Monday, November 22, 2010

There WILL be Blood...

Greetings good citizen,

I highly doubt that the newsmakers of the NY Times read this insignificant little collection of wild mental ramblings but how do we account for their, er, ‘channeling’ me?

Yesterday, we had Mr. Rich parroting my ‘prediction’ that we would be faced with another ‘untenable choice’ come November 2012.

As I pointed out yesterday, Hillary has (for now) stated she’s ‘not interested’ in making another run at the White House but will The Media take ‘no’ for an answer?

Okay, maybe that’s just drawing a ‘logical conclusion’ from observing who has been (and continues to) suck up to the ‘spotlight’…

But today we have This Piece from our Nobel Laureate echoing my, er, ‘prediction’ of two weeks ago that we face the very real danger of the government, um, ‘dissolving’ itself…

The only thing ‘worse’ than the mess we are currently suffering from is the ‘certainty’ that nobody is in charge.

For the moment we can cling to the notion that somebody, somewhere is taking care of business. While Mr. Krugman points to what amounts to political hostage taking, the end result is the same.

The party of ‘One in Five’ could bring what passes for our government to a standstill, just to prove they can.

And, like the man says, There will be blood.

The ‘rage meter’ is off the charts on both sides of the political fence…worse, you can’t ‘reason’ with a closed minded conservative, they believe what they believe because they believe it!

So it’s ‘head cracking time’ (again) where we demonstrate to the 20 percent of us who can’t understand normal thinking what the difference is between a ‘minority’ and a majority…again.

Understand good citizen, we find ourselves in the same old jam BECAUSE we have failed to rein in the baser instincts of the psychopaths among us.

Worse, we have also failed to implement safeguards that would prevent these anti-social psychos from rising to positions of authority.

Adopting ‘A Simple Plan’ will solve these issues; it’s ‘built in’ to the system.

The tests measure more than just proficiency at a given skill, they also measure the candidates, er, ‘moral compass’.

Ironically, we won’t have time to explore the finer points of ‘alternate proposals’ once the current government is, er, ‘derailed’.

There’ll be too much blood flying around and nobody will be stepping in to stop it once the paychecks stop flowing…

Does anyone else see the ‘major flaw’ in ‘taxpayer supported’ government now?

You get the ‘government you pay for’ BUT that fails to take into account what happens when the same people who fail to pay you also fail to pay for your government…

We have a word for situations like this…we call it ‘fucked’.

Are you ‘fucked’?

Well and truly!

Is it high time we abandon this reckless free for all we’ve been saddled with and adopt a more equitable, sustainable model.

No more ‘debt driven’ economics, it is time for a ‘people driven’ model!

We do what we do for YOU!

If you give more than you get we’ll all be better off!

No irony should be lost on the fact that we should now be working only 20 hours a week (because we have so many ‘workers’) but we don’t because the employer class uses us as their ‘income stream’.

It not about us, it’s about THEM.

Time for that bullshit to go out the window too!

Peak Oil is a clear and present danger. If we don’t act soon it will be too late.

The time to disincentivize fossil fuel is now while we still have some left. This way the remaining supply can be used to smooth the transition to a ‘new/old’ way of doing things.

Wind power IS the future, if we don’t start building it now it won’t be ready before we run out of fossil fuel.

Here is just one of the many, er, ‘political discussions’ that we aren’t having thanks to the ‘disaster Capitalists’.

Naturally, you know why we keep lurching from disaster to disaster don’t you?

Because under capitalism, you solve problems with money…too bad the money is already decidedly ‘funny’.

Under my unspoken credo of ‘not too many foreign concepts at once’ we’ll adjourn this edition of ‘Rambling with Gegner’ for another day,

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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