Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beyond Hopeless

Greetings good citizen,

After voting for ‘change’ in 2008, it seems the media believes handing power back to the same people responsible for the mess we’re in is what ‘the public’ wanted to hear last night.

No one should be ‘surprised’ by yesterday’s outcome. They told us ahead of time that the Republicans were going to ‘recapture’ at least one house of Congress and that is precisely what they delivered.

So, what do you suppose the next two years are going to look like good citizen?

Will the ‘Tea Partiers’ still be ‘outraged’ at the, er, ‘Democratic controlled’ Senate for ‘blocking’ the destruction of what’s left of the government?

Or will the Republican war-monger’s succeed in attacking ‘some other’ Middle Eastern nation, costing us trillions more in money we don’t have?

Pakistan, Yemen…maybe both?

Will the ‘Dems’ in Congress ‘fold’ rather than appear to be ‘weak on defense’?

Sure they will…

As you know (some of you may not, but anyway) the R and the D behind a candidates name are totally ‘artificial’. There is nothing stopping a ‘true’ conservative from running as a ‘liberal’, especially if that is the main obstacle to winning election.

How ‘shocked’ would any of you be if it were to become common knowledge that the ‘party machinery’ of both sides of the political aisle were staffed by our, er, ‘betters’?

Worse, what if these, er, ‘managers’ were more or less ‘related’ (not necessarily ‘family members’, at least in the strictest sense of the word) but if their, er, social backgrounds were, er, ‘typical?’

There is a huge amount of ‘political machinery’ that the public is unaware of although they see it every time they go to the polls.

Candidates don’t just spring up out of the ground, ready to run…

Although, considering the, er, obvious problems lying in wait behind some of the candidates backgrounds, you’d almost think they did!

But I theorize this has more to do with having ‘the sack’ to run as opposed to being, er, ‘qualified’.

Which is to point out that far too many candidates suffer from a malaise that is surprisingly common in the working world, that of ‘more balls than brains’.

It seems to be a ‘baseline requirement’ for any conservative candidate. If you intend to run as a conservative you have to be ‘braver’ than you are ‘intelligent’.

I digress somewhat mightily here…the issue at hand is the ‘mis-conception’ that candidates come from some mystical ‘cookie cutter’ someplace and if you’re a ‘northern Democrat’ you believe in X, Y and sometimes Z.

When, truth be told there’s a very good chance the candidate supports NONE of those, er, ‘values’. They simply want an easy job that offers some, er, ‘perq’s’ you can’t get anywhere else.

Which is to say the only thing better than being is cop is being the cop’s boss.

Funny how the ‘real’ reason people pursue careers in public service has little to do with serving the public…

Worse, most of them are frustrated actors…which tells you a lot more than you might want to know.

Did I mention that I don’t approve of this ‘representative’ happy horse shit?

We SHOULD vote directly on the laws…because you already know what’s going to happen next, don’t you?


(Well, nothing ‘positive’ anyway.)

Two more years of ‘gridlock’ followed by a choice between ‘awful and worse’ in the 2012 elections.

How much do you want to bet we have a face off between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin?

Here’s a suggestion that should gain a decent amount of traction, I suggest we hang the first commentator who suggests it!

Wait…what do you mean I’m the first? Hold on, that’s not what I meant!

Anyway, it’s not going to happen so there’s no sense getting worked up about it…(hanging somebody, even me. I’m still giving 50-50 odds that SOMEONE [probably a Tea Partier] will be rooting for a 2nd consecutive ‘landmark’ election…)

Too bad we don’t have a viable Latina candidate, may as well cover as many minority/special interest categories as we can!

Fuck the rest of society, power to the downtrodden! (Even if the actual candidate is filthy rich to begin with…)

Sadly good citizen, the only way to end this ‘tokenism’ is to put an end to elections altogether.

The process doesn’t work…we don’t need 2 more years of nothing (worthwhile) getting done to prove that.

And that’s the Democrats on the radio today, all yapping about their under-appreciated ‘non-accomplishments’.

They didn’t do a single fucking thing they were elected to do!

They we supposed to end the fucking war and prosecute the Bush administration. We saw neither…and now its too late!

So good citizen, what do we do for an ‘encore’?

How much ‘hope’ do you have saved up for 2012?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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