Thursday, November 4, 2010

That didn't take long...

Greetings good citizen,

Under the category of ‘that didn’t take long’ the Republican’s are already getting ready to, er, ‘dismantle’ what little progress was made during the first two years of the Obama presidency.

Since the new ‘healthcare’ law was essentially written by the insurance industry we can only wonder what ‘republican improvements’ will look like.

Tell me again good citizen, who (precisely) voted for these assholes?

The Road Ahead Turns Right
Published: November 3, 2010

Energized by their big victories in the midterm elections, Congressional Republican leaders wasted no time on Wednesday in putting President Obama and Democrats on notice: the days of single-party control are numbered and legislating in Washington is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

In my browsing of the web I have seen ‘the usual suspects’ rounded up and paraded before us as the ‘guilty’ parties.

Yes, good citizen, the group of people most threatened by Conservative Ideology (the current recipients of Medicare and Social Security) are the same people being accused of voting the Republicans back into power.

Naturally, I don’t think one of our new ‘conservative’ legislators actually ‘won’ their respective race…I believe the corporate controlled media ‘crowned’ them.

Which is not to say that any politician over the past thirty years has gained office without the express ‘approval’ of those who own the media. (Any who stepped out of line didn’t keep the job long thanks to the same blind and ham-handed media.)

They don’t have to ‘see’ anything, they can just make it up. It doesn’t need to be true, it merely needs to be credible.

Anyway, also falling under the category of ‘that didn’t take long’ (Republican) Ben Bernanke just announced he’s pissing away more of your purchasing power in a misguided attempt to ‘save’ the economy!

Wall Street is overjoyed!

Wall Street Jumps a Day After Fed Move

Shares have been buoyed by the Fed’s decision Wednesday to buy an additional $600 billion of assets — so-called quantitative easing aimed at creating more dollars and increasing the supply of money in the economy — that will involve buying $75 billion in Treasury bonds each month until June.

Bizarrely, prices will rise, raising profits and making the economy ‘appear’ to improve while our collective ‘standard of living’ gets thrown into the septic system.

This is how it goes in all Banana Republics…you’ll work all day for a crust of bread and you’ll have to take a loan out to get that much!

As I have stated repeatedly, if your job doesn’t pay you enough to live on, it is not your employer’s problem; IT’S YOURS!

The question you need to ask yourself is if it is time to change jobs or if it is time to change governments?

Understand, it is the government that permits employers to raise their prices beyond what you can afford. (It also permits them to pay you less than you need to live on…how did the employer class get such a ‘sweet deal’?)

You don't suppose the multiple 'stolen elections' had anything to do with it?

Our current government is demonstrably ‘broken’. The very people it was supposed to protect us from have taken it over.

You may have noted that the, er, ‘commentary’ on election night repeatedly stated the voting public ‘disapproves’ of BOTH political parties and that the Republicans had best not read too much into their being used to ‘spank’ the Democrats.

For a more levelheaded take on the elections, do yourself a favor and read this commentary by CK Michaelson.

I completely agree that if one of the ballot choices had been ‘Hang ‘em high’ it would have been the ‘top choice’.

As I have lamented here more than once, we find ourselves saddled with a government full of criminals and are at a complete loss as to how to rein it back in.

Ironically we have the ‘resources’ to march on Washington and, er, ‘remove’ the corporate controlled ‘pirates’ from office. 80 million ‘not in the workforce’ makes for a mighty big ‘army’.

What we don’t have is a ‘consensus’ on what to replace the current mess with.

A Simple Plan would produce prosperity across the nation and, eventually, around the world…and it wouldn’t take a lot of time.

We’d do what we do now (and only pay for half of it because the rest is, er, ‘unnecessary’.)

The ‘Real Estate’ mess would be ‘fixed’ overnight…only the ‘investors’ (and that fucker Flipper would lose.)

Banking (as it currently exists) would go the way of the Dodo.

Not only would there be a ‘jubilee’ where all debts were forgiven but future debt would be outlawed! (Via the human anti-exploitation law.)

Sound ‘too good to be true’…ironically, it’s not.

We can have ‘the Promised Land’ tomorrow…and only the criminals won’t like it. (Because stealing shit will be pointless, nobody will have any cash.)

If you don’t ‘understand’ it now, you will eventually.

I keep pointing to the one thing that makes it all work but most of you still don’t ‘get it’.

Mother Nature doesn’t have a fucking cash register (so resources are free! While cash registers will still exist, NOBODY gets the receipts! Banking as it SHOULD BE done!)

Fuck you pay me! Is NOT the basis for a thriving civilization.

In fact, you need only look around you to see the horrors a ‘debt based’ society, er, ‘breeds’.

If we fail to share this world then we are doomed to extinction.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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