Monday, September 20, 2010

Sign of the Times

Greetings good citizen,

Back in the Spring of this year there was a prediction made that we (humanity as a species) would encounter an, er, ‘event’ that would ‘de-stabilize’ the ordinary circumstances of our lives.

Admittedly, this prediction was made based on ‘Astrology’ AND it had a rather large ‘window’, three months either side of August…so we’re not ‘out of the woods’ yet.

A question that keeps running through the back of my more than a little disturbed mind is whether or not the ‘powers that be’ would let news of any, er, disruption in the flow of goods and services? What do you suppose they’d tell us if we had just off-loaded the last tanker full of oil we were ever going to get?

How the hell do you ‘candy coat’ that sort of calamity?

Um, I suspect things will have, er, ‘fallen apart’ long before anyone has to make that kind of ‘announcement’. A vast majority of us will no longer be able to afford the ‘luxury’ of motor transport in the not too distant future.

Tick-Tock good citizen, how much longer do you think we have?

Is the giant ball of pocket lint that is the ‘American Dream’ coming unraveled as we sit here contemplating the, er, ‘inevitable’?

What happens to said ‘dream’ when you no longer have the means to achieve it?

While many (hell, psychopaths aside) ALL of us have ‘dreamt’ of retiring by the time we were 50, most of us didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again

We were ‘supposed to’ make our heap and retire ‘comfortable’. As matters stand, the vast majority of us had the proverbial ‘rug’ pulled out from underneath us.

So the answer to today’s trivia question is: If you’re suffering from ‘over 50 disease’ and you’ve been, er, ‘downsized’ you will NEVER return to ‘well compensated’ employment again.

You can find work but it will be work that doesn’t pay spit. You’ll make money all right but you won’t be able to live on it.

Which, as I have stated repeatedly, is not their problem, it’s YOURS!

Not to put too fine a point on it but ‘The State’ won’t burn their fucking plant down for screwing you over, it up to you to do that!

Or you can just twiddle your thumbs while you cry in your…you can’t afford beer so you’ll probably have to cry into your own lap! And wail (at the top of your lungs) OH POOR ME!

Which will make anyone within earshot holler, ‘Quit yer whining and get a job, you bum!’

Funny how unemployment automatically makes you a ‘bum’…like you had a choice!

Which brings us full circle to the original thought here…if the shit were hitting the fan, would you know it?

You know damn well the MSM won’t report it, hell the whole damn country could be on fire and those assholes wouldn’t admit nuthin’! They might mumble something about ‘arson’ and how the cops were ‘all over it’ despite being clueless…you know the drill.

They’ll arrest their favorite ‘agitator of the moment’ and pin it on him, complete with ‘eyewitness reports’ that put the guy ‘on the scene’ at a dozen separate events at precisely the same moment!

The only question is whether or not they’ll ‘water board’ a confession out of him.

Geez, it’s hard to go down some of these broad ‘avenues to hell’ without coming across like a kook, but it is what it is…

And this brings us to the soft-white underbelly of ‘perception management’, where the ‘truthiness’ of what you’re told is flavored/sweetened to ‘deflect’ likely ‘blow back’.

So, just what does the, er, ‘abrupt termination’ of the careers of people over fifty mean for the future of our, er, civilization?

Nothing to see here, things will be ‘fine’ when YOU turn fifty?

More disturbingly, a lot of people in their early fifties are the parents’ of teenagers. Hell some, er, ‘unwary individuals’ are on their ‘second families’!

What kind of message do you suppose something like this sends to these kids?

Will it make them ‘stellar employees’ or will they rebel at the idea of working for anyone other than themselves? (And we all know how ‘capitalist utopia’ would royally fuck up the markets of the already wealthy!)

When ‘cooperation’ can no longer be relied upon, it will be abandoned.

From there it is one short step to killing each other on sight.

For one brief moment we would see ‘Libertarian Utopia’ blossom and die. (Because in Libertarian Utopia, you have NO RIGHTS.)

This ‘me, me, me…’ thing is a disease that needs to be eradicated! I doubt we need to ‘loose the hounds’ to find the ‘greed heads’ among us.

This is a crisis that nobody is paying attention to. When the system doesn’t work for everyone, it doesn’t work for anyone…and civilization falls apart.

Too bad Jared Diamond didn’t include this in his book…maybe it will find its way into the next one. (Actually he did, it’s just not ‘in context’ to our current situation.)

Warning! Danger good citizen! (I’d be inclined to write ‘danger Will Robinson’ but some of you might not be old enough to appreciate what is now an obscure reference to the robot on ‘Lost in Space’!)

Yes, this particular article speaks quite clearly regarding what the future holds for, I once again can’t bring myself to call it ‘our’ civilization.

It only takes a few self-centered shitheads to ruin it for all of us.

I keep providing you with, er, unwelcome visions of the future and I wouldn’t blame one of you for not giving what I share here another thought…but that doesn’t alter things a single iota.

It is what it is…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS. Thank heavens for CK Michaelson…he had the ‘intestinal fortitude’ to read the whole ‘Hubbard’ article [posted here yesterday] where he notes in today’s ‘Some Assembly Required’ a wrinkle I missed (because I didn’t read the whole thing):

From: ‘The Party of Ideas’

To: The Unwashed Rabble

Subject: Bright Idea!

Re-fi your underwater note with a new, super-low interest rate (there will be a little ‘kicker’ in there to make this hit on the head ‘palatable’ for the lender.) You’ll enjoy lower payments…BUT your ‘non-recourse’ loan will be converted to a ‘full-recourse’ loan that you can’t ‘walk away’ from!

So once again the ‘Party of Ideas’ demonstrates just whose side they are on.

And these asshats actually believe you’re going to vote for them!


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