Sunday, September 26, 2010

Criminal Enterprise

Greetings good citizen,

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Two hundred and thirty plus years ago the founders of this nation revolted against what they considered a criminal regime. [While loosely held in check by the bankers and merchants, the Royals were a law unto themselves…]

Subtract the Royals and what have you got? You’ve got the bankers and the merchants playing ‘Guardians of Justice’ for everybody except themselves…for they can do no wrong.

While some wonder openly if we are headed down the path taken by Japan, it is not a meaningless question to ask if we aren’t more likely to find ourselves in Mexico’s lawless predicament?

Which is to point out that there isn’t a lot of difference between a Banana Republic and a nation run by outlaws.

No irony should be lost on the fact that one of the, er, ‘side effects’ of the Reagan Revolution is how everybody who was anybody suddenly started acting like they were ‘connected’.

Well, good citizen, maybe it was more than an act…

Behind the scenes many Washington bureaucracies were, er, ‘cleaned out’. A lot of old time civil servants were ‘shown the door’ and, totally against civil service hiring rules, new people took their place.

So thorough was this ‘house cleaning’ that we still have Reagan/Bush appointees in power today.

Regardless, the point is that since the ‘Reagan Era’ our government has ceased to ‘work’.

This is the outcome of electing people who don’t want government looking over their shoulders.

Understand that the people who don’t want the government watching them ARE criminals!

Now that we have a government run by criminals, how do we get rid of them?

You can’t vote them out. Many aren’t ‘elected’.

This is what the conservatives don’t fucking get.

The government exists to protect the average person from the ones that refuse to obey the rules.

If you listen to the run of the mill conservative, all they do is bitch about the rules (even the ones that aren’t enforced!)

In fact the conservative would LOVE to live in a world where there were no rules, that way if you didn’t do what you were told, the pricks would be free to kill you!

Put that shoe on the other foot and they’d be the first ones howling to form a posse to hunt your murdering ass down!

Because you know it’s OK if you’re a Republican!

If we lived in a conservative world, quitting time wouldn’t be until they said it was quitting time and if you don’t like it, don’t come back!

Oh yeah, no breaks and no lunch, you’d have to ‘eat on the fly’ and you’d probably get the ‘hairy eyeball’ no matter when you decided to sneak a few bites!

Oh yeah, if you didn’t inherit a business from your father, you couldn’t start one on your own. There’s only so much market share to go around and their kids will need as much as they can get there hands on.

You see, you don’t have what it takes. You weren’t ‘born to rule’ like they were.

Yeah, they’re ‘special’ and you’re not.

Wait for it…here it comes, you know what’s next!

It’s ‘God’s will!’

That’s what makes them so special…God told them personally that they were special, you just ask him yourself if you don’t believe me!

What’s that, God don’t ‘talk’ to you?

Just proves I’m special!

P.S. by the way good citizen; we have another term for people who hear voices inside their head, we call then psychotic! [There’s nobody inside your head but you!]

Haven’t I been telling you right along that conservatism has been proven to be a mental disorder?

Well good citizen, when the sham that passes for our legal system shuts down what will be left? We will have what they had in the old days, ‘self-appointed’ judges, juries and executioners all rolled onto one. All predicated on how ‘bad’ these self-styled bad-ass wannabes thought they were.

Naturally, no matter how bad you think you are there’s always someone somewhere who’s tougher and has the requisite balls to prove it.

It is only a matter of time until you meet your match.

Sadly, dickhead is incapable of wrapping his mind around anything longer term than the next ten minutes.

And sometimes the challenger is actually inferior to dickhead so dickhead comes out on top, making him even more insufferable. Which only serves to shorten the time until the next challenger darkens his doorstep.

Talk about being your own worst enemy!

Sorry, sort of went off track there…I was going to lead you down the path the poor Mexican civilian is currently facing.

Somebody takes it into their head that they want you to pay them, just a little, to protect you from the ‘bad people’.

Naturally, you pay taxes, that’s what the cops are for…so you tell big and creepy to screw or you’ll call the cops on him!

He just grins and breaks your nose…just to teach you a ‘lesson’.

So you go to the cops and swear out a complaint. The cops go out and drag big and ugly back to the station. What makes you nervous is all of a sudden the cops keep asking if you are SURE this is the guy who slugged you after he tried to shake you down.

They also ask if you are SURE you want to prosecute this guy? They might even suggest its not a ‘good idea’, if you know what’s good for you.

You’re ‘sure’ and yes, you will press charges.

Then the cops’ hit you with the clincher…do you have any witnesses?

Um, you think back and you realize there wasn’t anybody around who could say for sure what was going on. The big guy kept what he wanted quiet and you’re pretty sure nobody saw him slug you. (You’re also pretty sure if someone did see; they’d be reluctant to back you up.)

Big and ugly grins at you…he knew what he was doing and he also knows what the cops are going to do…nothing. You can’t prove he is the one who slugged you!

They ‘cut him loose’ before you astonished eyes and guess who is waiting for you outside the police station…

Yep, and now he wants double!

So you pay up. All the way home the only thing on your mind is where you are going to get your hands on an untraceable weapon and where you can dump the body so it will never be found.

Because that’s what you do when the law fails. You have to ‘fix’ things yourself.

But hey, most of us don’t have enough for a gorilla to bother with us, it’s not worth his while and he knows if he screws with people as desperate as he is, someone will inevitably ‘whack him’ rather than keep paying.

Then again, some of them really are ‘stupid’…which is neither here nor there.

Someone ‘leaning’ on you is just a remote possibility, right along with some chooch trying to squeeze some juice out of you for soaking up their shade (a common practice in Somalia.)

No, your real troubles have materialized on a front so far off your radar that you don’t even realize you’ve been ‘victimized’.

Let’s start with your ‘retirement funds’. You ‘invest’ a portion of your paycheck in a mutual fund hoping to reap a good return so you can retire ‘comfortably’…all the while knowing that investment involves ‘risk’.

You are TOLD that this risk is limited to business going ‘soft’ and profits falling to negligible levels or the investment not selling as well as it has in the past.

What you aren’t told is the risk that the creators of the investment vehicle don’t intend to do more than pocket your money and tell you it was lost! This too is a legitimate risk of investing.

And there ain’t a fucking thing you can do about it.

Good luck finding a lawyer willing to take these guys to court. It ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find an attorney/law firm that will refuse the case, they’ll just bleed you dry until you give it up!

Theoretically, you can sue the law firm that takes your money and fails to produce results in a reasonable amount of time…but now we’re dancing in the realm of ‘what is reasonable’.

Did I mention that all money is funny?

Do you think Mr. Obama ‘had’ the 700+ billion to fund the stimulus program? Of course he didn’t… but he did have the power to cause that debt to be created!

Same deal with the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Mr. Bush didn’t ‘have’ the money to fund either ‘adventure’, he just went ahead and did it.

While there is all sorts of claims that we ‘borrowed’ that money from the Chinese (among others) that didn’t slow us down for a moment…nor will it in the future.

Which leaves us in a pretty interesting position, considering what’s going on in Cuba lately…

But I digress.

A nation full of criminals good citizen, what are we going to do?

Do we roll over and play dead or do we ‘clean house’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head, (But I’m not really here, it’s still you!)


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