Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The consumer is wrecked

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How about those headlines, eh? Can you believe that stock market? Up almost 200 points for no good reason at all!

Well, actually it looks like it is up for the usual reason, fabricated/sloppily interpreted data.

Naturally, those clowns in the MSM had to include their favorite buzzword…’surprise!’

Think about that one for a second…for people who are supposed to have their fingers on the pulse of the global economy they sure as hell get surprised a lot more than logic would allow for.

We seem to have arrived once again at that fine line which separates ‘ignorant’ from ‘stupid’. I, for one, am leaning towards the latter of the two…

While ignorance can be fixed, stupid is permanent.

Since the MSM is constantly ‘surprised’ (by obvious bullshit) we must conclude…

Which is to warn you against paying any attention to the agenda driven by our corporate overlords…(to whom)

YOU are the ENEMY.

As we have clearly established on these pages long ago, the stock markets have nothing to do with reality. At best they tell us how the already fabulously wealthy are fairing, not that this alters your circumstances a single iota.

So, as usual, we are left with the mystery of ‘who’ this media Kabuki dance is being preformed for?

Because everybody knows 'The Consumer is Totally Wrecked'

And this is like what, the third supposedly ‘huge’ uptick in manufacturing in the past couple of years? Apparently our definitions of ‘huge’ differ considerably…

It naturally leads one to suspect the very definition of ‘manufacturing’…did the Bush Administration succeed in converting food service into the manufacturing sector?

Are we really counting ice cream cones passed out of take out windows as ‘production jobs’ and a major part of our (new) GDP…the ‘new normal’ is pretty damn frightening if you ask me!

But I digress, let us proceed with Mr. Davidowitz’s analysis:

The consumer is totally wrecked and that's why there's no way this economy's coming back, because the consumer is 70 percent of the U.S. economy....

The consumer is out of money...They have no jobs. We've got 18-and-a-half percent unemployment and underemployment. The consumer's debt is 120 percent of disposable income...The consumer is wrecked.

Mr. Davidowitz is not wrong, the ‘average’ working aged citizen (worldwide) is fairing precisely how s/he is portrayed here…so ‘who’ is buying all of this shit they (falsely) claim China is producing?

Wage cuts and lay-offs do NOT produce a bustling economy, which must be why the stupid MSM is ‘surprised!’

It doesn’t matter what THEY believe, their job is to get YOU to believe in sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere…

This is what the Nazi wannabes continually fail to grasp…lies are lies and no amount of candy coating alters the facts!

Claiming everything is just ‘peachy’ doesn’t make it so…even if you’re only trying to convince the fairly well off.

Because you have already used the misery you’ve created for the ‘redundant’ laboring class as a whip on the dwindling ‘middle (neither here nor there) class.’)

So who is this Kabuki dance supposed to ‘impress’, the kids?

Sick as it seems, it’s never too soon to twist perception in your favor.

They are (well, some of them anyway) your future employees.

This is another damning indictment against our twisted upper class, their abominable misconception of what’s ‘necessary’.

They will stop at NOTHING to cement their continued domination over us and I do mean nothing!

It is a ‘sickness’ and we desperately need to ‘weed’ those infected with it out of society.

This is an acknowledgement that we have a ‘two-pronged’ problem…one is the rules themselves and the other is the people who don’t (and never will) think the rules apply to them specifically.

You can’t make rules for the self-important. It is an exercise in futility.

Ironically, this makes the ‘weeding process’ that much easier.

What needs to be combated is the notion that this sickness is ‘curable’. Which brings us full circle to the ‘stupid/ignorant’ dilemma.

Stupid CAN’T be cured, it is what it is. Self-importance that extends beyond College is similarly, ‘incurable’. If you haven’t gotten over yourself by the time you have reached the legal age of majority (21), chances are you won’t.

This sort of a defect carries with it the bizarre belief that society cannot survive (exist) without slavery (and you’re correct if you desire a bourgeoisie society, a society predicated on the exploitation of others!)

None of us are any ‘better’ than the rest. It is beyond ironic that those who consider themselves a cut above have consistently proven themselves to be the most savage and ruthless (and often the most ignorant!)

It should be a mystery to no one as to why ‘pride’ is one of the ‘deadly sins’.

Hopefully, this puts my assertion into perspective. It is a problem so ancient they preached about it in the damn Bible.

Education was supposed to ‘solve’ this problem but, as you can see, it has only made it worse.

Some of you have probably noticed that many of my posts end somewhat abruptly…because I lead you to the edge of a ‘quagmire’ then abandon you there.

I do this to provide you with something to ponder…I also makes the posts manageably briefer by not getting bogged down on the horns of the many dilemma you’d find within.

Remember, my objective is not to tell you what to think, my object is to give you something to think about!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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