Friday, November 5, 2010

Can you say 'gridlock'?

Greetings good citizen,

It sort of ‘belabors the obvious’ that the word ‘gridlock’ is going to see a lot of use.

Which, naturally, is just the way the ‘infamous they’ like it.

I used to go round and round with my conservative brother in law about precisely ‘who’ these mysterious people were when we both knew we were talking about malicious conservative pundits (which he defended as being ‘maligned’ by the ‘liberul media’.)

Take a hard look around you good citizen, everywhere, the only thing you will hear or see are conservative talking points being ‘parroted’ by the fucking ‘corporate media’.

And there ain’t NOTHING ‘liberal’ about the corporate media.

Even NPR has a STRONG Republican bias.

All of these fuckers squawking about ‘socialism’ would be hard pressed to actually ‘define’ what they’re ranting about. Most of ‘em wouldn’t know socialism if they were drowning in it!

No irony at all should be lost on the fact that it is ‘socialism’ that makes America great!

EVERY worthwhile institution in this nation is the product of ‘socialism’. ALL of the ‘public utilities’ as well as the schools are, er, ‘socialist enterprises’. The interstate highway system, that’s ‘socialist’ too!

Understand good citizen, when two-thirds of those ‘lucky enough’ to be employed earn less than $40,000 per year, this fucking country isn’t nearly as ‘divided’ as the fucking lying media pretends it is.

Which brings us full circle with the ‘highly unlikely’ Republican victories of this past Tuesday.

How the hell does an organization that only one fifth of all voters subscribe to win even a single election?

The ‘true’ answer is THEY FUCKING DON’T! I’d posit it’s not possible but that would be ‘unrealistic’, it’s the old ‘birds of a feather’ thing.

You get enough of them in one geographic area and they will indeed ‘win’ but by rights, they should only win, at best, one fifth of all available posts.

Naturally, neither the R or the D is branded into their flesh…and a politician can even ‘switch parties’ (all by themselves) after they are elected.

Which is to point out the one thing ALL politicians have in common, they are, first and foremost ‘opportunists’!

Which leaves your vote where, precisely?

Why, it is sitting in the hands of somebody willing to sell what you have ‘entrusted’ them with to the highest bidder…they really don’t care!

Few of you seem to understand what this ‘public service’ stuff is all about. Maybe you get confused by the ‘public’ part…which has nothing to do with nothing.

But anyway, tonight’s first offering tells the tale of how:

The GOP Recipe for Keeping the Economy Down Until Election 2012

Um, there is more than a ‘minor flaw’ with this headline as it erroneously ‘assumes’ we will still have an economy in 2012 (Hell, it assumes we have one now!) Wrong…again.

Moving rapidly along we arrive at tonight’s second offering where Mr. Krugman does some ‘wondering aloud’.

Democrats, declared Evan Bayh in an Op-Ed article on Wednesday in The Times, “overreached by focusing on health care rather than job creation during a severe recession.” Many others have been saying the same thing: the notion that the Obama administration erred by not focusing on the economy is hardening into conventional wisdom.

But I have no idea what, if anything, people mean when they say that. The whole focus on “focus” is, as I see it, an act of intellectual cowardice — a way to criticize President Obama’s record without explaining what you would have done differently.

Doesn’t that last line sum up the entire ‘party of no’s’ line of reasoning nicely?

Doesn’t matter what ‘the opposition’ does, they’re doing it ‘wrong’ because it isn’t ‘our way’ (although don’t ask what ‘our way’ is, if you were one of us you’d know. We don’t want those damn libruls ‘stealing’ OUR ideas…)

You KNOW how I feel about this ‘elected official’ thing, it’s a damn waste as well as being the main stumbling block placed in the path of justice…which is why it persists.

But I digress…

The real question is how much longer we will be expected to stumble along while NOTHING is fixed?

One little ‘hiccup’ and the wheels are going to come flying off so fast your head will spin right off your neck…but that’s only if you’re lucky.

The unlucky will survive (at least briefly) the wheels falling off.

I was watching the Science channel the other night and the scientist there was saying we would probably have to nuke ourselves back into the Stone Age, not if but when the ‘singularity’ occurs.

Um, not to be mean but this guy is sort of a dope and most of his ideas have huge flaws in them…including the ‘solution’ to the ‘singularity’ issue.

He suggests we ‘merge’ with the computers (like the machines wouldn’t lock us up in a server farm somewhere then pull the plug.)

While I’d posit the solution resides in the ‘software’ this super fast computer gets to use.

You’d think it would write its own but it would have to use a language WE provide.

Okay, so the guy isn’t a ‘software engineer’ but neither am I…

On the other hand, it turns out he IS a conservative…which goes along way towards explaining his, er, ‘flawed logic’.

Like his ‘misstatement’ that we would return to the 1800’s if we were forced to use EMP weapons to combat a ‘rogue’ computer network.

Sadly, it is widespread ‘misconception’ that we could simply take a backwards step of only a century or so…the reality is we would lose a millennium! The ‘social clock’ would turn back not a hundred but a thousand years!

There are modern examples of precisely this phenomenon but people seem to think our system of government/commerce is ‘resilient’ enough to withstand the loss of efficiency only computers can provide.

For a ‘taste’ of just what this phenomenon would look like read the novel ‘Hard Reality’ by George Anderson (available on It captures what life would be like inside an ‘information void’ quite accurately.

It’s hard to say if we can avoid such a fate at this point in the game (although most of us would prefer to.) Sadly, it’s not up to us. This is a decision that rests with those currently driving civilization off a cliff (for their own financial gain, despite the fact that their very acts will serve to void the, er, ‘utility’ of currency.)
On and on it goes…

Here’s to hoping Superman gets to Lex Luthor in time…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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