Monday, November 8, 2010

What do you want for a Monday?

Greetings good citizen,

Yet another election has come and gone and still we have failed to, er, ‘correct’ the flaws in a system that was designed to always lead to perpetual gridlock.

Which is to point out that some of us don’t want the system ‘fixed’, it works beautifully for them.

The way things are going, certain parts of the country will continue to use this badly broken system long after it has been abandoned elsewhere.

Left to your imagination is precisely ‘what’ it will be abandoned ‘for’?

If history is any guide, our ‘Faux’ democracy will be abandoned for very real despotism.

The ‘Masters of the Universe’ will simply, er, ‘dispose of’ anyone or anything that dares to get in their way.

(Such is the power of [meaningless] money over those too stupid to realize it is a ‘fiction’!)

Worse, those who ‘flaunt’ the power of money will be ‘stupefied’ when their ‘sacred cash’ is suddenly ‘no good’!

Once the banking system seizes solid those multi-colored pieces of paper become worthless.

Preposterous, says you? It has happened, REPEATEDLY!

The ‘true’ economy is a ‘barter’ economy where you trade what you have for what you need, no funny colored paper or bits of metal required.

Here we bump into something the capitalists don’t like to talk about because it proves their way of doing things doesn’t work (or can only work under carefully ‘controlled’ circumstances…)

How do you participate in a ‘barter economy’ when nobody wants to trade with you?

Short answer, you don’t!

And this is capitalism’s main flaw; it can’t cover all of the bases (even though it pretends to.)

Now good citizen, how do we ‘fix’ this?

Understand that failing to fix this means you will continue to be ‘ripped off’ (until you’ve outlived your usefulness, then you’ll be ‘discarded’…)

Is this what you ‘signed up for’?

Worse, good citizen (and believe you me, it IS going to get A LOT worse!)

You have managed to, er, ‘survive’ into a time when it has no place to go but, er, BOOM!

The infamous ‘Crack-up Boom’ to be precise.

When the payments stop, the supply lines shutdown.

When there’s ‘no supply’ it becomes ‘scramble time’ where ‘grab & go’ becomes the new game in town.

It is the oldest of playground rules, ‘possession is nine/tenths of the law.’

This is where people will relearn that there is strength in numbers…sadly, this will be a ‘hard’ lesson, one that many tears will be spilled over.

Which is not to suggest that the law will have much to do with anything once the wheels come flying off.

Welcome to the ‘Wild, Wild West!’ where a quick draw (or better, getting ‘the drop’ on your opponent) trumps pretty much everything.

The new game is really a game as old as nature itself…kill them before they kill you.

Simple to learn, an (abbreviated) lifetime to master.

You have to be mighty crafty to survive once your reflexes are no longer up to the job…

Consider this fair warning: IF we fail to depose the criminals currently in charge of our civilization, the game is going to get very nasty indeed.

[Hey, what do you want for a Monday?]

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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