Friday, December 2, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

Happy freaking Friday! You’ve survived yet another week of financial skullduggery with your wallet and your bank account more or less intact…

To which you reply ‘naturally’, why wouldn’t my wallet and my bank account be, er, ‘less than secure?

For some of you this is a ‘bad example’ but for the older folks out there it only takes two words to bring reality crashing down on them. What are those two words?

Retirement account!

Those were supposed to be ‘good as gold’ but the collapse of Enron taught a shitload of people the true meaning behind the fine print on their investment account disclaimers: Investing involves ‘risk of loss’…and if you’ve trusted crooks with your funds then those losses are ‘guaranteed’.

If pudding head hadn’t ‘followed the herd’ and invested ALL of your contributions, first with Enron and then into MBS, you might have more than a negative balance today!

You’d be half inclined to say ‘live and learn’ but you’re a little too old to be suffering the ‘rookie mistakes’ of kids without a year of salary history under their belts!

Yup, your ‘retirement nest egg is the sandbox these bozo’s use to ‘train’ future investment advisors…

They figure since YOU don’t know the first thing about investing that you won’t be able to detect when the kids ‘fuck up’.

Which brings me to my ‘thought of the day’ (and most of my posts are centered on precisely this type of ‘observation’)

I don’t usually share these little epiphanies…because my first thought after being stricken by this morning’s ‘pearl of wisdom’ was ‘people generally aren’t thankful for being reminded they are up to their knees in shit’.

Yes sir-ee Bob! My epiphany of the day was ‘when you live in a cesspool you train yourself not to look down’ (that way you can ignore your shitty circumstances.)

Now, how many of you want to ‘thank’ me for reminding you of what you already know?

Worse, it is the polar opposite of what those flag waving patriots tell you (and you just know in your heart of hearts that they secretly agree with me because they’re NEVER happy with anything!)

The patriots among us say ‘wear your shit proudly! It is a privilege to be shit on in such a great nation!

All the while ignoring the fact that it’s still shit…

(This is ‘training yourself not to look down’ on steroids!)

Sadly, this sort of ‘willful ignorance’ leads to scapegoating, which only serves to mask the true causes of our problems.

Which is how the media turns a blind eye to ‘more of the same’ behavior.

And when they’re not turning a blind eye they’re busy ‘spinning’ the story beyond recognition (often pretending not to ‘get it’ so that you will doubt yourself! The media‘s treatment of the (endless) War on Terra is a perfect example of this.)

Oooo! Did I just do it again? Damn it, I did, didn’t I!

And nobody is going to ‘thank’ me for that one either!

Like I said, nature of the beast.

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of this whole situation is how much we’ll miss being lied to once civilization as we know it vanishes.

Because when they no longer feel the need to lie, you aren’t gonna like what they tell you.

Oh, and choice? Forget about it!

We’re talking my way or the highway baby!

And if God chose the nobles, well God’s choice is good enough for the, er, ‘new’ nobles…some of whom will trace their lineage back to the ancient nobles…for all that it matters today.

Again, it’s the nature of the beast, people are ‘funny’ that way.

My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand-pappy was Genghis Kahn, so fuck you! (People are THAT KIND of ‘funny’) Not that you’ll ever see me claiming to be the next ‘Lord Kiss-my-ass’!

It remains to be seen if I will even survive to lead the movement I myself created!

As matters currently stand this is unlikely…for a number of reasons.

But let us not fret over such trivial matters now, it is of no consequence at this time.

What IS of importance is the inevitable collapse of the global financial network which will result in the collapse of the global supply network.

Left to our imaginations is which will ‘go’ first, the MSM or the Internets/telecommunications networks?

You could easily imagine these ‘enterprises’ ceasing operations for, er, ‘cash flow’ reasons but the genuine reason will be, in the end, an ‘executive decision’…

Worse, good citizen, we won’t have to wait much longer before it happens.

IF the power network is shut down first then all bets are off.

Thank for letting me inside your head,


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