Friday, September 10, 2010

The price of loyalty...

Greetings good citizen,

The ‘double dip’(recession) , like the Koran burning party down in Fla on 9/11, is off, at least for now. (Although preacher Terry is now saying that he’s been duped!)

Talk about your cluster fucks, even Donald Trump has gotten in on the act by trying the uniquely capitalist method of ‘buying’ a peaceful outcome.

What most of us should find, er, amusing is that the Muslims have not threatened to ‘retaliate’ by burning bibles (or maybe they have and nobody cares…)

Would this turn into a competition of sorts? If you burn 20 Korans, we’ll burn forty Bibles!

(Or vice versa, so far the ‘whackjob’ in this overblown media circus appears to be the Florida pastor.)

You all know that somebody, somewhere, probably burns a Koran/Bible EVERY FUCKING DAY just to make themselves feel better. The difference being it isn’t something the media latches on to (although the fucktards would if somebody were stupid enough to admit it, just for the ‘tingle’ it would give their readers! That’s how low we/they have sunk!)

Which belabors the obvious, that three quarters of the asshats sitting at the editors desk across the country should (at the very least) be fired on the spot.

This is probably ‘unfair’ because chances are good that most of these poor slobs are only guilty of being ‘spineless’, which is punishment enough…push come to shove.

Their superiors, on the other hand, should be drawn and quartered!

But exile is fundamentally the same thing, without the mess, so I’d settle for that.

But naturally, I digress…

We were on the subject of ‘double dips’ and how this most recent one has been (for the fourth or fifth time) ‘narrowly avoided’.

I’d tend to agree but for a different rationale entirely.

You have to have a ‘recovery’ BEFORE you can ‘slip back in’ to recession.

Since the current downturn is going into its third year, we aren’t really ‘double dipping’, this is just a continuation of what started three years ago.

Alas, it is time once more to shift mental gears as we join Jesse of Crossroads Café fame for a look at what passes for economic recovery in the ‘war between the classes’.

Soaring Corporate Profits As US Worker Pay for Productivity Hits Record Lows

Two sets of charts tell the story.

The problem is that when workers are pressed to the wall on pay they lose the ability to consume without taking on debt [as has happened repeatedly over the past twenty years.] And at some point the debt leverage mechanism for consumption breaks down.

Perhaps the problem is related to the one Wall Street is now confronting. How do you continue on in business after having impoverished, alienated, or driven away most of your clientele in the heat of a short term greed enabled by a corrupted political and regulatory system? [Honestly good citizen, we are up to our ears in criminals! Worse, most of them are ‘appointed’!]

Those who were around in the late 1970's will recall the absolute disrepute in which equities were held by the public after the grinding bear market of 1973-74. Pit traders spent the better part of the day practicing their origami skills, for lack of serious 'outside participation.' Skinning each other when you have run out of greater fools is truly a zero sum game.

Sadly good citizen, there are more than ‘tricks’ laying in wait for us on the road ahead.

There will be blood, and lots of it. The name of the game will be minimizing the amount you are forced to contribute…

No one skates, we will all ‘pay the piper’…the wicked right alongside the righteous.

What I find truly disturbing is how the treacherous are playing the ‘what you gonna do about it’ card right to the hilt.

The ‘cops’ are just as ‘dirty’ as the crooks so we will be forced to, er, ‘punish’ them both.

When civilization breaks down and the boys in blue can no longer rely on backup ‘ever’ showing up there is going to be some vicious ‘retribution’ for the ‘just following orders’ crowd.

These folks are never going to set eyes on a judge, they’re gonna have to tell it to the executioner.

Treason is probably the worst crime any human can commit, ‘just following orders’ is no excuse.

Sadly this is yet another failing that can be laid at the feet of ‘fuck you, pay me’ capitalism. [Don’t get the wrong idea, all ‘versions’ of capitalism operate on the ‘fuck you, pay me’ basis so there is no ‘good kind’ of capitalism. Like ‘Capitalist Utopia’, it doesn’t exist!]

The ‘failing’ being the fact that it is quite amazing what you can get somebody to agree to do if you have the power to dangle their paycheck from the chopping block…

This is just plain wrong…and our patriot forefathers knew it…but they weren’t smart enough to solve the problem, although some might say they weren’t ‘strong’ enough. Their greed overcame them.

Many, many things, er, ‘irk’ me to no end, those who ‘idolize’ the founders are just one of them. [Partly because most of them are conservatives!]

I’d like to prattle on longer but other matters press…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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