, wins) people will stop believing the charade if a ‘spent’ candidate keeps winning re-election.

This is the downside of rigging the ballot box, if you don’t do it carefully, you WILL breed a revolt!

Case in point; here we are, less than a dozen election cycles since they started ‘fixing’ elections and they’ve succeeded in destroying the credibility of BOTH parties…so now they’re hunting for an ‘elect-able’ candidate…

WTF good citizen, WTF!

If we were to ‘assume the best’ and take it on faith that this is the efforts of a ‘concerned’ citizens group, interested in keeping our ‘two party system’ alive < sarcasm on >(Because it has ‘worked so well’ for the past two hundred years…)< sarcasm off > we’d still be faced with the ‘already corrupt system’ conundrum, making the whole exercise one in futility.

While this Alternet article also questions the ‘motives’ behind this sinister ploy it doesn’t take the extra step and ask ‘who wins if this succeeds?’

It sure as hell won’t be YOU!

Which is certainly a sign that it is once again time to embark on a, er, campaign for a New Deal.

Only this time we won’t stop until we get a total makeover…like the one laid out in A Simple Plan…

No, not the Movie or the Rock band…the PLAN that is posted here on this website!

It is our first best hope…to the point that we can’t afford to not make it a reality!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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