Friday, November 12, 2010

No matter how you slice it...

Greetings good citizen,

Stayed up until 5:00 AM this morning watching Michael Moore’s latest ‘Capitalism: A love story…’

Bad enough they aired it when only insomniacs (and night workers like myself) could watch it but they also stuck an R rating to it so my kids wouldn’t accidentally get a dose of, er, ‘anti-propaganda’!

There’s your ‘no child left behind’ for you. There are no jobs to educate your kids for so the most important task teachers are charged with today is brainwashing your kids into believing the USA is the greatest, freest nation on the planet!

How ‘shaky’ is the situation good citizen?

Is this shaky enough for you?

No. 333: Updated Outlook: U.S. Economy, Inflation, Markets, Liquidity and Systemic Stability

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November 10th, 2010

• Economic and Systemic-Stability Crises Continues
• Promised Fed Actions Pummel Dollar versus Major Currencies and Precious Metals, as Global Markets Anticipate Higher U.S. Inflation
• Fed Policies Will Trigger Inflation but Not Recovery
• Hyperinflationary Great Depression Looms, Irrespective of Shifting Political Environment
• September Trade Deficit Should Have Little Impact on GDP Revision

As I asked yesterday, how much ‘mayhem’ are you prepared for?

Is the short answer ‘none’?

Heading into its third year (and absolutely NOTHING has been done about it) the fiscal crisis continues to erode the, er, ‘integrity’ of our economic system.

We are already in ‘heat or eat’ season, what will a good bout of inflation do to your ability to put food on your family’s table?

As I have stated repeatedly, if your paycheck does NOT crack your nut, it is not your fucking employer’s problem, IT’S YOURS!

Again, a ‘lack of organization’ will prevent general uprisings from turning into full-scale revolt.

However, the brutality with which the uprisings are put down with WILL provide the catalyst the leaders need to attract like-minded guerillas.

Tick-tock, good citizen; this isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’?

People are plenty pissed off by the ‘uneven’ way the crisis has been handled…and pissed off people tend to ‘over-react’…

How many deaths are too many good citizen?

The smart answer is one.

Sadly, the ultimate outcome may turn out to be that millions are not enough!

It is not sufficient to eliminate the ‘slavers’; we must also eliminate the ‘wannabe’s’.

I’m not saying kill them but we do need to ‘separate’ them from the rest of us.

The ‘cruelest’ part of this proposal rests in separating them even further. The slavers can’t be allowed to breed.

As I have asked (again) repeatedly, if we’re all in this together then who the fuck is the ‘opposition’?

And sadly, it turns out they are indeed ‘the slavers’.

It’s all about them and their needs; everybody else can go fuck themselves!

Well, the ‘bad news’ is that if you aren’t prepared to share the planet then you aren’t entitled to one!

How do we tell?

Well, there is one ‘dead giveaway’ that’s pretty hard to erase and that’s the R from your voter registration.

People who are well known for judging others who do not share their twisted worldview as ‘wastes of butt wipe’ pretty much punches your one way ticket to exile!

What, YOU’RE not like that? You’d better hope your non-Republican friends (and most of you don’t have any) are willing to vouch for you…

‘Birds of a Feather’ will swing together…

We need only provide the rope.

And that rope will come in the form of putting all of you ‘like-minded’ individuals together!

Because you know what’s going to happen the moment you walk into ‘Republican central’…you’re gonna be ‘judged’.

If you ain’t a Rockefeller, you’re a peasant and your betters won’t be obliged to give you a thing (including respect!)

But I digress…

But not by much because this is how you’ll be able to tell the revolution is ‘on track’. If the rebels fail to exile the self-styled elite, pick up your gun, there is still more fighting to do!

Sad to say the picture is grim even in victory, but it will only be painful for the enemies of civil society.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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