Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slipping into darkness...

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Needless to say, the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace. In a surprising display of ‘market panic‘, both gold and its liquid equivalent, oil dropped considerably yesterday. Jesse of Crossroads Café opines that the sell-off (in gold) is being driven by margin calls linked to the, er, ‘collapse’ of the Euro-zone.

So…what’s happening in the Western half of western civilization?

Do you really want to know? Sure looks like the same old, same old

Bat-shit whacko Republicans are holding our government hostage to their demands that programs intended to help the needy are ‘unfunded’ so they can pass even MORE tax breaks to the very people who need them least!:

The day began with Mr. Reid sparring with Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader, on the Senate floor, with Mr. Reid expressing bafflement over Mr. McConnell’s refusal to let the Senate vote on the House payroll tax bill that passed earlier in the week.

Mr. Reid wants to quickly vote the bill down because while it would extend a cut in Social Security payroll taxes for 160 million workers, it also eases the way for an oil pipeline opposed by environmental groups, blocks certain air pollution rules, freezes the pay of many federal employees through 2013, increases some Medicare premiums, and greatly reduces unemployment benefits and adds a host of new rules for receiving them.

Mr. McConnell said he would not permit a quick vote on the measure until the spending agreement was passed in the Senate.

For their part, Senate Democratic leaders met with President Obama at the White House and resolved to prepare a new offer that would exclude their earlier plan to pay for the payroll tax holiday with a surcharge on incomes over $1 million, seeking savings instead from a variety of federal programs, with many of the cuts culled from the failed bipartisan committee’s list of things both sides agree upon.

What is becoming increasingly incredible to me is that anyone (in their right mind) actually votes Republican…

But your typical ‘dyed in the wool’ republican doesn’t follow the hi-jinx of the modern republican party. As far as they’re concerned, Ike is still a contender (and by extension, those running today hold Ike‘s ideals dear.)

Which is to belabor the obvious; ‘your typical’ republican is so ‘out of touch’ with reality that they are indeed a hazard to both themselves AND society!

Sadly, we know the ‘true story’, the Party of one-in-five is kept viable by the corporate owned media and the upper 20% of the pay distribution.

Understand good citizen, these are the same people that brought us this disaster

“We don’t put official paperwork in the trash,” said the commander, Maj. Gen. Thomas Richardson, at the meeting at the American Embassy in Baghdad.

The documents were piled in military trailers and hauled to the junkyard by an Iraqi contractor who was trying to sell off the surplus from American bases, the junkyard attendant said. The attendant said he had no idea what any of the documents were about, only that they were important to the Americans.

He said that over the course of several weeks he had burned dozens and dozens of binders, turning more untold stories about the war into ash.

“What can we do with them?” the attendant said. “These things are worthless to us, but we understand they are important and it is better to burn them to protect the Americans. If they are leaving, it must mean their work here is done.”

So good citizen, will the UN zip in there and scoop them up so they can conduct a formal investigation into ‘war crimes’ or has that ship already sailed?

Pardon my sarcasm good citizen but once again we are confronted with the ‘scale’ of the corrosion that is decimating our civilization.

The global justice system, like the global economy, is corrupt beyond salvation. Both must be scrapped entirely and replaced with a new, equitable system.

The ‘trick’ is making sure the, er, ‘usual suspects’ don’t become the arbiters of what is ‘equitable’.

Because they think the current arrangement is perfectly ‘equitable’…from a ‘who deserves what’ point of view…

Understand good citizen, a majority of Republicans BELIEVE the rest of us are a waste of perfectly good toilet paper!

What is wrong with this nation that one in five are STUPID enough to PUBLICLY admit this?

Hard to say, good citizen…but it looks like it might be contagious (from a political leadership point of view)

Last year, there were as many as 180,000 outbursts of what sociologists here describe as “mass incidents”: strikes, sit-ins, rallies and violent clashes that have mushroomed alongside China’s breakneck economic expansion. Government figures from the mid-1990s put the number of such episodes at fewer than 10,000.

“People don’t have sufficient faith in legal procedures or the media and feel they have no redress when bad things are done to them,” said Martin K. Whyte, a Harvard sociologist who studies Chinese social trends.

Some protests are prompted by worsening pollution, claims of unpaid wages or police brutality. A major source of unrest, including in Wukan, is the seizure of land by well-connected private developers or government officials, which involves forced evictions for meager compensation.

More than just unalloyed greed, these seizures are supported by local governments that have come to rely on proceeds of land sales and development to pay for day-to-day operations.

[In an effort to save your wrists from carpal tunnel and your poor eyes from screen glare I omitted yet another link to an article about the ‘one way street’ so-called ‘free trade agreements’ are.] (China has raised it’s tariff on US motor vehicles…)

Um, back to the last article…

Sort of looks familiar, doesn’t it?

You get shit on and there isn’t a fucking thing you can do about it.

Um, it’s time we turn that around, don’t you think, good citizen?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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