Monday, December 26, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

Despite my gloomiest prognostications it seems we have survived yet another year (with our communications grid intact, many will ‘survive’ the collapse of civilization brought on by the collapse of global banking.)

So when I say we survived, I mean our ability to personally share our observations survived.

When we are plunged into a world of rumors and hearsay we will long for the days when the Corporate media at least colluded regarding what the ‘official lie’ was. My first novel is centered on what living in this type of ‘informational void’ would be like.

(Jeez, take a day off and your focus goes straight to hell!)

Anyway, it is coming up on time to reflect on the year almost past, and what a year it has been.

Once again a war has ended (but a military ‘presence’ will likely persist for decades.)

It is perhaps more remarkable to comment on the multitude of things that DIDN’T happen.

Let’s start with after four years of political frustration, the alleged winners of the last presidential election have failed to recruit a stronger candidate…although, pathetically, the so-called ‘opposition’ continues to suffer from a curious mixture of schizophrenia and failure to launch…

Then there’s the ‘elephant in the room’ of a failed economy that nobody has done anything to correct…(except throw trillions in ‘free money’ at the banking system…which the shameless bastards turn around and use to award themselves billions in ‘bonuses’.)

Perhaps the root of this dilemma lies with the concept of when a bonus is due…someone needs to stand up and patiently explain to the bankers that it isn’t proper to reward failure/incompetence.

Naturally, it is difficult (if not impossible) to explain anything to the ‘Masters of the Universe’…

Sadly, this is a beast of the 1%’s making…

When ‘bonuses’ are in fact ‘hush money’ it certainly makes things look bad…but such is the level of decay in our society.

And speaking of which, nothing has been done to reverse the debilitating effects of globalization, a, er, ‘policy/methodology’ that ONLY BENEFIT’S THE OWNERS OF COMMERCE!

This variety of ‘stick ‘em up’ capitalism MUST stop or our civilization will be utterly destroyed!

And the above phrase is not intended to imply that a ‘benign’ form of capitalism even exists, all capitalism is predatory!

It is amazing to me that nobody acknowledges that the ‘true profit’ of commerce is life itself! Equating everything in dollars and cents is both meaningless as it is useless!

What needs to be done will still need to be done regardless of if anyone pays you to do it.

Worse, are those who use price as a barrier to responsible behavior!

We have no money to pay teachers but there is plenty of money to fight senseless, er, ‘police actions’ that cost the taxpayers trillions while not making us even a tiny bit ‘safer’.

There is no money to pay workers a living wage (which would boost the overall economy) but price is no object when it comes to a security apparatus that tracks our every move…

And this isn’t a problem that is ‘exclusive’ to the US…

The misappropriation of there being NO funds to improve society but unlimited funds to oppress it is a recipe for revolution…

And THAT good citizen is something else that HASN’T changed!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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