Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Well, we can all see that the global economy didn’t do any ‘cliff-diving’ today, but that’s today, what has some economists worried is the ‘food-fight’ that is brewing on the periphery.

Considering the basic nature of economics it is baffling that so many ‘financial experts’ ignore the implications of too much money chasing too few investment opportunities…

‘People Just Don’t Have the Resources to Buy the Basics'

I don't get it.

If, as the bulls say, the U.S. economy is primed full of Fed-created easy money; investors have lots of cash on the sidelines; corporate profits are near historic highs and businesses have the healthiest balance sheets they've had in years; and, the wealthy are really opening up their wallets, how is it, as WBIR-TV reveals in "Report Finds Millions of American Families Struggle to Put Food on the Table," that so many people are just barely getting by? [Here we once again (because this isn’t the first time the media has done this) see how the economy has been artificially divided to, er, ‘ignore’ the existence of the ‘surplus population’. Understand good citizen, if you work for a paycheck, you are in this group!]

A federal report released Monday reveals that millions of American families are struggling to put enough food on their tables.

The report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says 17 million American families had trouble putting enough food on their tables in 2009.

That's roughly 15 percent of all U.S. households. [Worse, it suggests that that many again may be eligible but too proud to apply for assistance…]

"It's a very shocking and compelling figure," says USDA Undersecretary of Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Kevin Concannon.

"People just don't have the resources to buy the basics, the essentials," adds Dr. James H. Johnson of the University of North Carolina. [Better sing ‘the hymn’: If your paycheck doesn’t crack your nut, it’s not your employers problem, it’s YOURS!]

Johnson and other experts believe the number of "food-insecure" American families is tied directly to this country's troubled economy. [Well, ‘duh’!]

"In this current recession, more people are going without a jobs for a longer period of time," Johnson points out.

While the report indicates the number of "food insecure homes" remained roughly the same as in 2008, that number has more than tripled since 2006.

Concannon says USDA-funded food programs have helped to stabilize the number of America's "food-insecure" families. [Sadly good citizen, for large portions of the US, food isn’t the only ‘crisis’ unemployed families are forced to deal with. If you can’t buy food you can’t afford heat…or hot water, creating a world of problems of its own…]

"We're seeing record numbers of Americans turning to programs like the SNAP or what used to be called the Food Stamp Program, the supplemental nutrition program," he says.

Okay good citizen, what’s the problem here? That people are, er, ‘temporarily’ unable to put food on their table or is the problem much more severe because most of them have a better chance of seeing god than of ever becoming ‘gainfully employed’ again?

Beyond the occasional mention of government statistics, the CO media pretends this crisis doesn’t exist.

Why there is still a CO media outlet still standing is something that should trouble you too good citizen…but hey, we’ve all got our own troubles to deal with, don’t we?

Food Insecurity is the first rung on the ladder to both becoming a Banana Republic and of becoming a ‘Failed State’.

It’s a toss of the coin as to which will turn up first.

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