Saturday, September 25, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

The markets are up nearly 200 points (again, for no discernable reason) as of noon today, global markets spiked up as well at what appears to be around the same time the NYSE opened today. Why do you suppose that is?

Must be something about that NYSE that has an, um, ‘encouraging effect’ on markets around the world.

Worse, if you look at the ‘ticker’ these multiple, diverse markets all (bizarrely) move in ‘lock-step’.

Although this is attributed to their measuring the same things in vastly different currencies (although Italy remains something of a riddle.)

Which is not to say there aren’t others. The ‘B’ in BRIC stands for Brazil whose markets run around 68,000…left to our imaginations is 68,000 what?

Japan, the world’s (now) third largest economy runs in the 9,000 neighborhood. The thing to keep in mind is the Yen is worth one US cent, so what does that 9,000 on the Nikkei mean?

The world’s ‘strongest’ economy (or so it used to be) hit the 10,800 mark this morning, still a few trillion shy of its 14,400 high of 2007…

While the heavily politicized NBER claims the ‘recession’ ended last summer, there is no proof of that.

These ‘numbers’ are just that…numbers, numbers that aren’t related to anything. They don’t ‘reflect’ your retirement savings nor do they indicate ‘robust’ economic activity (because there isn’t any.)

So why are they where they are? It’s political eyewash used to put the Rubes to sleep. If the truth be told good citizen, you’d lynch your local mayor and keep on marching until you reached Washington.

ALL Politicians suck! (And under A Simple Plan that job classification will be done away with! There will be no more ‘elections’ of people who could care less what YOU think!)

If you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself!

Anyway…(didn’t get around to finishing this yesterday so here we go.)

Seriously good citizen, the stock market is a sham and you can’t believe a word that comes from the MSM.

The ‘economy’ is better described as a ‘slave market’ (where basically if you aren’t doing something that makes some rich asshole richer, you don’t have a fucking job) so just what the fuck are we doing?

Sadly, the answer to that one is we’re doing what it takes to get by.

Which is really fucking pathetic.

Things are like they are due to the gross mis-management of our self-appointed ‘betters’.

Time to ‘throw the bums out’, literally!

It won’t take a lot of ‘encouragement’ once the ball gets rolling. The first step is always the hardest.

The tough part is always stopping the slaughter before it goes too far…and most of the time it is stopped before it has gone far enough. (Disturbingly, both sides think this way.)

Which is to point out that what’s coming is just a continuation of an old, long running conflict between the people and those who think they were born to rule over them.

Which is another way of saying they have been, er, ‘taught’ to have a serious mental disorder.

Some of you might harbor the same suspicion about my humble self, leaving you to ponder the frightening concept of normal being whatever the majority finds acceptable…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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