Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a week!

Greeting good citizen,

What a week, eh? Between the, er, ‘improbable’ elections and Bernanke diluting the money supply. What the fuck else could go wrong?

Well, we need look no further than Mr. Rich for the answer to that one.

The part that amazes me is why someone so intelligent continues to ‘pretend’ that Obama is even interested in ‘salvaging’ his, er, ‘legacy’.

He must have known going in the door that he was going to be used as, er, well…toilet paper…and they MUST be making it worth his while because he never attacks those that regularly hang him out to dry.

You’d think after two years he’d have woken up to what the rest of us knew fifteen minutes after the inauguration, that the Republicans would fight him every step of the way.

But Nooooooooooo! Even after having his ass handed to him on November 2nd, the first words out of his mouth are, “I’m ready to listen to any reasonable proposals.”

Like the election caused the Republicans to suddenly morph from being the ‘party of no’ into the big tent party of the one idea!

Sadly, if you have anything to add to that one idea, any hope for bipartisanship goes right out the window.

If you’re disinclined to read Mr. Rich’s excellent article I’ll tell you here what it points out…just how clueless do you have to be to schedule a ‘trade mission’ to ‘out-sourcing central’ right after getting your ass kicked in the mid-terms?

Instead of ‘re-visiting’ NAFTA (like he said when he was campaigning) dickhead is now talking about writing MORE ‘free trade’ agreements…why the fuck does HE think unemployment is at 9.6%? Has he turned into a fucking Republican and decided the unemployment problem is due to people no longer ‘wanting’ to work?

Why do we continue to tolerate this bullshit?

No sooner are they elected than they forget why people voted for them!

Which only serves to strengthen my case to put an end to electing ‘representatives’ who don’t have the backbone to represent themselves, never mind the rest of us!

It’s beyond ridiculous, it’s even beyond annoying, it’s infuriating yet still we fail to do something about this constant source of frustration!

Which brings us full circle to the ‘main problem’ with electing ‘representatives’. It is ‘assumed’ they already know what’s wrong with the nation. It is the bigger assumption, the one where they already know what to do about it that kills us.

We are ‘shut out’ from the national dialog. Even the media doesn’t talk to us (and when they do, they control what is said and why.)

Bizarrely, they do this because they know the public is interested in more than the ‘mundane’ pabulum their editors demand (and the public actively volunteers to have those conversations…but the editors won’t let it pass so it’s better to not go there in the first place.)

Yup, instead of ‘partnering’ with the press we are left to seek alternative sources for a more accurate picture of the world around us.

Is it just me or has anyone else picked up on Mr. William’s ‘cynicism’?

No. 332: October Employment and Unemployment, Dollar Debasement, Election Subscription required November 5th, 2010

• Baloney Payroll-Employment Data: Seasonal Adjustments Become Primary Driver of Jobs Creation?
• October Household-Survey Employment Fell 330,000
• October Unemployment Rates: 9.6% (U.3), 17.0% (U.6), 22.5% (SGS)
• Fed Move to Debase U.S. Dollar Will Generate Higher Inflation But No Recovery
• Election Results Do Not Alter Basic Economic or Inflation Outlooks.

Actually, that was a rhetorical question. These days, if you’re not a cynic, you’re not credible.

I look at SGS’s unemployment figures and it scares me…because even that number fails to reflect the ‘true’ unemployment situation.

As I have stated many times in the past, the ‘true’ unemployment percentage is somewhere in the 50 % range of the ‘total’ workforce (and that’s not counting the ‘underemployed’, which would push it well over 50%!)

Um, our ‘social model’ is badly broken good citizen. What is it going to take before we demand it is changed?

Funny how we keep returning to the subject of conversations we aren’t having.

Do you REALLY care if gay people marry one another or are you more concerned about getting screwed out of your retirement savings?

It should blow you away that NOBODY, either in the media or the government is asking what is being done for the homeless?

Because when the programs to help the homeless dry up, the homeless will looking at YOU…and not necessarily for a handout either.

This is another issue that the media is totally ignoring. There is an ever diminishing amount of tax revenue and an ever-increasing number of people landing in dire straits!

There were not one but three ‘referendum questions’ on the ballot to repeal taxes locally and I didn’t vote for one of them! (Unsurprisingly, only one passed and that’s going to ‘bite us in the ass’ too.)

People aren’t stupid. Repeal taxes and you’ll get socked with higher ‘fees’ (that won’t go away!) Been there, done that.

We aren’t having the ‘right’ conversations…and maybe the ‘blogosphere’ is the answer to that problem.

Sadly, I have my doubts.

There are too few Internet users seeking solutions.

That said I am thankful for the attention you give me, gentle reader.

That and being amazingly ‘troll free’!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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