Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

It’s always distressing as well as disturbing to see the threat of war looming on the horizon.

Between Cryptogon on one side and Jesse on the other the ‘rumblings’ (of the ground) are becoming increasingly worrisome.

(And I’m sure by now some of you are of the impression that I love to write like this, I don’t. It is not my intention to give you ulcers. I am trying to prepare you for what is coming.)

Anyway, left on the back burner for quite some time has been the US dollar and behind that, the future of ‘fiat currency’ in general.

So far, nothing has happened; the status quo is still in force. On the other side of the table some players are taking a real soaking because nothing has changed.

No irony should be lost on the fact that these players (like the US civilian workforce) have no ‘leverage’. They have to accept the pounding in silence.

You’d think these victims would take their case to court…but the court is in the pocket of the tyrants, so nobody seeks justice from that quarter because they already know the outcome.

Weird, really, to keep bumping into the same problems every time one casts about for a solution…

Although it is only fair to point out there is more ‘design’ here than ‘accident’ going on.

Things are as they were ‘intended’ to be.

Thus does the ‘what are you gonna do about it crowd’ invite war.

Those who block the pathways towards the peaceful resolution of conflict leave the aggrieved no choice.

Let us proceed with the the evidence Jesse provides for our consideration.

Will Europe Join in Promoting the SDR as the Global Reserve Currency?

[I cut the quote from the play bearing the same name: Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224 to reduce wear and tear on your poor, abused eyeballs. Not to mention the unnecessary bruising of your already tired mind…]

China and Russia and some of the other developing nations have been proposing a reformulated SDR, with less US dollar content, a broader representation of currencies, and the inclusion of gold and silver, as a suitable replacement for the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

The US and UK are opposing the SDR as replacement to the US dollar as the new global reserve currency. They prefer to delay and postpone the discussions, and to maintain the status quo for as long as is possible to support their primacy in the financial markets. Control of the money supply is a huge hand on the levers of financial and political power. [ Here we see the ‘creators’ of the mythical ‘cheaper there’, the real ‘currency manipulators’ trying to keep their ‘Ponzi Scheme’ floating. The really disturbing question here is how far the manipulators will go to maintain ‘dollar hegemony’? Will they go to war?]

It will be most interesting to see where the European Union comes out on this issue, especially in light of the recent drubbing that their banks have taken via dodgy dollar assets and a vicious dollar short squeeze, alleviated by a rescue from the Federal Reserve. It could have gone otherwise, and that provides things to think about. No one wishes to be at the mercy of a small group of unelected financial engineers who are closely aligned with an equally small set of Anglo-American banks operating with a somewhat opaque discretion.

One hears things. A deal being offered to Germany by the financial interests, for example, as a counterbalance to sentiment for greater latitude and independence in the EU. The lines of discussion move, and sometimes blur. Currency wars are the continuation of diplomacy, and possibly a revival of the cold war, by other means, to paraphrase Clausewitz. And a chilling fog is rolling over the landscape. [There’s that damn ‘cloak of national security’ again! We really should SHOOT anyone who invokes ‘national security’ to keep their underhandedness secret from a trusting public…]

This is just the latest event in an unfolding macro change I have been calling Currency Wars after the Chinese best seller authored by Song Hongbing in 2007. I viewed it as the definitive spike in the theory of the end of history by Fukuyama. [Original article has links to both references…]

It will continue to proceed slowly, at least for now, but such events tend to accelerate and sometimes dramatically as they progress. However, the longer-term implications for a change to the de facto Bretton Woods arrangement, in place since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, are enormous and yet little remarked by conventional economists. It has all the hallmarks of a classic conflict yet unfolding. [Left unknown here is whether or not the peaceful resolution to this issue will act to ‘correct’ the imbalances in the global economy or if will it make matters worse? There is still a huge ‘surplus population’ out there with no place to go. A Simple Plan puts these people to work, these assholes want to kill them!]

Rather than standing fast on an unsustainable status quo that serves the special interests of a wealthy few, the US might be well served to reform its banks, and balance its economy once again between service and industry, and stand once again for independent freedom and the common good, rather than narrow power and greed of the monied interests and their assistants.

Well, wouldn’t it be ‘nice’ if our corporate overlords wanted to protect and preserve civilization as we have come to know it…as opposed to throwing it into its own cesspool, which has been ‘the plan’ for a number of decades now.

Perhaps Jesse feels honor bound to give the government of the United States the benefit of the doubt…and maybe he just wanted to give us all something to laugh about!

Yes good citizen, if we shift our attention back to the MSM (keeping in mind that they are a pack of, er, paid schills) we see that the ‘has nothing to do with nothing’ stock market is once again defying gravity.

You’d think a, er, device that measures the wealth of society’s richest would have something to do with reality but these days it seems all money is ‘funny’.

The markets opened in negative territory only surge right up to positive ground on damn disappointing reports from the manufacturing sector.

Like I said, it doesn’t have to make sense…all you need to know is the junk in your pocket is being diluted, big time.

It won’t be long before you’ll spend your paycheck as fast as you can, the value of your money will be dropping so quickly.

This, good citizen, is the ‘hyper-inflation’ you’ve been warned about…what libertarian assholes keep telling you is ‘impossible’, they’re wrong!


Being anchored to ‘nothing’ doesn’t help matters…(and if you anchored it to gold it would still be ‘worthless’!)

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was trying to start a stampede and scare the crap out of the peasants!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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