Saturday, December 17, 2011

Criminals Escape Justice!

Greetings good citizen,

Apparently yesterday morning’s market rally ‘ran out of steam’ before the trading day ended.

For those of you who could, quite literally, ‘care less’, this bouncing around in the markets is nothing more than meaningless ‘eyewash’, intended to give the rubes a sense that the contrived valuations have SOME foundation in reality…

Let me assure you, good citizen, they do not.

But you knew that! A factor that places you on considerably more stable ground than the average conservative…although that’s not saying much, is it? (You could believe the Earth was flat and still be better ‘grounded’ than your typical conservative!)

Thus are we prone to wonder (once again) just who is the target of this exercise in belaboring the obvious

With its elegant marble floors, ornately carved wooden ceiling and flattering lighting, the central meeting point of Italy’s Lower House is arguably one of the most beautiful political arenas in the world.

But in recent weeks, Italians have come to view those who frequent the hall — known as the Transatlantico and modeled on the great room of an ocean liner — as a pampered elite, as sheltered from the global economic turbulence as the palazzo’s inner courtyard.

On Friday, the month-old government of Prime Minister Mario Monti easily won a confidence vote on a $40 billion set of austerity measures, including tax increases, changes to the pension system and some growth incentives, with 495 votes to 88. After the vote, the prime minister told lawmakers that Italy was at “maximum risk.” He added, “A lot is at stake; we cannot permit ourselves to live the way we did before.” He said that much would depend “on our capacity to present ourselves as united and credible before the markets.”

Don’t you love it when politicians vote for themselves/ideas? What the fuck does a show of hands by the same set of chiselers prove…consensus among thieves?

Does anyone else wonder if Mario has a mouse in his pocket? Who is this ‘we’ he refers to? He most definitely isn’t talking about himself!

Why is it that these ‘elected representatives’ consistently keep missing the main point?

What is that ‘main point’, you ask?

Naturally, the ‘main point’ is ‘the job they were elected to do’

No, not make new laws, ENFORCE THE ONES WE ALREADY HAVE!

But no…in an amazing demonstration of ‘myopia’, they apparently consider themselves ‘lawmakers’, enforcing the law is someone else’s job.

(Thus have the criminals gone ‘unprosecuted’, lo these many years/decades…globally.)

Perhaps more interest is the ‘universality’ of this particular article.

While Italy’s may be particularly nice, the ‘halls of power’ are ‘plush’ pretty much wherever you go.

Which brings us to the ‘disconnect’ most citizens (rightly) make between their pleading politicians and themselves.

“You aren’t gonna suffer even a little, I’m the one that’s fucked!”

Case in point is this proposed ‘lock ‘em up on a whim and let ‘em rot' legislation.

The only known ‘safeguard’ against this abominable legislation is to be a Congressman/Senator (who are automatically exempt from ALL of their own laws!)

Your ‘get out of detention free’ card remains your Senate/Congressional ID.

Don’t have one? Tough! Looks like you’re going ‘bye-bye’.

I’m going to guess an expired badge from either house will continue to function, if only out of ‘professional courtesy’.

Although the cops are keenly aware of who is and is not a ‘player’.

The only thing the ID protects you from is being randomly detained (forever.) If a warrant with your name on it is issued, then all bets are off.

Which is to acknowledge that our ‘posturing politicians’ are on an understandably ‘short leash’…which is why they behave as they do.

It may LOOK ‘illogical’ to you or me but it is perfectly ‘logical’ to them!

It is not the slightest bit ironic that the current landscape of governments around the globe EXACTLY RESEMBLES what it would look like if CRIMINALS hijacked the world’s governments!

Which is to point out that criminals have indeed been ‘in charge’ for a rather long time. Look at Bush’s highly illegal invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

The public still marvels that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done after the pretenses used to justify the invasion of both were PROVEN FALSE!

Naturally, that was just a ‘warning shot’ good citizen.

It was the local bully whispering in your ear (as his Neanderthal buddies kept you pinned to the ground) ‘What are YOU gonna do about it, huh?’

Well, what ARE you gonna do about it?

The problem with ‘Lumpy’ is there are only a handful of them…and he knows it.

For the moment he’s moping the floors with you and yours.

What you don’t see is that nervous sweat on his lip, that tells you that he is frantically trying to figure out where he and his crew is going to go where nobody will ever find them.

And the answer is, ‘Criminal Island’ (Lumpy is not that smart, he got where he is today via brutality alone.)

Although he is smart enough to realize his second big problem is figuring out a way to prevent the people he has screwed over from nuking Criminal Island off the face of the earth.

Well, that’s where the ‘throwing civilization into its own cesspool' part comes in (a.k.a. the plan to collapse the global supply chain.)

MOST people will be too busy saving their own ass to be bothered with chasing criminals and their political minions around. Nothing like a little widespread chaos to keep you occupied while the bad guys make their escape!

It’s a disturbing little puzzle, good citizen and it’s just as ‘plausible’ (actually more so) than the ‘random incompetence’ explanation offered by the criminal owned media.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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