Sunday, November 28, 2010

The best of the best?

Greetings good citizen,

It’s days like this one that make you say ‘global warming my ass’, the temperature is only slightly above freezing and it’s only a matter of time before it, well, you know.

Yes, we New Englander’s are ‘superstitious’ due to the fickle nature of our weather. It seems no sooner do you utter the ‘S’ word than it’s in your face…for the next four months…relentlessly.

But at least we know how to deal with ‘you know what’ (yes I’m still refusing to say it because even if it wards it off only for a single day it’s worth it!)

No, today’s topic is not New England weather. Today’s topic runs more along the lines of the measure of a nation.

Or more succinctly the measure of its citizens…

While the tendency is to view our current situation as ‘the same old, same old’, this variety of thinking couldn’t be more wrong-headed!

Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy
Published: November 27, 2010

While Mr. Rich doesn’t pose the question directly but you know I will.

That question is ‘What’s the difference between a monarchy and a government that answers to only the wealthiest?

In fact there isn’t one…save the lack of royal ‘titles’. A king’s word was law and it’s the exact same thing if you ‘own’ the government. Save that under the second set of circumstances, the laws are either ignored completely or ‘bent to fit’ the desired outcome.

As history has shown, every revolution has produced a ‘counter-revolution’ that quietly assumes control the moment the dust begins to settle and so it was for the ‘John Jay’s’ here in the early days after the American Revolution.

Not only did Mr. Jay establish this nation’s legal framework but he was also famous for his ‘governing philosophy’.

What was that philosophy?

I shouldn’t have to mention it because it is ‘omnipresent’, which is to say everywhere.

He famously proclaimed ‘Let those who own the land, rule the land!’

Understand good citizen, he wasn’t talking about Joe Homeowner, who only ‘leases’ his land from the bank and enjoys only the feeblest of claims upon it, he was talking about people powerful enough to have entire counties named after them!

How did you think counties got named? Did you think they drew those names out of a hat?

Oh, PS by the way, almost EVERY early public official ended up involved in some type of land scandal within twenty years of the original revolution!

Virtually institutionalizing the concept of public service equals ‘self-service’.

Even today, politicians use public office for personal gain. Harry Truman was the last U.S. president to exit the White House and NOT become a millionaire.

Yup, corrupt from the get go and that’s how they all end up because NOBODY got to see the plans ahead of time.

Hell, even the ‘sacred’ U.S. Constitution was drafted IN SECRET with an armed guard keeping the general public and other ‘uninvited individuals’ into the meeting, which brings us full circle to the little controversy over how NOT ONE signatory of the Declaration of Independence also signed the Constitution…

At least with ‘A Simple Plan’ you know up front what you’re getting!

And if someone does something, er ‘underhanded’ or ‘self-serving’ you, the average individual would be perfectly within your rights to kill them on the spot because when the ‘new rules’ take effect, ‘justifiable homicide’ returns!

You will never again have someone dare you with ‘What are you going to do about it’ because you would be perfectly within your rights to kill them! (Understand that the laws and conventions surrounding dueling need to be observed, otherwise it’s murder!)

One of our ‘major malfunctions’ of our modern times is the loss of ‘civility’ due actions no longer having consequences. The, er, ‘blunt instruments’ within ‘A Simple Plan’ are intended to ‘restore balance’.

You don’t ‘have to’ accept a challenge to duel and if you are ‘wronged’ you will still be able to pursue ‘legal remedies’ like reporting the misdeed to the authorities.

Just as long as you understand that it is also a crime to falsely accuse someone of a crime.

But I digress.

We get ahead of ourselves when we start discussing a legal system that doesn’t, as yet, exist.

The question, good citizen, is what are we going to do about the farce that passes for our current legal system/government?

Are we going to exile the assholes who would make themselves our kings or are we going to practice ‘groveling’?

Understand, pretty soon we’re going to have to kiss their asses if we want to keep our miserable jobs.

And that’s just wrong on so many levels.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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