Monday, December 12, 2011

Back Flip

Greetings good citizen,

The NYSE opened ‘in the dink’ again this morning (but as close as anyone can tell, it doesn’t mean Jack.)

Probably the hell of it, good citizen. When push comes to shove, none of it actually ‘means’ anything.

The current crisis is due to a couple of too rich to know better, ‘fuck you, pay me types’ that the courts are, er, ‘unwilling’ to tell ’em to go piss up a bent rope!

Yeah, when your legal system turns feral, the whole shootin’ match goes sour!

Ironically, the only thing that will drag the survivors back to the negotiating table is a last ditch effort to restore order to a world gone mad!

How sad is it good citizen that the ‘eye for an eye’ horseshit doesn’t end until you’re both dead? (If there’s no legal system that is prepared to intervene.)

In yet another ‘telltale’ that our bought and paid for government has let the legal establishment run amuck, the government has proven totally incapable of safeguarding your investments.

Now you’re really reliant on ‘men, both good and true’ to save your sorry ass.

Understand that these fictional ‘men’ were NOT elected to do their job. The ones you DID elect are the ones responsible for the absence of law enforcement in the financial market place.

“It was just a teeny political favor the bankers asked for…it doesn’t affect you…unless you’ve got an IRA or a 401k…then you’re fucked!”

But best not to go down that path. If you start looking around and observe all of the things that are going against you it is likely you’ll go ‘postal’. (At the very least you will understand why others sometimes ‘crack under the stress’…or you’ll marvel that it doesn’t happen more often!)

Anyway, you know it’s gonna be a ‘slow news day’ when Mr. Krugman returns to the issue of the Plutocracy and the need to ‘rescue’ democracy from it.

To which I would respond if you are prevented from voting directly upon the issues, you do NOT live in a Democracy!

If the ONLY choice you get to make is who will vote in your name without EVER consulting you, you are NOT a ‘member of a democracy’.

Even by the textbook definition of the word.

Rule BY some of the people FOR the rest of us is much closer to Monarchy than anything else.

Worse, it is a defacto ‘dictatorship of the entrenched.’

But this is yet another ‘pissing contest’ that will remain ‘winnerless’

And speaking of exercises in futility

We have this ‘empty declaration’ from the, er, ‘president’ of China:

With anemic economic expansion in Europe and America, there is even more pressure on China, the world's second-biggest economy, to boost consumption at home.
Mr. Hu said on Sunday that Beijing was serious about pursuing balance in its trade policy, adding that it would bring opportunities to countries around the world.

"We will view expansion of imports as an important way to change the development mode of foreign trade," he said at a speech at the Great Hall of the People.
"We will work hard to promote a balanced international balance of payments. We will not deliberately pursue a trade surplus."

Naturally, it is that last bit about ’not deliberately pursuing a trade surplus’ that gives us something to ponder.

What do you suppose Mr. Hu’s worst nightmare looks like?

You can bet he share’s the same one the boys of Wall Street keep having…the rope doesn’t break their neck and they’re going to strangle to death before someone can free them!

Why would Mr. Hu share Wall Street’s nightmares of ‘punishment gone awry?’

Imagine tens of millions of Chinese workers thrown off the job when Western economies start reversing the effects of the ‘economic desert’ created by the ‘global race to the bottom’?

Undetermined at this time is whether or not the equipment necessary to manufacture the items will return with the work…probably not.

Yes, it will not go well for Mr. Hu if the ‘economic miracle’ that made a handful of capitalists unbelievably rich suddenly turns sour.
He may even be thinking he’ll be ‘lucky’ if all that happens is that long walk off of a short pier.

There are worse things than death…

Unfortunately for Mr. Hu, I don’t see an alternative to the Chinese economy hitting the wall like a dog that runs full tilt and reaches the end of its chain.

You just know that the chain isn’t gonna snap or get pulled out of its mooring, the dog is gonna do a back flip…the ’hard way’.

The good news is that the dog almost always survives this…

However the master sometimes isn’t so lucky…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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