Monday, November 29, 2010

Kids learn what they live...

Greetings good citizen,

Some of these posts are inspired by what I hear on the radio and the other night I was listening to, how to phrase this delicately, a bunch of morons ‘losing it’ over the budget deficit.

IF the deficit ‘mattered’, WE’D ALREADY BE BANKRUPT!

You want to talk about ‘neat tricks’ you have to marvel at how they continue to pull that one off; although it’s not particularly surprising, ‘ignorance’ is a mighty powerful tool!

This also explains why the infamous they have so little respect for the rest of us, the vast majority of us are TOO STUPID to figure out we’re being played!

Sadly, the truth is there is only a tiny degree of separation between ‘stupid’ and trusting/gullible.

They’re NOT SUPPOSED to lie to us so we automatically ASSUME they don’t.

What has some of you scratching your head is, ‘if deficits don’t matter then what happened in Zimbabwe’ (or Weimar Germany for that matter?)

Is it a ‘massive coincidence’ that both, er, ‘governments’ ran afoul of the world’s banking interests?

The very existence of ‘the cheaper there’ proves that the value of money is ‘arbitrarily manipulated’ to the bankers advantage…

Understand good citizen, this sort of shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum, there are a lot of people ‘following orders’ and ‘sticking to the script’ for this sort of thing to go down.

I don’t often lament this ‘directly’ but on the other hand it seems as though it is all I talk about and that is the staggering amount of ‘willful ignorance’ there is surrounding money.

The real ‘baffler’ is that there is no depth of depravity that the truly stupid will resort to if it means a big ‘payday’ for them in the end.

It has become increasingly evident that ‘money’ is meaningless and becoming more so all of the time.

Take the multi-trillion dollar ‘bailouts’, does anyone have the faintest clue just who, precisely, is collecting all of this money?

Shit, even TARP was ‘handed over’ to banks who all claimed they didn’t need the money! They all took it so nobody would be able to figure out which one actually ‘needed’ it.

Such ‘nice’ guys!


Did I mention that only rogues and scoundrels need to hide beneath the ‘cloak of secrecy’?

Geez, guess who else is hiding beneath that friggin’ cloak? Isn’t that our ‘elected representative' under there too (playing pat-a-cake with Wall Street?)

Anyway, under ‘A Simple Plan’ money is relegated to its one useful purpose and EVERYBODY starts at zero, no exceptions!

In fact, soon enough, we’re all going to find ourselves ‘flat broke’, well, not all of us. The top one percent will have finished the job they started forty years ago, they will have accumulated almost all of the money in the economy into their own pockets and the rest of us can just go suck rocks!

The hullabaloo caused by this ‘economic imbalance’ is just getting ready to kick off, with the ‘usual consequences’ in store for the ‘average individual’.

Left to our imaginations is whether or not we will experience a ‘wild card event’ like the 9/11 attacks to provide ‘cover’ for the escape of the ‘uber rich’?

Understand, we aren’t talking about planes being flown into buildings again. This time the, er, ‘axis of evil’ (which many of us have come to equate with our own government) will lob either a ‘dirty bomb’ or an honest to goodness nuke at some US ‘target city’.

Considering the ‘scale’ of the theft that needs to be covered up, it is highly likely that the ‘retaliatory strike’ may border on ‘overkill’, which might trigger some ‘tit for tat’ exchanges.

Look at all of this ranting and I haven’t even gotten around to tonight’s offering

What does it mean when a well know ‘financial guru’ comes out and declares the ‘American Dream’ to be DOA?

If you own a home today, you ARE NOT going to recoup what you have paid for it BECAUSE there will be an extreme shortage of ‘qualified buyers’ as we head into the murky future.

You’ve seen the ads on TV, you can buy houses in some parts of this country for a thousand dollars.

Is such a price ‘too good to be true’?

Nothing for nothing, good citizen, if you don’t bring your job with you to the ‘economic desert’ you’d best hope the local wildlife ‘recovers’ fast enough to keep you alive!

That and there aren’t any schools or ‘public services’ (you know, little niceties like street lights, 911 emergency services and trash pick up.)

How’s your ‘American Dream’ looking now?

It looks an awful lot like a nightmare from here.

As I pointed out in a recent post, things AREN’T going to ‘get better’, not in your lifetime if you remain too chicken shit to do anything about it!

Perhaps that last part is the ‘bad news’, if we fail to correct the ‘excesses’ of our self-professed ‘betters’, it will NEVER get fixed!

Kids ‘learn what they live’.

Nuff, said!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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