Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's A Miracle!

Greetings good citizen…

May I begin with a mighty WTF happened on Wall Street yesterday? Bad enough we all suspect these robbers of making it up as they go along without the they’re throwing it in our faces!

Although, I strongly suspect yesterday’s ‘inexplicable’ rally was Wall Street signaling their ‘approval’ of the House Tea Party Republican’s efforts to torpedo the so-called ‘middle class tax cut’.

I mean they really turned the old ‘excuse shirt’ inside out scrounging up rationalizations for the unimaginable.

Many analysts also noted that wild swings were a predictable feature of the end of the year as managers balanced under-performing elements in their portfolios at a time of low trading volume. And even after an impasse over extending a payroll tax cut was announced Tuesday in Washington, the markets held on to their gains.

“The market just seems to have no memory from one day to the next,” Mr. Flam said. “To drive a move of this magnitude, you would expect there to be some sort of resolution on the bigger-picture issues.”

Even more ‘humorous’ (with a ten year overhang in the housing market) was the, er, ‘assertion’ that the because ‘housing starts’ were ‘up’…

Naturally, building more houses in an environment where nobody is buying them is, er, sheer stupidity more commonly associated with being ‘optimistic beyond belief.’

This is ‘Flipper’ paying all outdoors for a foreclosed property only to find out nobody can afford to rent it off of him.

We have a name for idiots like that…we call them bankrupt.

BUT you’re supposed to believe these so-called investors are acting ‘rationally’!

Worse, you’re supposed to think the fucking economy is ‘on the mend’…

Don’t you wonder what happened to all of those ‘green shoots’ from three years ago?

When you know as well as I that absolutely nothing has been done to straighten out the economy.

Which is something else that was rolling around in the back of my mind today…

It’s been a while since I provided an outline of A Simple Plan.

In order to ‘fix’ the current predatory system we must first, er, ‘catalog’ what’s broken.

The biggest problem is the legal system, it is totally fubar BECAUSE it is ‘for profit’.

This is a glaring problem that nobody (in a position of power) acknowledges.

Without equality there can be no justice and without justice there can be no peace (and without peace there can be no prosperity!)

So if we are to achieve an approximation of equality the first thing to fix is the legal system and that entails everything from the courts to the government.

No more elections and by default, no more legislators (although we will still ‘vote’.) No more ‘judges’ as the laws will remain simple and few.

There’s more to it but you get the general idea and that is to place the laws we all must live under beyond the reach of the self-interested.

No legislators to be bought off means no more ‘self-exempting’ and no more bending the rules to fit the desired outcome.

Then there’s the, er, ‘purpose of civilization’ issue.

Did we band together to build a better life for ALL mankind or just the few greedy bastards that claim to ‘own’ what belongs to all of us?

What does the ‘one percent’ say? They say the US was founded on the principle of ‘the protection of property rights’.

This, unsurprisingly, is in direct conflict with the notion that this planet belongs to ALL of us.

Um, if we continue down this path then there are ‘owners’ and the rest of us, half ‘hired help and the rest are just useful idiots/squatters.

Um, NOBODY can produce a ‘genuine’ bill of sale from either ‘spirit in the sky’ or the next best thing, Mother Nature.

Ironically, ALL ‘bills of sale’ are traced back to this King or that Emperor, who had no more right to the land than the current, er, owners.

Isn’t it time we cut the bullshit and drop the ownership crap?

And why would we abandon ‘ownership?’

To straighten out the economy, of course!

End ‘private ownership’ and the resultant ‘income streams’ stop.

Which creates the ‘approximate equality’ we’re shooting for.

We all work and we all have the ability to support ourselves…which is more than we have now!

If you can’t make yourself ‘useful’ under ‘Fuck you, pay me’ capitalism it’s your problem!

Under A Simple Plan your ‘job’ is guaranteed. You’ll only work a few hours a day OR a few days a week as there are more workers than jobs, thus we will ‘share’ what labor there is while building a better life for us all.

Better, your ‘membership’ in society will be real (and valued!)

Since nobody can ‘line their pockets’ at your expense anymore, most of the necessities of life will be yours ‘free’.

Why won’t EVERYTHING be free?

Because there isn’t enough of EVERYTHING to go around (And not everybody WANTS the same things!)

You’ll be well paid for what you do BUT when you ‘spend’ your money, nobody gets it. It is simply erased.

Same thing happens when you die, you don’t ‘leave’ anything behind…your accumulated wealth is simply erased after you die.

Everybody makes their own way under A Simple Plan but under the plan EVERYBODY enjoys cradle to the grave security.

WITHOUT the ‘flim-flam fuckery’ like what happened in today’s stock markets!

A Simple Plan, an idea whose time has come!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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