Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Greetings good citizen,

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the corrupt land of the dazed and home of the Mesmerized.

Tradition dictates we roast up a turkey and share it with our relatives, the ones we like anyway…or at least the ones who continue to tolerate our presence.

No irony should be lost on how little the modern celebration resembles the ‘original’ Thanksgiving Day feast, presumably one shared by the colonists and the original inhabitants of this, their former land.

Now may not be the time to go into the hearsay and rumors surrounding how modern native Americans ‘celebrate’ this particular holiday but from what I’ve heard, it is ‘appropriate’.

Left to our imaginations is whether or not the natives are having a good laugh for themselves at our expense considering ‘Pale Face’ turned out to be an ‘equal opportunity exploiter’…

Not satisfied with screwing the natives out of their homes, they have proceeded to screw everyone who came after with equal, er ‘deceit’.

Not that most people find such personality traits, er, ‘endearing’, but I guess that’s one of the ‘primary tenants’ of capitalism, it’s got nothing to do with love, its all about the money!

When asked, most managers said they preferred to be ‘feared’ than loved or even admired. How sad is it that ruthlessness is often its own reward?

Anyway, I navigated away from the source of tonight’s offering before I could copy the link and now I can’t find the damn thing…

So you’re gonna have to take this one with a BIG grain of salt.

Corporations Have Most Profitable Quarter in US History as Unemployment Soars

[As the original article asked, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’]

According to a new report (PDF) from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. corporate profits are at an all-time high, despite the turbulent economy. At the same time, the real unemployment rate remains astronomically high, affecting some 1 in 5 Americans.

Reports Raw Story:

America's poor and middle classes are under siege, with a mostly stagnant job market that has shown only marginal signs of improvement.

Yet for seven fiscal quarters running -- since President Obama's election -- American corporate profits have shown strong growth.

[Now scratch your head and try to figure out how the ‘survivors’ of ‘the great recession’ are reporting higher earnings in a time when overall payrolls have shrunk by almost 20 percent? The key word is ‘survivors’. Think ‘market share’ and the whole situation comes into focus. The survivors are sucking up more market share, driving their profits. What the assholes AREN’T TELLING YOU is that overall sales volume is down significantly from previous years!]

According to a New York Times analysis, Q3 2010 saw the largest corporate profits in recorded US history, at $1.66 trillion. [This is still ‘smoke an mirrors’, there’s more ‘creative accounting’ going on here than actual product being moved!]

The government releases a few different unemployment rates. The official rate stands at about 9%, while the so-called "real" unemployment rate, which includes underemployed Americans, is an astounding 17.5%. Even worse, experts have found that as many as 22% of the nation's households have at least one member looking for full-time employment.

So basically, it's the same old story: the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Indeed, a July Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report (PDF) found that the income disparity between rich and poor in America is at its widest in over 80 years. [Which would be alarming if it weren’t a foregone conclusion that we are rapidly becoming a ‘Banana Republic’…]

The top 1 percent of households in the US have seen a 281 percent rise in after-tax income since 1979, the center found. Meanwhile, the bottom fifth of American earners have seen only a 16 percent increase since 1979: a percentage which doesn't account for value lost due to inflation.

According to inflation calculations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it would take $75,313.71 of today's money to match the buying power of just $25,000 in 1979.

That’s about right good citizen, I started making a LOT more money in 1979 and I got to spend a lot more too.

The fuckers ‘doubled’ our pay but by the time the dust settled they had quadrupled prices!

Then they ‘altered’ how inflation was calculated (because all union contracts had strong COLA provisions.) Don’t want to pay massive pay hikes, simply change how inflation is, er, ‘calculated’.

Which brings us full circle with the opening argument…Pale Face is an equal opportunity exploiter.

The question facing you good citizen is whether or not you want to go on living like this…always holding the shitty end of the stick.

Most of us would prefer to die on our feet rather than live on our knees. The problem is there isn’t a ‘clear target’.

If we could point a finger at someone and say unequivocally, ‘He did it, it’s his fault.’ I know that whoever had the finger pointed in them wouldn’t live long enough to draw another breathe…but it’s not that easy.

The fucker who pretends ‘give you a job’ is one of the many ‘responsible parties’.

It should come as no shock to anyone that there is no such thing as a job created ‘by’ an employer. The need to do a particular thing exists naturally whether there’s an ‘employer’ or not. This is why there is ‘unemployment’. There is only so much that needs doing and over time we have built up such a legendary amount of ‘overcapacity’ that it doesn’t take very many of us to do it.

If you’ve read ‘A Simple Plan’ than you know the solution to the ‘employment problem’ rests in worksharing. It is impossible to be a ‘member’ of society if you aren’t provided with the opportunity to participate!

Who’s ‘responsibility’ is this? Society’s!

Why isn’t it done now?

Too many STUPID greed heads in charge.

How do we fix this?

‘Fire’ the greed heads!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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