Monday, November 15, 2010

Who's next?

Greetings good citizen,

What’s the word? After this morning’s browsing session I have determined that today’s word is ‘guts’, otherwise known as ‘intestinal fortitude’ or ‘backbone’.

Perhaps more disturbing is the continued display of ‘towering ignorance’ still being promoted by the ‘deflationistas’ who pointlessly continue to argue that deflation is somehow ‘different’ from inflation while both ‘effects’ result in the exact same thing!

Potato, potatoe, same fucking thing!

But wait good citizen, they’re right and they have proof! (The dollar fell against the Euro which tells us precisely squat! As neither one has ANY measurable value.)

I guess I’d better explain what I’m talking about here because it is, intentionally, if I’m not mistaken, confusing.

Simply put ‘inflation’ is the practice of spending money as fast as you can to maximize its purchasing power. Deflation, the falling ‘value/purchasing power’ of a currency is what drives this psychological phenomenon. [Remember: price is ever and always ‘arbitrary’ because the ‘real price’ of everything is zero. Yes Virginia, this is true even for works of art!]

You can chase your tail forever arguing that deflation is the (temporary) drop in demand, which is curiously related to the item in question being overpriced. How is that ‘deflated’ oil price working out for you (now that the fucking ‘sham’ elections are over?)

Isn’t the actual ‘algebra’ involved here related to how many people no longer have to commute now that their job has been exported? Now that that particular ‘bubble’ has been ‘absorbed’, the price of gasoline is going up again, isn’t it?

Which is to point out that ‘deflation’ is a ‘highly artificial distinction’ used to distract you from the real issue (which is your purchasing power that is falling off a cliff!)

Like we aren’t distracted enough…

Here you are nose to the grindstone; either busting your hump (to keep your worthless job) or searching high and low for something, ANYTHING that pays more than minimum wage and will (hopefully) last beyond Christmas.

Well search no longer good citizen, Fushigi is here!

Nope, wait a minute, gotta stop watching so much late night television!

Where were we? Oh yeah! We were talking about ‘perception management’, weren’t we…

Well, deflation isn’t the only ‘false flag’ flying around out there.

What do you suppose is ‘wrong’ with this article? Don’t want to go there? Okay, I’ll tell you. Germany was indeed correct when it labeled our financial policy ‘clueless’ (although that last word is the one I take issue with!)

Once again the Corporate Owned media is leaving the door wide open for ‘plausible denial’ when the truth is far more sinister.

What happened to tens of millions of US jobs, the exporting of which created the ‘financial crisis’ of ‘too much money with no place to go’?

No irony should be lost on the delicious ‘richness’ of this disaster or that the stupid fuckheads brought it upon themselves!

But we digress because by now it has become obvious (even to the stupid fuckheads) the magnitude of this screw up…it’s how they are proposing to ‘fix it’ that should have you shaking in your socks!

Oh yeah, it’s ‘reset button’ time!

And guess who’s paving the way? Bringing us full circle to the beginning and the subject of 'lacking a backbone…'

Worse good citizen, it seems the whole Democratic Party (which is actually loaded with ‘switch hitters’) is completely comprised of ‘jellyfish’!

Which is to ask a different question, since re-electing the current buffoon is a non-starter, precisely ‘who’ in the Democratic Party would you support for the 2012 ticket…Hillary?

After the ‘media freeze-out’ during the last election cycle you’d think Dennis Kucinich would be too smart to ‘try again’.

Well, ‘tis the season good citizen, we shall soon know just who will be a contender for the 2012 Democratic nomination…

Or has the media already convinced you that they can put another candidate from the ‘one in five crowd’ in the White House…
Or will we have (another) ‘media wet dream’ landmark election, a run off between Sarah and Hillary?

I think when that happens they’re gonna have to start watching the transmitter towers real careful like because the proverbial ‘jig’ will be up. If we have a Hillary vs. Sarah match up you will KNOW the media is playing ‘king maker’ and your vote is meaningless!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against two females competing for the nation’s top job, it’s THOSE TWO I have a problem with…neither is qualified! And you can count on one hand how many Secretaries of State then became president and have more than a few fingers left over!

WE COULD ‘force’ the current bought and paid for regime from office, it is preferable to the coming ‘abdication’ of our government and the subsequent ‘takeover’ by the ‘radical right’ (who have been waiting in the wings, licking their chops for this moment!)

BUT that would take more ‘organization’ than currently exists. I strongly believe the ‘silent majority’ will rally quite quickly once the radical right moves to seize power.

Church is church and something to be dealt with on Sunday, NOT everyday! There might be a few ‘religious fruitcakes’ out there, but not enough to hold onto power.

As studies have shown, ‘hard times’ actually diminishes attendance at religious services…probably because of the ‘collection plate’.

When times are tough ‘charity’ truly does begin at home.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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