Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cracked skulls

Greetings good citizen,

Markets are down…it appears they have run out of (fabricated) ‘good news’. Um despite markets being down oil is back over $100 a barrel and we can only wonder what this portends.

I’d opine this will be part of the ‘bag of tricks’ they’re holding in reserve for when the grand jury starts inquiring about, er, ‘irregularities’.

Which is to say we are NOT running out of oil (yet), we have merely exhausted the easy to reach and refine stuff.

The ‘problem’ we are facing is the exponentially increasing number of ‘end-users’, in that respect the oil that remains will not last long.

So the price increases we have seen are, at the moment, more indicative of the added expense to refine than of a supply shortage.

Shift mental gears with me as we explore the machinations of the guilty as they lose there struggle to avoid prosecution.

Often times I use the link provided by CKM but it was his commentary that inspired my selection of today’s piece. (The bullet titled ‘Borrowed’)

I wanted to provide credit where (to me) credit is truly due.

Borrowed: Here's a middle of the road set of predictions for 2012's economic, political and social adventures. Pessimism abounds. And that's among the optimists. I'd only add that things can appear deceptively close. Social upheaval may take some time. Wall Street bankers and their European cousins can kick the can a few more times before we all end up in the gutter. All the bad stuff will probably happen ,just not as quickly as some expect.

As you can observe, it is the last line that catches your attention.

Why haven’t half of the ‘bad things’ that are going to happen not happened yet?

In some cases the answer is they have…but the event was successfully camouflaged by the corporate owned media, in other cases we can only assume the public hasn’t gotten riled up enough to go head to head with the authorities.

But, as CK opines, the bad stuff WILL happen…just not as soon as you think…and by the time they ADMIT a majority of the general public no longer supports the current government…but the corporate owned media will continue to downplay this aspect of what, by then, will be open revolt.

Anyway, unmentioned by CKM is the ‘being held in reserve’ aspect of many of the trauma’s the criminals intend to inflict upon a stunned public.

Worse, if public outrage erupts in, er, ‘impromptu executions’ the criminals may ‘pull the trigger’ early to buy themselves more ‘run away time’.

Now, if you don’t think they have any ammo, think again!

These shiftless bastards have the power (and, in my opinion, the intent) to scuttle the entire global banking system on a moments notice.

Now turn your thoughts toward the dimwits YOU report to…

Not exactly your ’outside the box’ thinkers, are they?

Worse, they most often can be found clinging to the box, muttering the instructions to themselves like that alone would somehow correct the problem all by itself.

This is what dooms us good citizen, suffering the incompetent to maintain their grip on power.

Once these people find themselves on their own they will keep doing what they’ve always done, hoping against hope that it will (miraculously) work just one more time!

There’s a rather insidious reason why most command hierarchies are packed with incompetents, it is done to insure AGAINST ‘independent action’…

In fact they PREFER people who call to verify EVERYTHING before they commit to anything. It may be annoying BUT it dramatically reduces ‘unpleasant surprises’.

It also serves the useful purpose of guaranteeing total chaos once the information flow these ‘stuffed shirts’ are so reliant on ceases.

What’s that? You have a ‘competent boss’?

How much ‘latitude’ does he have in the decision-making process? Usually the competent are relegated to jobs where their latitude is very limited.

He may enjoy ‘total control’ over his immediate workforce and he also has the freedom to execute assignments as he sees fit…but he probably doesn’t have ‘budget autonomy’, he’s told what he can spend, when…and on what.

Likewise, he knows just how far he can fudge his expense report. It may ‘Look Like’ he’s running his own show but the reality is he’s on a ‘short leash’.

When the bastards ‘pull the trigger’ guys with enough moxie to make decisions on their own will be ‘dismissed’ without notice…or severance for that matter.

Which is to point out that the situation will be mighty desperate by then, almost every light post will have a criminal swinging from it.

And it won’t be a big stretch to connect the missing order givers from the resultant chaos…but it is a necessary evil, a purge that MUST happen.

Which only goes to show you that there ain’t no ‘peaceful’ (or easy) way to remake a civilization.

Shamefully, I have to admit that in order to remake the world, cracking a few skulls is unavoidable!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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