Thursday, November 11, 2010

Currency Wars

Greetings good citizen,

Asshole central (better known as the ‘corporate media’) expects you to believe the next downward leg in the completely fabricated ‘financial crisis’ (which is pushing what passes for our economy into the abyss) is that we are on the verge of a ‘currency war’. (Read 'class war.')

Left to our imaginations is whether or not the powers that be are prepared to admit that there is no such place as ‘the cheaper there’.

BUT, to admit such a thing is to admit to ‘currency manipulation’, the only vehicle capable of creating such a place.

IF they admit to currency manipulation, they are admitting that they screwed tens of millions of workers out of their jobs and their pensions.

We don’t live in the middle of a huge ‘economic desert’ for nothing…

Cui bono? [Who benefited?] The fuckers who ‘own’ commerce [and to a lesser degree their ‘subordinates’ along with their bought and paid for politicians, who negotiated their ‘trade agreements’ for them] the rest of us took a sharp stick in the eye!

I can’t ‘paint the target’ any clearer than that…while the bought and paid for media still feigns ignorance as to ‘who’ is responsible for the collapse of…

It’s a two-edged sword. On one side we have the financial system and on the other is civilization itself.

Because of the way the current (predatory) system is set up, you can’t have one without the other.

Whereas, EVERY (viable) replacement system has finance as an internal function of commerce (If we are to correct the imbalances created by the debt driven system.)

There’s your ‘acid test’ good citizen, if a proposed alternative operating system is based on credit at all, it is NOT viable.

Credit is how the ‘fuckers’ get something for nothing. It’s also how YOU get fucked. THEY buy on credit and NEVER pay it back but YOU can’t pull off the same deal!

Isn’t it nice to have ‘friends’ [read: lackeys] who not only interpret the law but also get to decide when the law has been broken?

Welcome to hell good citizen! (Well, hell for YOU anyway! The ‘do as I say and not as I do’ crowd readily acknowledges that this is {for them, for now} ‘Heaven’)

Since there is nothing we can do about the FED HEAD turning our currency into confetti in a brazen plan to enrich the already wealthy at our expense. What should we be watching for?

[If you’ve been paying attention you will have noticed that the principle effect of QE2 is to elevate ‘stock prices’.]

Understand, the problem with the global economy is that most of the money is, er, ‘trapped’ in the upper reaches of the income distribution, leaving the debt enslaved working class without enough money to purchase necessities.

So why does ‘Bonehead Ben’ think making the rich richer is going to ‘cure’ this ‘problem’?

Since YOU aren’t going to get ‘fat, stupid and happy’ from your stock portfolio, the ‘heads up’ implied here is to prepare for a massive surge in the price of EVERYTHING.

Imagine having to chase your next meal down with a stick and killing it…

AND if you’re lucky enough to already have matches, you can probably scrounge up enough wood to build a cook fire…for now. (Because you won’t be the ONLY ONE who will be ‘economizing’.

Given that it is now late fall across much of the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll need wood for more than just cooking…but so will a lot of other people!

You’d better plan on hooking up with a few of your more violent neighbors so you can get a piece of the truck hijacking action (while it lasts.)

There’s nothing like a sudden increase in the probability of getting killed to reduce the number of bastards crazy enough to drive a rig over the largely unprotected roads.

The last loads to be driven over the roads will be driven by cops, escorted by dozens of their ‘peers’…not that this will save them.

Starving people are VERY resourceful! (Even more so when their families are starving too.)

(It’s always sooo ‘cheery’ to read my constant grim predictions. Understand, once the killing starts, there won’t be a ‘lot’ of supply convoys. The ‘shortages’ in the destination communities will keep what remains of the police force busy until they stop reporting for duty…which will be sooner than anyone thinks.

Naturally, once supplies stop coming to you, your need for them doesn’t cease…So, you’ll be forced to go after ‘what you need’ from wherever it can be found!

Funny how the ‘marauder’ game is also a two edged sword, some days you are the marauder and other days you are the marauder’s victim!

Thus do we once again see the significance of ‘strength through numbers’.

Naturally you must be wondering if there is any situation that DOESN’T lead to the collapse of civilization and I’d say ‘yes’, BUT, the path that leads to salvation is ‘narrow’ indeed.

And, as I pointed out yesterday, it is usually ‘sabotaged’ before it gets off the ground.

Why do the ‘self-interested’ make such good leaders? Because they KNOW what they want and they are RELENTLESS in their pursuit of it!

You could even point out that they are more than a little ‘reckless’ (considering where we are today and WHO is responsible for it…)

Finding a leader who can see beyond the end of their own nose is a difficult challenge indeed, but it can be done.

The problem is the ones who can’t have a habit of killing anyone who stands in the way of what they want…and that is usually the one who can see the consequences of their actions.

Thus do most revolutions fail.

But not to worry good citizen because in this case we are going to have no choice but to revolt!

I mention the ‘doomed’ aspect of most revolutions to make you aware that there are wolves among you, don’t trust them.

Um, and by the way, this QE thing isn’t going to end well.

Hyper-inflation, here we come!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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