Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sitting on their hands...

Greetings good citizen,

This morning’s trip around the blogosphere revealed a lot of ‘warm hands’, which is to infer that most commentators are ‘sitting’ upon them…

Cudos to Hellacious over at ‘Sudden Debt’, he kept it short and sweet, dispensing wisdom for those who would heed it.

I chose to vote before surfing the net so I’ll share my ‘observations’ for what they’re worth…

I’ll start with a ‘two-edged sword’…the only people standing in front of the polls holding campaign signs this morning were Republicans.

At first glance this displays a certain, er, ‘tenacity’ (even though it was a relatively nice day for early November…)

Flipping that rock over, SOMEBODY has to go to work (which explains the absence of Democratic campaigners here in a disturbingly ‘red’ part of a largely ‘blue’ state.)

However, given the state of the economy it seems unlikely that there weren’t at least SOME unemployed Democrats willing to come and stand out in the brisk autumn air for a couple of hours.

If the Anarchists start fielding candidates, I’ll do my share (although this isn’t what Anarchy is about…we believe in ‘true’ direct democracy so there are no ‘representatives’.)

So, what is an Anarchist doing voting?

It’s ‘damage control’.

Since I can’t vote directly on the laws, the least I can do is try to ‘minimize’ the damage done by those who get to vote in my name without EVER consulting me…

Bizarrely, this ‘concept’ dates back to Ancient Greece, yet you can still find people who lament that there isn’t ‘a better way’.

Naturally, ‘better’ is a highly ‘relative’ term.

Admittedly, ‘unfiltered’ direct democracy could become a nightmare so even ardent Anarchists agree that there must be some ‘ground rules’ which regulate what can and cannot be put to a vote.

This is not as difficult as it seems.

The first rule all proposed new laws would have to meet before being put to a vote is an ancient one…the ‘golden rule’. If a proposed rule cannot meet this first ‘qualification’ then it is automatically ineligible to become a law.

It is from this ‘golden rule’ that the central premise of ‘A Simple Plan’ was formed.

The central premise of A Simple Plan is The Human Anti-Exploitation law.

Which outlaws any entity from using any human as an ‘income stream’.

How do you ‘sell’ to people?

Short answer…’YOU’ don’t (and neither does anybody else!)

Who do you work for?

Same people you work for now, your ‘paycheck’ is drawn from ‘society’.

You do what you do because it needs doing.

If things still have price tags on them then who gets the money I pay?

NOBODY, it is simply ‘erased’.

Why do that?

We are faced with economic collapse BECAUSE most of the money in our society has accumulated into the hands of those who need it least. If we fail to ‘re-balance’ our society, civilization itself will crumble!

THIS is the disturbing fact THAT NOT ONE POLITICIAN has acknowledged!

Are these people stupid or do they just think we are?

I am certainly not the first to point out that we are having the ‘wrong conversation’ but I know I am the only one pointing at the ‘root’ of the problem!

Fucking Hooray for ME!

(Which solves absolutely nothing…)

However, now YOU know what is ‘conspicuous by its absence’ and MAYBE something will be done about it!

So much for shitting ‘sitting’ on my hands…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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