Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let the Royal Rumpus begin!

Greetings good citizen,

I find it somewhat disturbing that the media has announced the return of the freshly minted ‘lame duck’ congress…on a freaking Sunday!

I didn’t read the whole article but the ‘header’ I read used the present tense, implying they were already ‘hard at it’.

I know better and so do most of you, you’d be hard pressed to find better, more ‘accommodating’ working hours/conditions than those of our elected representatives.

The part that has me puzzled is how the CO media is going to gloss over the Republican’s continued refusal to do anything about the mess they made?

(Um, ‘CO’ is short for ‘corporate owned’ and is a far more accurate descriptor than the currently popular ‘MSM’ designation.)

Even the fringe ‘alternate’ media can be shoehorned into the MSM box, only the ‘corporate owned’ designation accurately divides the two.

In fact in this week’s OP/ED piece by the peerless Frank Rich there is mention of a book which traces the origins of the ‘hijacking’ of our political system to the shameless wooing of deep pocketed investors by both political parties…

Nowhere is it even mentioned that this became necessary BECAUSE of the outrageous price of television ads!

It is simple ‘cause and effect’, good citizen.

The media itself is responsible for pricing the ‘average citizen’ out of the political arena.

As we have often lamented, the people running for public office don’t have ANYTHING in common with the rest of us…which is perfectly O.K. because the laws they pass don’t apply to them, they only apply to US!

Few would dispute that what we have today is indistinguishable from Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ propaganda machine.

They have even gone as far as ‘updating’ historical data to ‘hide’ the huge economic deviations brought on by globalization.

Both the total size of the workforce as well as the number of people employed in ‘manufacturing’ have been completely ‘revised’ and ‘redefined’.

Worse, the ‘labor force participation rates’ are total fiction.

Why can’t you see the truth? Because the truth would prove what you already know, that you’re being cheated, big time!

You must do without so they can have more than they will ever need!

Did I mention gross mismanagement?

Naturally, you put up with this situation because there isn’t anything you can do about it.

But soon the ‘old laws’ will return and the royal fuckaree will begin.

Er, yeah, ‘Rumpus’ doesn’t quite capture the animus that will be involved here.

The media has lately become obsessed with pointing out that the ‘general public’ doesn’t ‘despise’ the wealthy…but what does the lying corporate media know?

There are plenty of people who would throw the cash in their pockets onto a fire that was lit underneath the selfish pricks that have pauperized the public for their personal benefit!

The exact ratio of resentful people to wannabes is not necessarily an ‘unknown’ either.

Yeah, I’d suspect the split between the number of people who would be satisfied with their fair share and the number where the whole shebang wouldn’t be enough for them runs eerily close to the ‘one in five’ conservative-normal person split.

But we currently have no way to verify this, er, suspicion…

The bad news here is the ‘conservative minded’ justify their greed by accusing everyone of being just as greedy as they are.

This is not true and we have numerous examples to prove it.

Hell, you don’t need my examples. You have witnessed for yourself people who have set their personal greed aside to do the right thing.

Odd how easily we believe the worst about our fellow citizens despite strong evidence to the contrary…

This brings us full circle to the cynic’s view that people in general suck!

Well, we all have our ‘moments’ and I don’t think I need to convince anyone that I can be a dickhead from time to time.

Do we conclude from our occasional behavior that people in general are shallow and self-centered?

In a world where we are all lied to repeatedly, it’s actually pretty remarkable that we aren’t more screwed up than we are!

While I am fond of pointing out how thin the conventions that prevent us from killing one another on sight are becoming, they remain intact.

Why do they remain intact? Because people need people and you’ve GOT TO trust someone. It’s in our nature.

So when I predict that the ‘old laws’ will be making a comeback, I’m talking about the ‘original’ human social contract.

The one that starts with ‘You don’t fuck with me and I won’t kill you…’

Don’t give me a reason (to kill you) and I’ll let you live…it really is that easy.

At the very center of this ancient social contract lies the exact same premise that lies behind the human anti-exploitation law and the golden rule…

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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