Friday, September 3, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

I just had an ‘epiphany’ that is as ‘dumb’ as it is ‘illuminating’.

this is where I had said ‘moment of enlightenment’, right at the point where Ilargi takes Mr. Reich to the woodshed.

Why do economists keep falling into this trap?

Because this is the ONLY WAY a ‘for profit’ social model can work! It HAS TO keep expanding or you get what we’re currently skating on the edge of…collapse.

Like societies that couldn’t conceive of civilization without slavery, we are stuck with the same kind of ‘faulty logic’!

In order for their models to work there HAS TO BE an ever expanding pool of profits.

Capitalism cannot exist in a ‘static state’…it collapses. Ironically, this is more due to the ‘ownership’ (private property) part of the puzzle than the ‘Fuck You, Pay Me!’ part.

Understand that capitalism is predicated on the ‘scarcity’ of resources; this is why ‘private property’ is sacrosanct. The US Constitution is a monument to this principal, thus is it worthless!

‘Locking down’ the source is the first step in ‘market creation’. If anybody can just pick up a resource off of the ground it sort of screws your ability to sell that item.

Understand, our civilization will destroy itself if we, er, continue to pursue this reckless and relentless economic model. (And until we ‘overhaul’ our political system, we WILL continue to pursue an economic model that only serves the few at the expense of the many!)

Every time capitalism has been ‘tried’ it has failed! The simple board game ‘Monopoly’ proves that!

This is a particularly frightening fact considering most of the world operates on some variant of capitalism…

So, have you shared my ‘epiphany’?

Things won’t change until the model is changed!

The bizarre part is 99% of us agree the current model is FUBAR, it’s that remaining 1% that likes things fine just the way they are…

Worse, ‘scorching the earth’ (destroying their ‘property’) will only strengthen their resolve. (The only thing that gets under their skin more than the destruction of their engines of profit is insubordination!)

The ‘attack’ has to be more direct…rope around the neck direct.

If these people could ‘see reason’ we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Sadly, for most of them, they fail to appreciate the true benefits of civil society.

Which are (so we’re all on the same page) being ‘freed’ from the requirement to do EVERYTHING personally as well as general ability to walk about unarmed AND unmolested (most places, most of the time.)

It should trouble most of you greatly that these ‘luxuries’ are about to come to an abrupt end.

When embarking upon one of life’s many urgent missions (because you will have been returned to a time when you DO have to do EVERYTHING yourself) you have to ‘start over’ if your ‘forget’ to bring your weapon…because you won’t be returning if you venture forth ‘unprepared…’

Understand these are the same assholes who ‘give’ you a job…(because they are ‘too stupid’ to realize you’d have to do it anyway if they wanted you to or not!)

Sometimes I marvel that civilization has gotten this far…although I deeply appreciate that we arrived here by ‘force of arms’ and not ‘towering intellect’.

What does it tell you when every time intellect tries to point us down a sustainable path, the force of arms is used to subdue the ‘non-conforming’ school of thought?

Can we, as a species, afford to be led by people who can’t see beyond the end of their own noses?

If we are to save ourselves, we need to ‘take charge’.

Is our species worth saving?

The coming ‘test’ will tell the story.

Ready to ‘rise to the occasion?’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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