Sunday, December 18, 2011

Follow the Leader

Greetings good citizen,

Sort of on a deadline this morning with the Holiday season upon us and our social obligations piling up, I’ll be ‘partying’ most of the day.

So as I browsed this morning’s mail, a story about OWS caught my eye…

And it started me thinking just who are these people?

In an excellent article by Digby (of Hullabaloo fame) she notes that most US citizens are beyond ready to go ‘toe to toe’ with the One Percent (and their blue-uniformed minions)

Needless to say, the freedom part is literally compromised by decisions to legalize indefinite detention without trial, but for the purposes of this discussion, it's the groceries that are causing the problem --- or rather lack thereof. The Democrats are simply not responding to the immediate concerns of a majority of Americans. Even health care, which is a great anxiety producing issue, is still fraught with confusion (although its early benefits are beginning to register a bit.) The more immediate issues of a foreclosure fraud crisis and all the problems associated with it, unemployment and job insecurity and massive numbers falling into poverty while the wealthy pig out (and whine about it) is what has people up in arms. They need government to deliver some groceries and the government is instead putting them on a diet.

Conservatives don't believe in delivering groceries, of course. When they aren't stealing the milk money and handing it out to their rich friends to pay back their donations, they're indifferent at best. It's liberals who are supposed to deliver at times like this and instead of doing that they are cutting deals to shrink the existing, tattered safety net in the future in order to keep the economy from sinking further in the present. (It's not all their fault, but being ineffectual doesn't rally the troops.)

What Digby is trying to say here is our grandparents didn’t ‘negotiate’ the New Deal, they DEMANDED IT…

And if they DIDN’T get what they wanted, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN ‘hell to pay’

Let’s turn the clock back 70 years and ask if the ‘Greatest Generation’ would have sat around twiddling their thumbs while the CRIMINALS in Congress colluded with one another to draft the heinous ‘arrest on suspicion and detain indefinitely without a trial’ legislation?



So who are these namby-pamby milquetoasts that don’t dare stand up to obvious criminals?

(The OWS crew is obviously not included in that group, they’ve shown their courage, despite their, er, ‘caution’.)

I suspect the OWS movement has been ‘tolerated’ because the bulk of its constituents aren’t who we think they are…most of them are the children of the 20 percent…the top twenty percent.

Which also explains their, er, ‘soft-pedaling’. They don’t want to make trouble for their well-off parents.

In case any of you thought this ‘we are the 99%’ bullshit was actually going somewhere…

It’s not.

But not to worry, the ‘troops’ are coming home…to the land of the jobless.

How do you suppose THAT’S going to work out?

All things being even good citizen, civilization itself is only 9 meals deep…think about it?

3 days isn’t a long time.

Left for us to ponder is whether or not THEY are going to force a ‘stand-off’ or if we will?

Especially when the trick is not to be the first one to ‘blink’.

You can bet most of the 1 percent is already well provisioned for an extended stand off.

It is the vast majority of ‘the working poor’ that live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck.

The ‘strategy’, such as it is, is based on the ‘supposition’ that a majority of the poor will prey upon each other before they attempt to take on a hardened, well-defended bunker…more colloquially called a ‘compound’ these days.

Where leadership exists there will be less ‘internal predation’, A good leader will keep his troops focused on ’high value’ targets; this is the ‘weak link’ in the management’s planning.

And despite evidence to the contrary, there is no shortage of competent leadership among the rank and file…it is ironic that commerce has no use for such people!

It also provides proof to the contrary that commerce would ‘shut down’ without their, er, ‘expert guidance’ (when anyone will tell you the shop never runs smoother than when the owner is out of town!)

It truly is frightening how dramatic the improvement can be.

But that’s another subject altogether.

Where were we?

Oh yeah, who are these ‘wimps’ and why do they call themselves Democrats?

I’ve already opined on the topic so I will not bore you by repeating myself…

Which is to say I only bring it up because the subject is too important to be allowed to fade into the background.

Without competent leadership our civilization is doomed!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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