Thursday, September 2, 2010

Buckle up!

Greetings good citizen,

There were very few ‘buyers’ (among the ranks of non-investors) regarding yesterday’s inexplicable ‘rally’.

I’m willing to bet the ‘surge’ in the Dow was driven by the same financial entities that comprise the majority of the Dow ‘industrials’ (my ass) index.

What does your ‘economy’ look like when the bulk of your ‘leading index’ is made up of, er, ‘institutions’ that buy and sell, ahem, STOCKS?

How ‘accurate’ a picture do you think we are receiving?

What prevents these lying weasels from pumping up each other’s stock?

Nuthin, (most of ‘em can’t spell ‘ethics’ much less have any!)

In case you aren’t getting my meaning here, RED ALERT!!!

In tonight’s first offering we see the stage is set for an explosive start to the onset of cold weather.

Intended to ‘put you to sleep’ is there is nothing in either story that hasn’t been going on for years, hell decades.

What you need to recognize is we have finally hit the ‘breaking point’.

Jobs/prosperity isn’t coming back. This latest ‘economic downturn’ marks the beginning of our slide into becoming a (bonafide) Banana Republic.

Ironically, ‘going quietly’ isn’t an option.

What you need to decide right here and now is what you intend to do when the National Guard guns down your sibling in cold blood.

I’m betting a majority will choose to ‘return fire’.

Understand good citizen, these people have been ‘trapped/betrayed’ and the puppets that pass for our government haven’t lifted a single finger to correct the problem.

Because the people who caused the problem don’t want the problem ‘solved’.

Your choices here good citizen are really quite simple…either we have ‘majority rule’ or we have rule by the elite minority.

We can’t have both, something’s got to give and when it does, the ‘retaliatory attacks’ (on both sides) will be hellacious.

Buckle up good citizen, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


May victory go to the righteous!

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